Adding to the general communication, WKU Faculty members commonly use WeChat as a communication platform for Teaching in mainland China. 

Frequently, WKU Faculty members setup a WeChat group for a class in order to make formal and informal communication for better students' learning. 

Here is a guide on "How to setup a WeChat group by Oneself". 


1. Open WeChat, and Click New WeChat


2. Click the "Join Private Group" 


3. Type in four-digit Password! 

** If you want to make another Group, please type in a different password! 



4. New Group made! 


5. Set "Gropu Name (Couse Name, Section)"

Invite Students by using QR Code, 

Make Announcement


Voila, you can use the WeChat group for Class Teaching! 



2021.08.27 First Archived: Thanks to Dr. Chad (Chungil) Chae! 


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WKU CBPM students are becoming world-class global business professionals. 

In order to make our students' career goals, WKU CBPM plans, organizes, and delivers Career Development Series


1. Image Consulting for Business Professionals (How to make the best first impression in business?) 


김영아 Profile_2021_3.pptx
















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How to get the Chinese Certificate of the foreign terminal (e.g. PhD) Degree: 


On Aug. 04, WKU HR Lina Hu notified the "New Required Documents for Work Permit by Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau". 



In response to the requirement, WKU CBPM faculty members are required to provide the original diploma and diploma authenticated document in China. 


Maurizio's comments (2021. Aug. 14)


This is Information from Maurizio (How to get Highest Degree Certificate in China (WKU HR Lina Hu - Person in Charge). 

Hello, I got my Ph.D. authenticated through Chinese authority at  The website is in Chinese, but with a built-in translator it is quite intuitive to use. I uploaded the same documents I needed for WES certification.


All digital, no paper copies needed. Price 350 RMB. I downloaded the certificate after 1 week (even though they said it may take up to 21 days) 





Step-by-Step Guide for Diploma Certificate


1. Go to the Website. 

Don't get panic about Chinese letters! Please Turn on the Google Translate! 


2. By using your Passport Number, Please register on the website. 

You "MUST" have a Chinese Phone number to register! 


3. Once you can successfully login, you can see this page: 

Click, Foreigner (Foreign Nationals) - Application materials to request "Diploma certificate" 


Read carefully the necessary document specifications:



国(境)外学历学位认证申请材料——适用于外籍人士 发布时间:2020-06-30 特别提示: 1、认证申请所需所有材料均仅需在线上传电子版,请勿将申请材料原件寄至我中心。   2、扫描上传的申


Prepare these necessary documents according to the suggested specifications

(Required six necessary documents & format & file size) 





Authorization Statement Template: 

2020082115211020249 (1).pdf


4. Please click Online Application when all necessary documents are ready, 



Once you successfully register,

You must Login with your ID (Passport Number) and password again.


Then, click the Online again to go 2. Fill in the application information. 

Follow necessary steps in Online Application.  








Input Accordingly! 


USA may need more time to certify the terminal degree: 



At least two degrees must be applied? 



E. Upload materials


All necessary documents must be uploaded including visa (entry, exit). 



%TIP:   IF the System request a second degree (Diploma), Please input any of your other degrees (Master or Bachelor or High school) by hand. It is just for information or reference. You will get only the terminal degree certificate. 


F. Confirm Submission



G. Online Payment



Application Made: 








IF all things get processed, this certificate can be achieved. 



2021.08.16: Additional Supplementary materials are necessary. 

1) All visa record pages in the passport

2) Provide all the entry and exit stamps in the passport during the study period. 




2021. 08. 26: Final Result - Certification arrived

Telephone Message: 


Go to User Center: 

Click "Get result" 







Hit the Print "ICON" , and Print the Certificate (as PDF file): 


Voila! Done, and Submit it to WKU HR! 



2021. 08.26: Completed the Certificate of Terminal Degree


2021.08.16: Addition materials are requested (Visa for Degree Period_ 

2021. 08. 14: Initially Archived. 


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