Faculty search committee actions (a case of MGM/MKT/GBUS Department at College of Business and Public Management,  Wenzhou-Kean University)


Faculty is the most fundamental and valuable asset to achieve an educational institution's mission, vision, and strategic goals. 

Acquiring the best and appropriate faculty is the most critical and necessary thing to secure a high quality of education. 

Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) took over the faculty hiring authority from the Headquarter campus since August., 2019.

 WKU set up a new faculty hiring policy and exercise it with newly established procedures and processes. 


Faculty Search Committee of Wenzhou-Kean University, College of Business & Public Management (CBPM) is performing the faculty hiring processes. 

Especially, the Management, Marketing, and Global business (MGM) department at the CBPM formed a faculty search committee. 

These are actions what the MGM faculty search committee taking. 

Faculty Search Procedures

Necessary Documents: 


1. The Committee Chair assigns a committee member the applicant with the initial evaluation form and the applicant's application package (CV, Cover Letter). 

2. The member who has a relevant background with the applicant evaluate the applicant's capability. And the member gives the Chair his/her evaluation.


3. The Chair and the member discussed the result together. And we make a choice out of three options. 

1) Directly Recommend to Dean

2) Having An Interview with Committee

3) Stop going further process. 

This case shows that the Committee wants to have an interview with a candidate to talk about his teaching capability. 


4. Conducting an Interview + Teaching Demo.

By using the interview template, all Committee members, and representing WKU CBPM Student Advisory Council Member(s)  provide interview evaluations with their own opinions. 


After the interview, the Committee archive a meeting minutes for record.

Also, the Video conferencing interview is archived in Video form by using "Zoom.us" service. 


Recorded interview/teaching demonstrations are stored in a secure server that is fully protected by a committee. 

Example of an interview Meeting Minutes. 


5. Report "Committee Decision" to Dean.

In this stage, we have two options. 

1) Recommend to Dean

2) Stop going further process. 


Full final report forms are here.




Kean AA-1 (Applicant Listing Form) and AA-2 (Search Clearance Form) need to be updated with the faculty candidate. 



6. WKU CBPM Dean reports and recommends final rounder(s) to WKU Dean, WKU VCAA, and KU Dean and Provost Office. 


7. KU President & WKU Chancellor finalize job offer decision, and KU/WKU HR officially offer a job


Results of 2019-20 Faculty Hiring Results







1. WKU CBPM MGM gets special attention from world-wide researchers and teachers. 

2. Well-diversified candidates applied for MGM jobs. 

3. 20% people complete "Teaching Demo / Job Talk" with Faculty Search Committee

4. More than 50% of job acquirers resigned before starting the duty. 

5. All on-duty new faculty members have "Asian Background". 

6. Academic and Ethnic diversity needs to be considered continually. 







2020. 08. 13: Added the "Involvement of WKU CBPM Student Advisory Council Members in the new faculty hiring 'Teaching Demo' and interview process". 

2019. 10. 17: Document created by Dr. Jerry Choi



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