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Adding to the general communication, WKU Faculty members commonly use WeChat as a communication platform for Teaching in mainland China. 

Frequently, WKU Faculty members setup a WeChat group for a class in order to make formal and informal communication for better students' learning. 

Here is a guide on "How to setup a WeChat group by Oneself". 


1. Open WeChat, and Click New WeChat


2. Click the "Join Private Group" 


3. Type in four-digit Password! 

** If you want to make another Group, please type in a different password! 



4. New Group made! 


5. Set "Gropu Name (Couse Name, Section)"

Invite Students by using QR Code, 

Make Announcement


Voila, you can use the WeChat group for Class Teaching! 



2021.08.27 First Archived: Thanks to Dr. Chad (Chungil) Chae! 


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WKU CBPM students are becoming world-class global business professionals. 

In order to make our students' career goals, WKU CBPM plans, organizes, and delivers Career Development Series


1. Image Consulting for Business Professionals (How to make the best first impression in business?) 


김영아 Profile_2021_3.pptx
















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How to get the Chinese Certificate of the foreign terminal (e.g. PhD) Degree: 


On Aug. 04, WKU HR Lina Hu notified the "New Required Documents for Work Permit by Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau". 



In response to the requirement, WKU CBPM faculty members are required to provide the original diploma and diploma authenticated document in China. 


Maurizio's comments (2021. Aug. 14)


This is Information from Maurizio (How to get Highest Degree Certificate in China (WKU HR Lina Hu - Person in Charge). 

Hello, I got my Ph.D. authenticated through Chinese authority at  The website is in Chinese, but with a built-in translator it is quite intuitive to use. I uploaded the same documents I needed for WES certification.


All digital, no paper copies needed. Price 350 RMB. I downloaded the certificate after 1 week (even though they said it may take up to 21 days) 





Step-by-Step Guide for Diploma Certificate


1. Go to the Website. 

Don't get panic about Chinese letters! Please Turn on the Google Translate! 


2. By using your Passport Number, Please register on the website. 

You "MUST" have a Chinese Phone number to register! 


3. Once you can successfully login, you can see this page: 

Click, Foreigner (Foreign Nationals) - Application materials to request "Diploma certificate" 


Read carefully the necessary document specifications:



国(境)外学历学位认证申请材料——适用于外籍人士 发布时间:2020-06-30 特别提示: 1、认证申请所需所有材料均仅需在线上传电子版,请勿将申请材料原件寄至我中心。   2、扫描上传的申


Prepare these necessary documents according to the suggested specifications

(Required six necessary documents & format & file size) 





Authorization Statement Template: 

2020082115211020249 (1).pdf


4. Please click Online Application when all necessary documents are ready, 



Once you successfully register,

You must Login with your ID (Passport Number) and password again.


Then, click the Online again to go 2. Fill in the application information. 

Follow necessary steps in Online Application.  








Input Accordingly! 


USA may need more time to certify the terminal degree: 



At least two degrees must be applied? 



E. Upload materials


All necessary documents must be uploaded including visa (entry, exit). 



%TIP:   IF the System request a second degree (Diploma), Please input any of your other degrees (Master or Bachelor or High school) by hand. It is just for information or reference. You will get only the terminal degree certificate. 


F. Confirm Submission



G. Online Payment



Application Made: 








IF all things get processed, this certificate can be achieved. 



2021.08.16: Additional Supplementary materials are necessary. 

1) All visa record pages in the passport

2) Provide all the entry and exit stamps in the passport during the study period. 




2021. 08. 26: Final Result - Certification arrived

Telephone Message: 


Go to User Center: 

Click "Get result" 







Hit the Print "ICON" , and Print the Certificate (as PDF file): 


Voila! Done, and Submit it to WKU HR! 



2021. 08.26: Completed the Certificate of Terminal Degree


2021.08.16: Addition materials are requested (Visa for Degree Period_ 

2021. 08. 14: Initially Archived. 


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"A knowledge warehouse can be thought of as an "information repository" in which knowledge components are cataloged and stored for reuse. A knowledge warehouse enables a variety of different views of knowledge, useful in areas such as training or documentation. [source:] " 


The purpose of establishing, archiving, and operating WKU CBPM FACULTY KNOWLEDGE WAREHOUSE is to help and thrive WKU CBPM Faculty, Staff, and Students to pursue and achieve the goals of WKU CBPM.



For example, These "MUST KNOW" knowledge can help WKU CBPM MGM Faculty members to know and refresh the basic things to know and to do.   

8 steps to download authorized Microsoft Office 
Guiding to Graduate Schools Workshop! (How to provide strong recommendation letters?)
How to Transfer Money from Wenzhou-Kean University (China) to (foreign) Home?
Faculty Handbook (WKU, 2020)
WKU CBPM MGM FACULTY SERVICES COMPLIANCE (Standing Committee, Research Center, Initiative, and Advisory)
Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business and Public Management Professionalism Norms
How to Do the Class Affairs at Kean Wise? (Class Schedule, Roaster / Office Hours)



Readers can access the link of WKU CBPM FACULTY KNOWLEGE WAREHOUSE bewlo Google Docs. (School VPN is necessary inside of China). 







OR, these links can work. 


1 BLOG 2015.09.24 American Business Education in China: Prologue
2 BLOG 2015.10.06 American Business Education in China: Construction, Construction, and Construction.
3 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2016.03.29 Advice for Freshmen/Freshwomen business students!
4 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2016.06.28 A dialogue with a management student (June 27, 2016, Wenzhou, China)
5 BLOG 2016.08.03 Faculty Experience at the First Undergraduate American Business Education Program in China.
6 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2017.05.03 The Final Advice for a graduating senior (from Dr. Choi).
7 BLOG 2017.06.23 Does Chinese e-Commerce prevail traditional economy like Amazon does in the US?
8 BLOG 2017.06.25 Can the Holacracy (no boss organization) work in China?
9 SERVICE 2017.10.06 How to get a strong recommendation letter for Graduate school application?
10 MUST KNOW 2017.10.11 Guiding to Graduate Schools Workshop! (How to provide recommendation letters?)
11 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2017.11.04 Guiding to Career Development for the Millenial.
12 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2017.11.27 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing, College of Business, Kean University (Wenzhou)
13 SERVICE 2018.01.23 Kean Business Plan Competition
14 SERVICE 2018.03.18 Kean University (Wenzhou) Open House Event
15 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2018.05.10 Lecture Room Improvement (CBPM, Kean University - Wenzhou)
16 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2018.05.25 What If You're A Dragon?
17 CURRICULUM 2018.06.07 Kean Global Practicum Project (OneHRT, Wenzhou, China)
18 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2018.09.25 WKU CBPM Faculty Refreshment Space
19 SERVICE 2018.10.17 WKU Business Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) Initiative
20 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2018.11.22 Guide for Advisement for Course Registration (WKU CBPM)
21 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.01.06 How to Apply Large Lecture Rooms?
22 TEACHING 2019.02.21 WKU CBPM PBL Initiative
23 RESEARCH 2019.04.22 Center for Social Enterprise and Charity in the College of Business
24 SERVICE 2019.04.26 Social Media Lab & Virtual Conference Room in The College of Business
25 TEACHING 2019.06.03 Global Practicum Project, 2019: Co-creating the public value for people, community, and the world.
26 SERVICE 2020.06.04 WKU CBPM MGM Business Analytics Program Development
27 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.08.05 Practical Guide for New Faculty Member at CBPM, Kean University (Wenzhou)
28 MUST KNOW 2019.09.05 How to Transfer Money from Wenzhou-Kean University (China) to (foreign) Home?
29 RESEARCH 2019.10.03 International Social Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium (KUSA-WKU)
30 SERVICE 2019.10.17 Faculty Search Committee Actions (Case of WKU CBPM)
31 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.10.18 Academic Early Alert (Mid-term Progress Report) of Course (WKU)
32 SERVICE 2019.11.21 How to Use WKU CBPM Social Media Lab?
33 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.11.27 WKU CBPM Course Evaluation Guide (since 2019 Fall)
34 TEACHING 2020.02.10 WHITE PAPER: 2020 WKU CBPM's Online Course Development in Responding to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.
35 TEACHING 2020.04.29 An Online Class Participation Issue (WKU 2020 Spring, MGS 4999)
36 MUST KNOW 2020.05.18 Faculty Handbook (WKU, 2020)
37 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.06.10 Final Grade Input - WKU CBPM
38 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.06.11 How to Apply Pass/Fail Grade Option? (Wenzhou-Kean)
39 RESEARCH 2020.06.12 2020 Korea Industrial Workforce Development Conference (June 12, 2020), Web-conferencing @ South Korea
41 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.08.21 When CISCO AnyConnect does not work on your Mac system in Wenzhou-Kean University!
43 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.09.05 WKU Class Techincal Tips! (Black Board)
44 SERVICE 2020.09.29 Donating 10 Hours (1,000 RMB) for WKU Campus Social Enterprise (Small Tree Team)
45 SERVICE 2020.10.05 2020 WKU CBPM Building Operational Improvement
46 TEACHING 2020.10.13 WKU CBPM's Open Education Resource (OER) Initiative
47 SERVICE 2020.10.25 Wenzhou Business Consultancy Group (WBCG)
48 MUST KNOW 2020.11.02 WKU CBPM MGM FACULTY SERVICES COMPLIANCE (Standing Committee, Research Center, Initiative, and Advisory)
49 BLOG 2020.11.02 Dispute & Resolution (Fall, 2019) - Cooking Smell Issue
50 TEACHING 2020.11.06 Wenzhou O-K Innovation Center Project
51 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.11.30 Green Card Initiative for WKU Faculty
52 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.12.02 Guiding to Faculty Activity Report (FAR) and Reappointment Application via Interfolio for WKU CBPM
53 BLOG 2020.12.25 2020 Winter Faculty Retreat (Wenzhou-Kean University)
54 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2021.01.24 How To Write a Professional Business Email?
57 TEACHING 2021.03.08 The Initiative of The First-Rate Course Teaching Award
58 TEACHING 2021.03.30 Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) MBA Program
59 MUST KNOW 2021.04.13 Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business and Public Management Professionalism Norms
60 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2021.04.20 [WKU FACULTY] How to apply for Travel Expenses? (Home, Conference)
61 SERVICE 2021.04.20 [Lecture Series] Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime!
63 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2021.07.07 WKU, Top #10, Expensive Sino-Foreign University in mainland China
64 MUST KNOW 2021.07.22 How to Do the Class Affairs at Kean Wise? (Class Schedule, Roaster / Office Hours)

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->

65 MUST KNOW 2021.07.22   How to Do the Class Affairs at Kean Wise? (Class Schedule, Roaster / Office Hours) New Faculty, Orientation
66 SERVICE 2021.08.14   How to get the Foreign Terminal Degree Certificate in China? New Faculty, Orientation




2021. 07. 29: WKU CBPM MGM Faculty Knowledge Warehouse is initially established by Dr. Jerry Choi




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When a new faculty comes to the Kean USA or Wenzhou-Kean University, the first challenge is to know the class schedule, class roaster, class assignment, and basic information.

This is the guide for the "Basic" for the Class Preparation of Kean /WKU new faculty members.


1. First thing first, "Please secure your Kean ID/PWD".


- Kean HR / IT department will let you have the Kean ID/PWD.  Please take and keep it. And secure it as your whole administrative affairs. 


2. Go to Kean Wise!

Kean Wise is the integrative academic affairs system of Kean USA and Wenzhou-Kean University. A new teacher must use the Kean Wise to complete affairs affairs works such as "registration, advisement, class affairs, final grading".

To go to Kean Wise, the basic way is to go  and click QuickLinks. Then, you can choose the KeanWise.


Or, you can directly go to Kean Wise system via direct link:


3. At Kean Wise, Please go to Faculty Menu. And Login with your Kean ID/Password!




4. Faculty Menu: Mainly a Kean / WKU faculty member would use the Faculty Menu - Class Schecule



For example, if a faculty wants to know the newly assigned Class schedule, please click the Class Schdule!


When you choose the Term (Academic year, Term, and Campus), you can find your assigned classes and sections! 

You can find out your class name, Title, class schedule, time, class locations!

If you click the (blue) class name and title, you can see more detail information your class!


If you get to know the class schedule, please allocate your classes in the weekly planner. And try to organize the your office hours!


Probably you can use this weekly class calendar!


After allocating your class schedules on the weekly calendar, you can fill out your Office hours in the calendar!


5. Inputting Office Hours


Office hours are one of the most important services for students! All Kean faculty members are required providing the Office Hours (generally 8 hours / week, 4 days / week; In 2021 Fall, Five hours / three days).

Go to Kean Wise Faculty Menu, and Click the Office hours!


You can create or modify your office hours!

You can inpur your office hours at Kean Wise!

Please be suare you input the right information! You can use the office hours for many service works such as advisement, student services, student meeting, and many acacemic affairs!



6. Class Roaster


If you wants to know the enrolled students at his/her class (sections), please click the Class roaster!


Selecte the academic Term! (e.g. Fall 2021 Wenzhou)

Choose a section, and submit!

Voila, you can find all your enrolled students in your class/section!

You need to download the list, and use the roaster for your "Attendance, Progress, and Grading" works in your own way!


This the rough guide of "How to use Kean Wise!" for Class Affairs!

If you have any further question, please contact your senior faculty member, program coordinaotr, or any Kean Community member.

We will serve for you!



2021. 07. 22: Initially documented for Kean/WKU new faculty members by Dr. Jerry Choi



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How to justify the expensive tuition? 

What is the Return on Tuition (ROT) of the school?


WKU, Top #10, Expensive Sino-Foreign University in mainland China! 


# Top10, Wenzhou-Kean University, the expensive Sino-Foreign university in mainland China.


US$10,000 = RMB 65,000 / Year


4 year total: US$ 40,000 = RMB 260,000  


학비가 가장 비싼 중국의 중외합작대학 Top10(10위에서 6위까지)

학비가 가장 비싼 중국의 중외합작대학 Top10 10위에서 6위까지 최근 중국의 경제가 빠르게 발전함에 따라...


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The Goals & Values of Kean University New Jersey (KUSA) / Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) College of Business & Public Management (CBPM)'s Goals, Values, and Actions.



CBPM Mission (Engagement in Innovation, Impact, Inclusiveness): 
We transform diverse students into impactful members in the global community through engaged learning, excellence in teaching, applied and pedagogical scholarship, and service, with leading-edge management programs in a world class, innovative, and inclusive environment in our regions.

CBPM Vision (GDP): 
We aspire to become the management college of choice in our regions recognized for its Global orientation, commitment to Diversity, and Professional and experiential approach to management education.

We embrace a culture of striving for excellence, integrity, fairness, respect, diversity, community, and social responsibility. 


WKU CBPM's Actions:








- Dress appropriately (Business Suit or Business Casual)


- Be On Time, Always


- Open Door Policy: Please open door to welcome people (especially during the office hours). 


- Solution Before Emotion


- Show Respect For Shared Area and Items


- Re-organize the Facility as It Was Given Or Make it Be Better


- Communication Protocol: Talk with only relevant people in the appropriate level.


- Avoid Class / Time Interference: Fully use assigned "Class time" in order to avoid any class or exam interference


- Situation? Report It To School Immediately.

(Day: 0577) 5587-0707; Night 0577) 5587-0303)




Reference: WKU's Mission / Vision


Mission & Vision - Wenzhou-Kean University

Mission WKU is an educational institution committed to preparing high-performing Chinese and international students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in a knowledge-based economy. It will contribute to China’s educational reform and serve

WKU is an educational institution committed to preparing high-performing Chinese and international students to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in a knowledge-based economy. It will contribute to China’s educational reform and serve as a model for other Chinese-American higher education initiatives.

As a leading World-Class Teaching University with a modern campus, WKU aspires to serve as an incubator for promoting technological and scientific progress in Zhejiang Province, and as a center for fostering cultural exchange between China and the United States.



2021. 08 .18: New Provost Dr. David Birdsell's Four areas of CBPM 


Aug. 02, 2021


The Provost discussed four areas he will invest time and energy over the next 1-2 years: 


- Student Success: Retention and Graduation rates - wants to achieve above 50%, and see a double-digit improvement over the next few years. 


- Faculty Success: Emphasized it is not only scholarship (how many papers published); but does scholarly work have any "Impact" on the local economy, theory, and practice? Important that we talk about the impact for research. 


- Service: It is important and a major part of our responsibilities and student success (Student advisement). 


-. Responsiveness: External engagement - as a public urban research university, we have a responsibility to respond to the needs of our community and our region. 


Deans and faculty should be involved in national, professional, and academic organizations. We need to think about how we can become more active and build relationships with the public and private sectors in the near future. 




For Ethics of Kean Campus, here is the information:


Ethics Office | Kean University


Ethics Forms

As required by New Jersey law and regulation, Kean University must distribute the Uniform Ethics Code, Plain Language Guide and Supplemental Ethics Code to New Jersey's Executive Branch Ethics Standards to all University trustees, officers and employees and special state officers and employees.

After you have reviewed all the documents, (see the links below), you must complete and sign the Receipt for the Uniform Ethics Code, Plain Language Guide and Supplemental Ethics Code. In addition, each Kean University trustee, officer and employee, must complete and sign the Disclosure of Outside Activities. This form must be signed by his or her supervisor sign as well. The form has been modified to meet the requirements of the New Jersey State Ethics Commission. Please return all completed and signed to the Office of University Counsel, Kean Hall Room 117.




Kean Student Code of Conducts (Ethics)




Kean University is committed to providing a campus environment that is conducive to academic inquiry in the university tradition. Kean is a metropolitan, comprehensive, teaching university that exists to foster inquiry and public discourse. It is also a community.

At Kean, student members of the community are expected to abide by certain standards of conduct that form the basis of the Student Code of Conduct [Code] and ensure that their guests and visitors do likewise.


These standards are embodied within a set of core values that include integrity, fairness, respect, community, and responsibility.


When students fail to adhere to the community standards, appropriate proceedings may be initiated under the Code to address the failure and its consequences.

Details are here:


Student Code of Conduct | Kean University


Kean New Faculty Academic Policy Manual (Part: D. 3. Community Standards and Student Conduct)


File of New Faculty Academic Policy Manual: 




2021. Sept. 15: Newly Updated WKU Vision Goals: 

GOAL 1: To enhance the reputation of WKU, create more world class programs and develop the university into a research institution which is the future of a regional university with a global reach

GOAL 2: To improve world class educational system of WKU and create programming and opportunities that would allow students to succeed not only in the next decade but well 

GOAL 3: To implement additional premier undergraduate programs and systematically add masters and doctorate programs at WKU and make transformational changes to our curriculum, pedagogy and academic services

GOAL 4: To allocate more resources to faculty research and development and give faculty time to bring out the best in themselves which will be a precursor of bringing out the best in our students

GOAL 5: To position WKU as a cultural, economic and educational epicenter and resource for the local and global communities 

GOAL 6: To secure a fast-growing university financially, physically, administratively that can face the challenges of the future


( Approved by BOD )Wenzhou-Kean University 2020-2025 Strategic Plan.pdf



2021. Sept. 06: Added Updated WKU Vision Goals

2021.Sept. 02: Added the Student Code of Conduct (Ethics) 

2021. Aug. 18: New Provost Dr. David Birdsell's Four Areas he will give attention. 

2021. June 17: Added reference of WKU Mission / Vision 

2021. May 24: Goal and Value Statement installed in the 2nd floor of WKU CBPM.

2021. May 24: Added WKU CBPM Norms for Faculty

2020. Oct. 14: Updating CBPM Vision, Mission, Objective,s and Stategy statement from Kean USA CBPM

2019. June 04: New Kean USA CBPM Dean Wang Jin got informed the updating CBPM Goals and Values.

2017.Sept. 23: Goals, Values of CBPM were tuned for AACSB accreditation purpose at Kean USA CBPM by Georfrey Mills following to the AACSB metnor's guide.







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This is an example of office conflict.

(A Sino-American College) since 2021


- Violation of Personal Information Use (Privacy Policy of Kean System)

- Hazing Issue

- Violation of Professionalism

- Violation of School Policy

- Disrespect the Diversity



Violation of Personal Information use:

He used my personal picture at WeChat in public without my personal permission:

This action violate the ‘Privacy Policy’ of Kean System.


Inappropriate words used: Personal humiliation, ridicule, or degrades the individual is defined as “Hazing”.

Hazing is not acceptable by NJ State Criminal Statute 2C: 40 -3 Hazing and in Kean System.



Inappropriate words used:

She is not a government officer, but she tried intimidating me with misusing the word.

Using intimidating worlds violate the “Hazing Policy” of Kean University.



A reasonable suggestion of reconciliation was refused.

This is violation of professionalism.

Professional behaviors include, but are not limited to: collaboration with supervisor, responsibility for learning opportunities, ability to receive constructive criticism, positive interpersonal skills and respect for diversity. Upon completion of Level II fieldwork, students’ performance in professional behaviors must “meet standards,” which is defined as “consistent with entry-level practice.”


WE have a communication protol that we need to communicate with only approporate level and responsible persons.

This is violation of communication protocol.

And this is the violation of professionalism: “Collaboration with supervisor”.



The School suggested and practiced the Pass/Fail option for Remote Classes in order to accommodate the student's academic flexibility. 

When students wants to apply for Pass/Fail option, academic advisors need to check and sign on the application forms from students, and advisors need to report it to Registra.


Please see this website of Pass/Fail option in KU/WKU:




2021. June 10: Several Instructors suggested "unkind" and "school policy violation practices" in the public WeChat group. 



Irrelevant Message was delivered by Manager  in the public Work Space.




2021. June 11: Faculty members were ignored at the Commencement Ceremony. 

WKU admins pushed the outdoor ceremony under the high 'rain day' condition. And it rained on the Commencement day. 


Students and participants moved to the CBPM building Auditorium, and Admins just invited Chinese leaders to the auditorium to perform Commencement while all foreign faculty members were stored in another building's large classroom with no guide and no participation in the ceremony. Even, foreign faculty members had no chance to take pictures with our lovely students. 

This example showed the "Ignorance, Abusing" onto Foreign Faculty members by Admins! 




2021. 08. 13: A Suggestion of Overarching Intervention to the Other Department from Dean. 

The reaction of Limiting Boundary! 


Explaining the Reason for Limiting Boundary. 




School Admins' Ignorance of Foreign Faculty Members: 


2021. 08. 28. Ignoring the Returning Expense (Quarantine Cost) Reimbursement. 


Wenzhou Authority ignores and enforced the 'unnecessary quarantine hours! 



Food problem was not properly addressed in the Long quarantine period (5 weeks), 

Aug. 10 ~ Sept. 14, 2021 ( 5 weeks = 35 days)

2 Weeks Mandatory Quarantine by Centra Governement 

2 weeks Mandatory Quarantine by Local Government (?) 

1 week Self-monitoring Quarantine by Education Bureau (?) 

Total: Five (5) weeks = 35 days quarantine


The food allergy issue was not properly addressed with no solution

Food allergy: Chinese Cooking OIl, Cilantro, Fish ! 

Example of Quarantine Foods! 


No Chinese cooking oil, No Cilantro foods are "Plain Mantou & Rice"!








2021.08.13: Limiting the Boundary of MGM Coordinator Role. 

2021.06.11: Isolation from Commencement Ceremony

2021.05.01: Archives since May 2021






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Charity Session : A New Interpreation of Charity and Public Welfare:

Teach People to Fish - Do good to the People of Wenzhou

Mr. Ye Zhengmeng, Security-General of Zhejiang Xinhu Charity Foundation





Summary of the Charity Lecture Series by Doris - 徐佳吟 Doris.


1.    Wrong charity methods will have adverse results. People who receive too much money will become dissatisfied and become evil, which called "Marginal effect of gratitude" or "the anger of loser." So choose appropriate donees is very important. There is a very important principle of choosing donees:

a. Focus more on giving to those who are temporarily short of money (e.g. people who suffer from disasters), not those who are desperately short of money.

b. An important saying: "One of the major obstacles to true and permanent goodness is undue giving."

c.  Undue giving will lead to two results:

                                          i.         Foster dependency

                                         ii.         could result in moral kidnapping

2.    How to teach poor people methods(授人以渔)in a systematic way?

a. These things include:

      i.         Inspire people with desire. We should let people realize the importance of good life and possibility of having good life. Show bright future to poor people. Communication with poor people and make reasonable business with them: for example, we give part of money to poor people, and poor people also need to invest some money or efforts.

     ii.         Teach people how to make money. Examples (emphasize the importance of teaching methods): 1. hire agricultural experts to teach poor farmers how to plant Cerasus humilis. 2. provide money for undergraduates to start up a business.

1) The greatest "method" is offering education.

   iii.         Provide some initial money to poor people to start their business.

   iv.         Relieve poor people's worries

1) Worries include:

a)  afraid that products cannot be sold successfully.

b)  afraid that the price of products will fluctuate.


3. Developing leadership is more useful than teaching all people methods.

a. Example: countryside CEO plan

      i.         Leaders are the most important. Develop leadership.

     ii.         Give leaders more knowledge, skills, and resources.

   iii.         Some detailed way to develop leaders:

                               1)  Courses learning

                               2)  Base on practice

                               3)  Future plan planning

                               4)  Paid on board learning

                               5)  Synchronous tracking guidance

                               6)  Induction competition




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How to Apply for Travel Expenses in WKU as an international faculty! 

Since 2020 under the pandemic, WKU Finance department (Director Sailing) and WKU Admins changed the policy of application of cost/expenses. 


The New policy urges that individual faculty members should apply for the travel or the benefit expenses by using the WKU cost center system. 

Until the policy can be improved or changed, we - WKU international faculty members need to apply for travel or benefits expenses. 



Here are my experiences and guides when you apply for travel expenses (Home or Conference). 


1. Go to  and click my wku

You must login with your WKU ID/PWD (Not Kean ID/PWD). 



2. Go to Expense Claim 



3. Click "OK - Blue Button",

Don't get panic. We change language soon. ^^ 



4. Click Language: English, And check your Login Name


5. Go to Business Claim Center - Expense - Cost Application and Click it. 


6. Click "Create Document" 


7. Choose the "Type of Business Trip" - Travel Home, Academic Travel, Business Travel? 



8. Insert "Description of your Travel"

At Transportation section, Insert all necessary information (All * marked items should have input). 


You should choose HR Department as your cost center when you want to get tick via Human Resource Department. 


You can add more transformation options such as Taxi via clicking plus (+) button. 


You may have questions of detailed information, then, please contact WKU HR to get help. 

Example of an Officail Application for Travel Expense

9. Save draft, then Submit Application. 


10. Check the Process 


You can see what is going on in your application process. 


11. Keep patience, and check regularly with HR/ Cost Center. 




2021. 08. 22: Updated Full manuals




Financial System Instructions.pdf



2021. 08. 22: Updated Full manuals


2021. 04. 20: First Archived (thanks to WKU HR Emerald Yu MiaoMiao's Help). 

For full manual of Fiancial System Instruction (WKU Admins).

2021_WKU_How_To_Apply_Travel (Home, Conference, BusinessTrips).pdf



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Show respect for shared areas and items. 
Keep spaces neat and clean.
Re-organize the facility as it was given or make it better. 
No smoking, No alcohol, and No vehicles (e-scooter, skateboard) inside of the building.  
Keep silence in the study area

Situation? Report it.  (Day: 5587- 0707; Night: 5587- 0303)






Dress appropriately (Business casual or suit).
Be on time, always.
Open door (window) policy.
Solution before emotion.

Show respect for shared areas and items. 
Re-organize the facility as it was given or make it better. 

Situation? Report it. 
(Day: 5587- 0707; Night: 5587- 0303)





2021. 04. 13. Archived the original document. 




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Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) MBA Program 

(originally in Chinese, translated by Google translate) 



2021. Mar. 29: 为新生代企业领袖打造MBA项目 (Building MBA programs for the new generation of business leaders)




Columbia, Penn State University PhD faculty lineup from prestigious universities|Building MBA programs for the new generation of business leaders


Students can enjoy the faculty of top business schools in the classroom

And discuss corporate management experience with global management elites

Further enhance the international perspective, strategic thinking, cross-cultural awareness and corporate responsibility...


International Business Administration (Master of Business Administration) at Wenzhou-Kean University officially recruited students this year, attracting everyone's attention



The latest national "Outline of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Integrated Development Plan" was released, and Wenzhou was listed as a 27 central city area and rejoined the Yangtze River Delta City Group. 


In April 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the 2020 central budget investment plan for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region. Zhejiang has three projects included. Among them, the Wenzhou-Kean University project received a national Yangtze River Delta special fund subsidy of 60 million yuan.


This is the first national special subsidy fund for the Yangtze River Delta in our city

It is also the single project that received the most subsidies in our province this time




The International Master of Business Administration (MBA) program aims at training with a country the international vision and can act locally high level of outstanding management personnel, It can also help Wenzhou to take the fast lane of the Yangtze River Delta to a large extent and start the process of talent transfer in the new journey of integration.



This major focuses on the combination of professional knowledge and practical education, enabling students to have a more systematic understanding of the professional knowledge required by management, familiar with internationally accepted practical rules and practices, and in-depth understanding of economic development in major countries and regions.



Professional courses cover the necessary knowledge content applicable to the core management modules of various industries, such as management accounting, management economics, marketing management, management and leadership in a global environment, etc. 


Our MBA teaching method also gives full play to the inquiry-based teaching concept of the American classroom, encouraging and cultivating students to be able to actively think while learning theoretical knowledge. For example, the compulsory course of this project also conducts cross-cultural management issues in a seminar mode. In-depth interpretation will be given to typical global management cases and problems.




When the epidemic is over and the global environment is relatively stable, we will also resume " Global Business Studies ", a course that can go to Kean University in the United States and companies in the New York area for management practices.


The professional elective course modules also set up different field directions, such as accounting, marketing, management, international business, etc., to fully meet the knowledge needs of people from different industries, provide a macro international perspective and forward-looking management knowledge, and help students Explore their own potential, cultivate innovative thinking, and calmly face the competition and challenges in the global business environment.



It is worth mentioning that this major has a strong faculty team, 100% of all teachers have a doctoral degree (some more than one doctorate), graduated from world-renowned universities, such as Columbia University, University of Houston, Pennsylvania State University, Temple University, etc. Etc., and have teaching experience and industry experience in universities all over the world (such as


  • Dr. Jerry Choi who served as a team executive at BOSCH Bosch Group (South Korea),
  • Dr. Xue Chunxiao was an assistant manager at KPMG (Hong Kong), and
  • Dr. Zhang Jianing was selected for the Shanghai 2014 Pujiang Talent Program. Before joining WKU, he was an associate professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics;
  • Dr. Robert Marjerison worked in the commercial shipping industry around the world for 12 years and served as AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph Company, the world’s leading communications holding company), Is also the vice president and chief operating officer of International Maritime Services, a century-old communications company in the United States. He has taught global business management courses in Korea, Japan, Mexico and other parts of the world).


At the same time, the business school will also invite visiting professors from top business schools to the school to give special lectures to students every semester.



In addition, Wenzhou Kean University Business School is the first laboratory in Zhejiang Province with Bloomberg Bloomberg lab of the university. The Bloomberg terminal is an important tool for people in the financial industry to obtain data and conduct market analysis and transactions. Financial industry managers can use the Bloomberg terminal to improve their professional skills in data analysis and obtain the latest industry news and global information during the process of studying for the MBA.





How to apply for Winken MBA?


The WKU MBA program will start in September this year. Applications for admissions in 2021 are now open, and the deadline is June 1, 2021.


Admission requirements and application materials


1. Bachelor's degree certificate

*Students who graduated from non-U.S. colleges and universities need to be certified by NACES (, and can choose World Education Services (WES) certification (course-by-course certification is required).

2. Have three years or more of work experience

3. Official transcripts of all learning stages above high school (excluding high school). The cumulative grade point average (GPA) is not less than 3.0 (applicants below 3.0 will be considered based on the situation).

4. GMAT or GRE scores (Considering the global epidemic situation, Wenzhou-Kean University and Kean University in the United States are unified, and the admission requirements of GRE, GMAT, and MAT for graduate majors in 2021 are exempted.)

5. Two letters of recommendation

6. Personal resume

7. Personal statement, explaining interest in this major

8. TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo official score report within two years

*TOEFL iBT 79 points, paper-based 550 points, IELTS 6.5 points, Duolingo 100 points.

9. Departments will arrange interviews


contact us

Inquiry email:

Consulting Hotline: 0577-55870723


Text丨Fan Chen

System for |  Wangzhi Yao 
Responsible compiled | media body in mind  



Focus on Winken, face the world




2021. Mar. 04:





WKU Graduate Program|International Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)

Graduate student of Wenzhou-Kean University 3/4



International Business Administration (Master of Business Administration)


School system: 2 years (full-time, part-time)

Enrollment time: September 2021

Graduation credits: 54 credits

Teaching time: Saturday all day and Sunday morning

(Remote assistance from Monday to Friday)

Teaching language: Full English teaching (Chinese supplement)

Tuition fee: total tuition fee of 180,000 RMB (27,000 US Dollars) 





Professional Introduction

        Wenzhou-Kean University's International Business Administration (Master of Business Administration) program aims to cultivate high-level outstanding management talents who can cope with global development and gain a foothold in the local area, and help management talents succeed in the global business environment. This major focuses on the combination of professional knowledge and practical education, so that students can more systematically master the theoretical knowledge of international business, understand the professional knowledge required by the management, be familiar with internationally accepted practical rules and practices, be familiar with international business law, and have an in-depth understanding of major countries and Regional economic development, proficient in the use of business information management systems, and possess a relatively high level of international business professional skills. This major provides a wealth of global business practice courses, in-depth interpretation and training of typical global business cases and problems, and increase learners' business experience. The course modules include: 1. Basic course module 2. Global management advanced knowledge course module 3. Advanced business domain knowledge module 4. Capstone course module.




Admission requirements and related application materials

1. Bachelor's degree certificate

*Students who graduated from non-U.S. colleges and universities need to be certified by NACES (, and can choose World Education Services (WES) certification among them.


2. Have three years or more of work experience


3. Official transcripts of all learning stages above high school (excluding high school), with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) not less than 3.0 (applicants below 3.0 will be considered based on the situation)


4. GMAT or GRE scores (considering the global epidemic situation, Wenzhou-Kean University and Kean University in the United States are unified, and the admission requirements of GRE, GMAT and MAT for graduate majors in 2021 are exempted)

RE: Have obtained a bachelor's degree certificate and have a grade point average of 3.0 or more; have obtained a master's degree certificate; have passed the American CPA Examination (CPA) or hold the American CPA License (CPA License).


5. Two letters of recommendation


6. Resume


7. Personal statement, explaining interest in the profession


8. TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo official score report within two years

*TOEFL iBT 79 points, paper-based 550 points, IELTS 6.5 points, Duolingo 100 points


9. The department will arrange an interview





Course modules

Credits (54)

 Basic course modules


Global Management Advanced Knowledge Course Module

twenty four

Advanced business domain knowledge module


Apex Course Module


*Before entering the major, the Admissions Committee will evaluate the academic background of the students to decide whether to take the prerequisite courses. The prerequisite courses include:

1. COMM 3590 Business and Professional Communication (3 credits)


2. ECO 2120 Business Statistics (3 credits)


3. MATH 1044 Business Calculus (3 credits)


4. MGS 3032 Organizational Behavior (3 credits)


5. MGS 3040 Management Information System (3 credits)


The "GMBA5710 Global Business Studies" course needs to go to Kean University to study for 2 to 4 weeks, and other related expenses such as visas, air tickets, board and lodging incurred by the course are borne by the students themselves. If the "GMBA5710 Global Business Studies" course cannot be carried out due to force majeure, the college where the major is located will decide to replace it with other courses or practical projects, and the specific notice shall prevail.




Graduation requirements

       According to students' undergraduate courses and grades, combined with the arrangement of graduate courses, students need to complete 54 credits. Students need to complete the required academic tasks and complete the research project (GMBA 5900), and the grade point average (GPA) is not less than 3.0, will be awarded the United States Kean University International Business Administration (Master of Business Administration) degree.



For information on International Business Administration (Master of Business Administration) at Kean University, United States, please visit:


Business Administration (MBA) | Kean University

At Kean we believe learning and job growth extends far beyond the walls of our classrooms. That's why we encourage you to take advantage of a variety of research opportunities available to you, study abroad and pursue internships that will advance your car


contact details


Address: No. 88, University Road, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Wenzhou-Kean University, 325060

Inquiry email:

Consulting Hotline: 0577-55870723


*For more detailed admissions policies and information, please refer to the upcoming 2021 postgraduate admissions guide.

Modified on 2021/03/04

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2021 The Initiative of The First-Class (Rate) Course Teaching Award of Zhejiang Province in WKU.


On March 01, 2021, WKU announced that we would like to apply for the Zhejing Provincial First-Class (Rate) Undergraduate Course Teaching Award. 


WKU CBPM Dean - Dr. Cao Jiang encouraged faculty members to apply for it because it is a nice attempt to prove our teaching excellence. 


Twelve WKU CBPM Faculty Members applied for the award.


Name College Course


1 Jianing Zhang CBPM FIN 3380
2 Jeonghwan Choi CBPM MGS 3032
3 Fa-Hsiang Chang CBPM ECO 1020
4 Robert Marjerison CBPM GBUS 4320
5 Jing Ma CBPM MGS 3040
6 Md Jahidur Rahman CBPM ACCT 3220
7 Xue Chunxiao CBPM ACCT 2200
8 Liu Su-Ping CBPM ACCT 2210
9 Steven Thornburg CBPM ACCT 3230
10 Candy Chiu CBPM MGS 4999
11 Han-Chiang Ho CBPM MKT 3510
12 Somkiat Mansumitrchai CBPM MKT 4500


With accompanying the Full 'Documentation' for application, applicants recorded  "10 minutes" course introduction video. 



Zhejiang Provincial First-Rate Course Application Form_WKU_CBPM_MGS3032_OB.pdf


Structure of 10 minutes Video Introduction


1. Briefly introduce yourself.

2. Short Introduce of course backgrounds and goals.

3. Teaching Environment: Talk about the classroom of WKU or the software you used in the course if it's special.

4. Module Design and Teaching Method: Using a class example to describe what learn out-comes students will get, and what the actives will apply to this session, and etc.

5. Time Allocation: How many hours students are expected in Lectures, Activities, Presentations and/or other relevant works. What goals in each part.

6. Innovation: Any innovation in ethical education, ideological education, special teaching system, student development, and so on. It's similar to Section F of the application form.

7. Results (Evaluation System):How the assessment and evaluation system go. What is the development of the course under your leadership?


On March 05th and March 09th, 2021,  Faculty applicants took introductory videos of applying for teaching award courses at the Virtual Conference Room, WKU CBPM B-208 under the direct supervision of Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Cho who made the media site. 







The Final Version of First-Rate Course Application Videos are available here



2021 The Initiative of The First-Rate Course Teaching Award of Zhejiang Province in WKU On March 01, 2021, WKU announced that we would like to apply for the ...

(These videos are agreed to be public by instructors)


Individual Course Introductions are here


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_ACCT3220(Intermediate Accounting)_Md Jahidur Rahman


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_ACCT3220(Intermediate Accounting)_Md Jahidur Rahman_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_ACCT3230(Federal Income Tax)_Steven Wood Thornburg


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_ACCT3230(Federal Income Tax)_Steven Wood Thornburg_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_ECO1021 (Principles of Microecnomics) Fa-Hsiang Chang


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_ECO1021(Principles of Microeconomics)_章法翔_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_FIN3380(Introduction of Derivatives)_张家宁 (Zhang, Jianing)


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_FIN3380(Introduction of Derivatives)_张家宁_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_GBUS4320(Sustainable Global Business)_Robert Kim Marjerison


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_GBUS4320(Sustainable Global Business)_Robert Kim Mar_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili



2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_MGS3032(Organizational Behavior)_Jeong Hwan (Jerry) Choi


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_MGS3032(Organizational Behavior)_Jeong Hwan Choi_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_MKT3510(Consumer Behavior)_Ho Han-Chiang


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_MKT3510(Consumer Behavior)_Ho Han-Chiang_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_MKT4500(Seminar in Marketing Strategy)_Somkiat Mansumitrchai


2021S_First_Rate_Course_WKU_MKT4500(Seminar in Marketing Strategy)_Somkiat Mansu_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


2021.08.06 : 30 courses have been recognized as provincial-level first-class courses! Interpretation of the Wenken course construction attached at the end of the article, don’t miss it







English_30 courses have been recognized as provincial-level first-class courses! Interpretation of the Wenken course construction attached at the end of the article, don’t miss it.pdf


WKU CBPM 2020 The First-Rate Course Award Winners: 

736, 739, 745, 748, 750, 751, 754, 756, 764




2021.08.13: Official Announcement of WKU Zhejiang Provincial Undergraduate First-Rate (Class) Courses. 





浙教办函〔2021〕195号 各普通本科高校: 根据《浙江省教育厅办公室关于开展省级一流本科课程建设和国家级一流本科课程推荐认定工作的通知》(浙教办函〔2019〕334号)和《浙江省教育厅办公



WKU CBPM made 11 First-Class (Rate) Courses (out of total 30).  Especially 6 management and marketing courses were chosen as the First-Class (Rate) courses. 








2021. 08.13: Official announcement of WKU 30 courses. 

2021. 08. 05: 30 Courses have been recognized as provincial-level first-level class courses. 


2021:   The First-lass Teaching Award  (Couse Name: MGS XXXX) by the Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Education, China. Aug. 06, 2021. 


WKU “First-Class (rate) Teaching Initiative”:


2021. 04.12: Videos are added. 

2021. 03. 08: Initially documented


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Wenzhou-Kean University Student Media and Design Center (SMDC) - Colleg of Busines and Public Management (CBPM)-Media.Center's Initiative: 

Question, Inquiry, Facilitation, and Answer (QI-FA, 启发) ! 


WKU-QIFA (Bring Your Inspiration!) 







1.     会计专业(ACCT)需要准备哪些证书?金融专业(FIN)需要准备哪些证书?

2.     如何在MKT这么多方向中找到适合自己的方向?

3.     如何进行专业选择?怎样找到适合自己的专业?

4.     有哪些参加商赛的途径?哪些商赛更具有含金量?

5.     什么是商业?商业未来的就业选择有哪些?

6.     如何写商业邮件?如何提高商业沟通技巧?/如何有礼貌的给教授发邮件?如何与教授进行日常聊天?

7.     将成绩改为Pass或Fail有什么影响?未来还会有P/F的政策吗?

8.     如何合理安排一学期的课程强度?如何提高绩点?

9.     小组合作难以磨合、进展困难。如何高效的进行小组合作?

10.   对于学生安排假期时间有什么建议。


Questions (for Professor)

1. What certificates are required for ACCT students? What certificates are required for FIN students?

2. How to find one’s suitable and appropriate direction among so many directions of MKT?

3. How to choose a major? How to find the major that suits oneself?

4. What are the ways to participate in business competitions? What business games are more valuable?

5. What is business? What are the future employment options for business?

6. How to write a business email? How to improve business communication skills? /How to write a polite email to the professor? How to have a chat with the professor?

7. What is the effect of changing the grade to Pass or Fail? Will there be P/F policy in the future?

8. How to arrange the course intensity of one whole semester reasonably? How to improve GPA?

9. How to work effectively in a team as group cooperation is so hard and ineffective?

10. What advice do you have for students to arrange holiday time?



WKU QIFA (启发) INITIATIVE: Campus Social Entrepreneurship (Mar. 03, 2021)


Questioned by Qian Jiayin (Doreen)- a WKU student entrepreneur

Answered by Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi - CBPM Professor


Mar. 2021


1. How can we provide the best campus entrepreneurship environment in WKU? 

2. What do you think of a student's starting a business in college years? 
3. How can a student develop and improve "Innovation Sense" on campus? 
4. Can you tell us about "establishing" the OHT-Kean (O-K) innovation center in front of our WKU campus?


WKU QIFA (启发) INITIATIVE Campus Social Entrepreneurship_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


2021. 03. 25: QiFA for Management

MGS Major Issues:

1. I am a business student, and I want to further choose the major of
management. What courses do I need to prepare?


QIFA_Project_Q1_WhatCoursePrepare_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili



2. What are the differences between the newly opened management majors
(International Supply Chain and Information Management) and (Business Analysis)?


QIFA_Project_Q2_Difference of BA_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


3. Will there be some Python and MATLAB courses in the new course of
Management (Business Analysis)?


QIFA_Project_Q3_BA_Tools_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


4. What is the difference between a Python course for business and a Python
course for computer science


QIFA_Project_Q4_Python_Course_BA_CS_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


5. I am a student of management and I want to take part in some business
competitions. What kind of competitions does the professor suggest me to take part


QIFA_Project_Q5_Business_Competition_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili

6. If I am a management student, what are the employment prospects of
management? Do I need to prepare for any certificates?


QIFA_Project_Q6_MGM_Job_Prospects_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili


7.  Why do high school graduate need to come Wenzhou-Kean University to learn Business in English? 

Interview with two business management professors (Dr. Rob Kim Majerison - Global Business; Dr. Jerry Choi - Coordinator of Management & Marketing Department) at WKU by Alisa Lai (WKU Media Center)



May 26, 2021 @ Virtual Conference Room (VCR) in WKU College of Business.  



1. How to manage stress at Entrance Exam (GaoKao)? 
2. How to manage uncertainties? 
3. How to be adaptable to situations? 
4. Why becoming adaptable to situation is important for business professionals?

5. Dow do WKU Business students changed by years? 
6. How does WKU CBPM make the nice change of students? (The unique Sino-American Business Education Model & Innovative Pedagogy of WKU CBPM)
7. When do business students participate in experiential learning activities? 
8. How does WKU support student entrepreneurs? 
9. Do you have any student entrepreneurship examples on WKU campus? 
10. What business courses do you have for entrepreneurship? 
11. Do you have any example of WKU campus entrepreneurship to real business? 
12. What is the WKU Business school graduates' career path? 
13. What are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs? 
14. Does WKU CBPM has 'Business Analytics" courses? 
15. What is the purpose of teaching business analytics in business school? 
16. What is the "Learning from Real Business Consulting Projects" at WKU CBPM? 
17. Can you elaborate the Project Based Learning (PBL) Initiative? 
18. For high school graduates, what do they need to choose a college major? 
19. Why do students need to choose business major? (Wide range of career choices of business major)
20. Message to Future WKU College of Business Students!



2021. Sept. 14: What are the goals, values, purposes, and activities of WKU CBPM Management & Marketing Department?



2021. Sept. 14: What are the goals, values, purposes, and activities of WKU CBPM Management & Marketing Department? 

2021.05.26: Q7: Why do high school graduate need to come Wenzhou-Kean University to learn Business in English? by WKU Media Center were archived.

2021.04.05: Q1 ~ Q6: QIFA video uploaded. 

2021.03.27: Video recording #1

2021. 03. 11: Uploaded the first QIFA Initiative Video (Campus Social Entrepreneurship)

2021.03.03. Initiated the Document




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