The Goals & Values of Kean University New Jersey (KUSA) / Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) College of Business & Public Management (CBPM)'s Goals, Values, and Actions.



CBPM Mission (Engagement in Innovation, Impact, Inclusiveness): 
We transform diverse students into impactful members in the global community through engaged learning, excellence in teaching, applied and pedagogical scholarship, and service, with leading-edge management programs in a world class, innovative, and inclusive environment in our regions.

CBPM Vision (GDP): 
We aspire to become the management college of choice in our regions recognized for its Global orientation, commitment to Diversity, and Professional and experiential approach to management education.

We embrace a culture of striving for excellence, integrity, fairness, respect, diversity, community, and social responsibility. 


WKU CBPM's Actions:








- Dress appropriately (Business Suit or Business Casual)


- Be On Time, Always


- Open Door Policy: Please open door to welcome people (especially during the office hours). 


- Solution Before Emotion


- Show Respect For Shared Area and Items


- Re-organize the Facility as It Was Given Or Make it Be Better


- Communication Protocol: Talk with only relevant people in the appropriate level.


- Avoid Class / Time Interference: Fully use assigned "Class time" in order to avoid any class or exam interference


- Situation? Report It To School Immediately.

(Day: 0577) 5587-0707; Night 0577) 5587-0303)




Reference: WKU's Mission / Vision


Mission & Vision - Wenzhou-Kean University

Mission WKU is an educational institution committed to preparing high-performing Chinese and international students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in a knowledge-based economy. It will contribute to China’s educational reform and serve

WKU is an educational institution committed to preparing high-performing Chinese and international students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in a knowledge-based economy. It will contribute to China’s educational reform and serve as a model for other Chinese-American higher education initiatives.

As a leading World-Class Teaching University with a modern campus, WKU aspires to serve as an incubator for promoting technological and scientific progress in Zhejiang Province, and as a center for fostering cultural exchange between China and the United States.



2021. 08 .18: New Provost Dr. David Birdsell's Four areas of CBPM 


Aug. 02, 2021


The Provost discussed four areas he will invest time and energy over the next 1-2 years: 


- Student Success: Retention and Graduation rates - wants to achieve above 50%, and see a double-digit improvement over the next few years. 


- Faculty Success: Emphasized it is not only scholarship (how many papers published); but does scholarly work have any "Impact" on the local economy, theory, and practice? Important that we talk about the impact for research. 


- Service: It is important and a major part of our responsibilities and student success (Student advisement). 


-. Responsiveness: External engagement - as a public urban research university, we have a responsibility to respond to the needs of our community and our region. 


Deans and faculty should be involved in national, professional, and academic organizations. We need to think about how we can become more active and build relationships with the public and private sectors in the near future. 




For Ethics of Kean Campus, here is the information:


Ethics Office | Kean University


Ethics Forms

As required by New Jersey law and regulation, Kean University must distribute the Uniform Ethics Code, Plain Language Guide and Supplemental Ethics Code to New Jersey's Executive Branch Ethics Standards to all University trustees, officers and employees and special state officers and employees.

After you have reviewed all the documents, (see the links below), you must complete and sign the Receipt for the Uniform Ethics Code, Plain Language Guide and Supplemental Ethics Code. In addition, each Kean University trustee, officer and employee, must complete and sign the Disclosure of Outside Activities. This form must be signed by his or her supervisor sign as well. The form has been modified to meet the requirements of the New Jersey State Ethics Commission. Please return all completed and signed to the Office of University Counsel, Kean Hall Room 117.




Kean Student Code of Conducts (Ethics)




Kean University is committed to providing a campus environment that is conducive to academic inquiry in the university tradition. Kean is a metropolitan, comprehensive, teaching university that exists to foster inquiry and public discourse. It is also a community.

At Kean, student members of the community are expected to abide by certain standards of conduct that form the basis of the Student Code of Conduct [Code] and ensure that their guests and visitors do likewise.


These standards are embodied within a set of core values that include integrity, fairness, respect, community, and responsibility.


When students fail to adhere to the community standards, appropriate proceedings may be initiated under the Code to address the failure and its consequences.

Details are here:


Student Code of Conduct | Kean University


Kean New Faculty Academic Policy Manual (Part: D. 3. Community Standards and Student Conduct)


File of New Faculty Academic Policy Manual: 




2021. Sept. 15: Newly Updated WKU Vision Goals: 

GOAL 1: To enhance the reputation of WKU, create more world class programs and develop the university into a research institution which is the future of a regional university with a global reach

GOAL 2: To improve world class educational system of WKU and create programming and opportunities that would allow students to succeed not only in the next decade but well 

GOAL 3: To implement additional premier undergraduate programs and systematically add masters and doctorate programs at WKU and make transformational changes to our curriculum, pedagogy and academic services

GOAL 4: To allocate more resources to faculty research and development and give faculty time to bring out the best in themselves which will be a precursor of bringing out the best in our students

GOAL 5: To position WKU as a cultural, economic and educational epicenter and resource for the local and global communities 

GOAL 6: To secure a fast-growing university financially, physically, administratively that can face the challenges of the future


( Approved by BOD )Wenzhou-Kean University 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.pdf



2021. Sept. 06: Added Updated WKU Vision Goals

2021.Sept. 02: Added the Student Code of Conduct (Ethics) 

2021. Aug. 18: New Provost Dr. David Birdsell's Four Areas he will give attention. 

2021. June 17: Added reference of WKU Mission / Vision 

2021. May 24: Goal and Value Statement installed in the 2nd floor of WKU CBPM.

2021. May 24: Added WKU CBPM Norms for Faculty

2020. Oct. 14: Updating CBPM Vision, Mission, Objective,s and Stategy statement from Kean USA CBPM

2019. June 04: New Kean USA CBPM Dean Wang Jin got informed the updating CBPM Goals and Values.

2017.Sept. 23: Goals, Values of CBPM were tuned for AACSB accreditation purpose at Kean USA CBPM by Georfrey Mills following to the AACSB metnor's guide.







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