WKU CBPM Project Based Learning (PBL) Initiative

The purpose of WKU CBPM Project Based Learning (PBL) Initiative is to provide the experiential learning opportunities for WKU CBPM students through addressing the real business problems and cases from Wenzhou businesses. 

Detail processes of exercising the WKU CBPM PBL are: 

1. OHT coordinator recruits and summarizes potential clients who would like to solve their real business problems. 

2. CBPM PBL coordinator recruits and summarizes potential classes that can address the real business problems from clients. 

3. CBPM classes make visits to client(s) to make an initial contract for consulting project. 

4. CBPM classes and clients conduct consulting projects together

Potential Clients & Projects

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Yixiang Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Company Profile: 

The business scope: celebration class, company features event exhibition, balloon craft, balloon entrepreneurship training, etc.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

A series of problems with the expansion of the team, the promotion of employees, the setting of salary, and the expansion of business.

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Aunt Tribe Family Service Co., Ltd.

Company Profile: 

Based on school training and family service company, combined with family service company. Business philosophy: integrity-based. We are dedicated to the Chinese family to deliver professional, high-quality good aunt.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. Enrollment is difficult

2, brand promotion is difficult

3. How can we better retain students after training?

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Human Resources Network

Company Profile: 

Wenzhou Human Resources Network was established in 2003 and is the earliest established online recruitment platform in Wenzhou.

In the 15 years, there have been a large number of user groups and good customer reputation.

The overall human resources market has changed dramatically in 2018. First of all, the large-scale outflow of labor-intensive small and micro enterprises in Wenzhou is accompanied by the loss of workers. Second, the rapid development of Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places, the charm of the city attracts young people to work and start businesses. In contrast, Wenzhou's quality talents can't stay, and they can't get in. Third, due to the aging of the Wenzhou Human Resources Network brand, the market investment has decreased, and the overall brand influence is not as good as the recent national websites, such as 58 City, Zhilian Recruitment, and Boss.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. Brand aging: How to add youthful vitality to the intrinsic brand and attract the attention of young users.

2. App promotion: In order to optimize the product system of Wenzhou Human Resources Network, the Wenzhou Human Resources Network app will be launched in 2019, how to complete the user conversion of the existing channels and the attention of new users.

3, Wenzhou's overall talent market is sluggish, but Wenzhou still has a large number of private enterprise demand for useful people, and will meet the shortage of talent supply by expanding the surrounding market. The brand image setting and promotion methods for external market expansion.

Company Name: 

WKU Maker Space

Company Profile: 

Founded in 2016, WKU Maker Space is an international innovation and entrepreneurial platform established in Wenzhou Kenn University. It is operated and developed by Wenzhou Yuanda Entrepreneurship Service Co., Ltd., and has now won the title of municipal-level Maker Space. This space aims to create an open, free and diversified Maker space in combination with Wenken's international advantages, brand resources and professional service capabilities in the field of entrepreneurial services, for entrepreneurial ideas, entrepreneurial dreams and entrepreneurial projects. Entrepreneurship education and services are provided to students. A plurality of functional areas such as a joint office area, a project road show hall, a maker exchange area, and a project display area are respectively set in the space area. It is mainly aimed at the makers with an international vision, and adopts flexible office methods to inspire the inspiration and enhance creativity. After the establishment of the space, we will continue to improve the mentor system, invite elites from all walks of life to serve as creators, and hold regular salons, project sharing, cooperation and negotiation, resource docking, etc., so that entrepreneurial teams in different fields can be guided by entrepreneurial mentors at any time. 

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. Insufficient brand influence inside and outside the school: How to improve the popularity of the creation space in Wenken Campus, attract the attention of teachers and students in the school, and obtain higher support from the school.

2, The entrepreneurial atmosphere is not strong: Given the low base of Wenken students, a large proportion of students will study abroad after graduation, and the enthusiasm for trying to start a business within the school is not strong.

3. The innovation and technical content of the projects in the space are not high, and more high-tech projects inside and outside the school need to be settled. The number of enterprises and patents established is small.

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Yuanda Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile: 

Wenzhou Yuanda Education Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Wenzhou Yuanda Education Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2016. The company's main business scope is: education information consultation; enterprise management consulting; enterprise management training services. The specific training services include: academic education, development education, certification training, enterprise customized training, and Yuanda Growth College. In September 2018, the company cooperated with Wenzhou Charity Federation to establish Wenzhou Charity and Public Welfare College. It aims to improve the education and literacy of charitable and charitable talents and volunteers. And is developing an online public interest voice training platform.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. Improve the planning, production and promotion of online voice education platform

2. How to operate the public welfare training program with reasonable commercial specifications

3. How to improve the visibility and value of the training platform so that the project can supply blood on its own

Company Name: 

WE+ Maker Space

Company Profile: 

Wenzhou Yuanda Entrepreneurship College is an innovative practical organization established by Wenzhou City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for entrepreneurship guidance training. With the goal of inheriting the entrepreneurial spirit of Wenzhou people and cultivating entrepreneurial elites in the new era, we will rely on the “source-based entrepreneurial public service platform” as the main line of “entrepreneurial combat camps, entrepreneurial theme salons, project matchmaking meetings and other activities, and uphold the “one heart and one mind” For the purpose of serving young people in entrepreneurship.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. Entrepreneurship training has encountered bottlenecks, the course has no rich content, and participation is not strong, it is necessary to build a complete set of practical training materials.

2. The success rate of entrepreneurship is low, and the social youth's enthusiasm for learning and entrepreneurship is weakened. How to obtain accurate entrepreneurial objects and increase the probability of successful entrepreneurship

3. Insufficient innovation in entrepreneurial themes, the participation of training personnel has gradually declined, how to make the entrepreneurial theme continue to innovate, and high-quality event planning.

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Charity and Public Welfare school

Company Profile: 

Wenzhou Charity and Public Welfare School was jointly established by Wenzhou Charity Federation and Yuanda Group to improve the theory and professional level of Wenzhou charity and public welfare team, enhance the ability and quality of charity practitioners, and promote the healthy development of Wenzhou charity and public welfare undertakings. The establishment of Wenzhou Charity and Public Welfare School is a pioneering work of the philanthropic community and an attempt to run a private school.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

Since the establishment of the charity and public welfare school, the talent team of theoretical professional tutors has not yet been established; the volunteers are less self-conscious in training and learning; the charity innovation activities are lacking.

1. Recruitment of charity and public welfare experts in the whole hospital

2. Charity innovation event planning

3. Volunteer participation

Company Name: 

Pingyang County Fund Island Enterprise Management Service Co., Ltd.

Company Profile: 

Pingyang County Fund Island Enterprise Management Service Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Pingyang County Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Yuanda Group. The company closely follows Pingyang County's economic development strategy and industrial planning layout, and provides a series of services for enterprises entering Nanxun Fund Island under the leadership and guidance of the local government and financial offices.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. How to more effectively control the financial security audit of the investment management company?

2. How to connect the business of the company in Pingyang Fund Island and the subsidiary of Wenzhou OHT Group?

3. How to operate the Nanji Fund Academy?

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Yuanda Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile: 

Wenzhou Yuanda Education Technology Co., Ltd. was established in early 2003. It is a collection of e-commerce, project research, management consulting, online recruitment, talent assessment, software development, vocational training, service outsourcing, entrepreneurship counseling, venture capital and other services. Integrated service provider. Since its inception, Yuanda has always adhered to the business philosophy of “one heart and one service”. The number of enterprises, taxation, sales, and employment of the source services are among the highest. It has become one of the largest comprehensive corporate training and consulting service providers in Wenzhou.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. In-depth understanding of corporate brand history, combing the brand structure, helping to develop brand strategy and expanding brand market influence.

2. Developing brand management systems and management regulations.

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Yuanda Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile: 

Yuanda Education is a high-end education and training institution under the core of the Group's innovation and entrepreneurship education, leadership improvement, and financial education. With more than ten years of accumulated industry resources in the education and training industry, Yuanda has continuously connected well-known universities and high-end think tank resources at home and abroad, gathered teachers, professors, senior entrepreneurs and other instructors to introduce cutting-edge management concepts and practical courses. The knowledge system provides training services and consultation for decision-making at all levels of government, enterprises, institutions and social institutions. Yuanda Education has established the Yuanda Research Center in Beijing, focusing on Chinese-style innovation research, raising theoretical support for enhancing the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and regional development, and promoting the construction of an innovative country in China.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

The establishment of the employee quality model: how to design the personnel model required for each position of the enterprise?

Quantitative time-consuming and work difficulty measurement of employee work: The current daily job survey of employee work is only to quantify the content of one day's work. There is no specific quantification of the time and effort of a certain content, and it can be targeted at the key parts of the post. Work to gain an in-depth understanding of the tracking and measure the average working time of the work.

Company Name: 

Wenzhou Hunter Vocational Training School

Company Profile: 

The training programs and services of Hunter Vocational Training are multi-angle and multi-level. Including vocational qualification certification, human resource management practical skills training, enterprise management ability improvement training, employee professional training and training services related to enterprises and individuals. The curriculum system provided by the school is adapted to the characteristics of Wenzhou enterprises, and the outstanding training effect is also well received. In addition, there have been nearly 10,000 students so far, and the passing rate of the students and the average scores have a clear lead in Wenzhou. It has been widely recognized in Wenzhou.

Problem that needs to be addressed: 

1. To conduct more extensive and in-depth market research, investigate customer needs, and develop a more precise education and training curriculum system.

2. How to maintain a large number of existing alumni groups and do secondary value development

3. How to expand and improve the construction of the teaching staff

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Love is/does: 



Rejoice with the truth

Bear all things

Believe all things

Hope all thing

Endure all things  

Bring nothing (prophecy, tongue, knowledge)

Love is not/doesn't 







Brood over injury

Rejoice over wrongdoing


Corinthians, 13.4-8

사랑은, 그리고 사랑하면... 


참고 기다립니다.


진실을 두고 함께 기뻐합니다.

모든 것을 덮어줍니다.

모든 것을 믿습니다.  

모든 것을 희망합니다. 

모든 것을 견뎌냅니다. 

예언도, 신령한 언어도, 지식도 없어집니다. 


시기하지 않습니다. 

뽐내지 않습니다.

교만하지 않습니다. 

자기 이익만 추구하지 않습니다.

쉽게 성내지 않습니다.

앙심을 품지 않습니다. 

불의에 기뻐하지 않습니다.

포기하거나, 스러지지 않습니다. 

코린토 제1서, 13.4-8

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What and How to Respect to Fulfill the Life!  

(인생을 살면서 무엇을, 어떻게 공경할 것인가?) 

Respecting the Three! 

(동학의 해월 최시형 선생의 삼경론(三敬論)에 기반한 세가지 공경할 대상과 공경할 방법 삼경행 (三敬行)을 제안함)

동아시아에서 세계를 보는 전통적인 관점인 삼재론(三才論)에서 해월 선생의 삼경론(三敬論)이 나왔습니다. 삼경론(三敬論)은 삼재의 천지인(天地人)을 잘 모시고 공경하자는 생명운동의 윤리적 표현이라고 할 수 있습니다. 

해월의 삼경사상 가운데 

1) 양천주를 덕목으로 실천하는 경천은 ‘키움’이라는 한국전통의 얼을 통해 평화, 통일교육의 관련성을; 

2) 사인여천을 덕목으로 실천하는경인은 ‘섬김’이라는 한국 전통의 얼을 통해 다문화이해교육과 세계시민성교육의 관련성을, 

3) 마지막으로 경물은 ‘돌봄’이라는 한국 전통의 얼을 통해 환경교육과 생태교육의 관련성이 있다고 합니다. 

최시형 선생의 삼경사상은 폭력 이 난무하고, 대립과 상극으로 치닫고 있는 우리 사회에 ‘키움’과 ‘섬김’과 ‘돌봄’ 이라는 한국전통의 얼이 무엇인지 재해석의 기회를 제공하며, 비폭력에 바탕을 둔 상생의 길은 어디에 있는지 밝혀주는 인생의 지침으로 삼을만합니다. 

이에, 해월 선생의 삼경론(三敬論)에 기반한 세가지 공경할 대상, 즉 하늘 (경천,敬天), 사람 (경인, 敬人), 물건 (경물, 敬物)을 어떻게 공경할 것인지 삼경행 (三敬行)을 구체적으로 실천할 방법을 제안합니다. 

경천(敬天): 하늘을 공경하는 법

1. 하늘이 내어놓은 모든 피조물을 사랑으로 '바라보기' 

(I observe God's creature with love)

2. 하늘이 내게 바라는 것을 고요한 가운데 '경청하기' 

 (I listen God's calling with calmness)

3. 하늘이 결정하고 주신 상황을 존중하며 있는 그대로 '받아들이기'

(I accept God's choice with respect)

경인(敬人): 사람을 공경하는 법

4. 사람들을 행복하게 만들기

(I make people happy)

5. 사람들을 쓸모있게 만들기

(I make people utilizable) 

6. 사람들이 의미있도록 만들기 

(I make people meaningful)

경물(敬物): 물건을 공경하는 법

7. 내가 쓰는 도구를 귀히 여기며 아껴쓰기

(I respect tools that I use)

8. 내가 존재하는 공간에 고마와하며 깨끗하게 사용하기 

(I respect Space that I reside in)

9. 내가 먹고 마시는 음식을 소중히여겨 낭비하지 않기

(I respect Foods that I take in)


2019년 2월 1일 

통합리더십 센터 대표, 

최정환, PhD, MBA, ME


신창호, 석창훈 (2015), 서양의 배려윤리 비평과 해월의 삼경사상에 대한 교육사상적 조망, 순형향 인문과학논총 34권 1호, 순천향대학교 인문학 연구소, pp. 131-156

삼경설, 한국민족문화 대백과사전 (2019년 1월 31일), http://encykorea.aks.ac.kr/Contents/Item/E0026458

삼경론, 한살림 대전 (2019년 1월 31일), http://dj.hansalim.or.kr/?p=397


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