A study indicates that the US college-educated employee's salary increases as the number of foreign-born H1B holders increases in a US city. 

Contrasting to the general belief of "Immigrants steals US jobs", the study results tell the highly education foreign born STEM talents contribute creating high paying jobs in the US

Michio Kaku, a physicists, argues that a powerful secret weapon of the US is H1B. 
H1B attracts 'STEM Talents' from all over the world, and it creates and sustains the innovation capability of the US society. 

However, I want to point out one missing step that transform a foreign born H1B holders to innovation makers in the US. 

"Respect of the Diversity" is the root competency of the US society that attract worldwide STEM talents 
If the US society lose the source of attraction, the US society will encounter a significant discrepancy of 'innovation momentum', which would result in economic and social depression. 

Diversity is a root source of attraction of a society. Let's respect, keep and elaborate it.  

Jeonghwan Choi

Skilled Foreign Workers a Boon to Pay, Study Finds

Research Shows Immigration Benefits for U.S.-Born, College-Educated Employees

"Want a pay raise? Ask your employer to hire more immigrant scientists.

That's the general conclusion of a study that examined wage data and immigration in 219 metropolitan areas from 1990 to 2010. Researchers found that cities seeing the biggest influx of foreign-born workers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics—the so-called STEM professions—saw wages climb fastest for the native-born, college-educated population." 

A Secret Weapon of the US: H1B! 

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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