Leaders, please be breathful to build "Positive Mindset" for change! 

Daniel Goleman suggests leaders to have "Positive Mindset" to overcome obstacles for change. 

Specifically, he suggests leaders to focus on a positive "talent development" aspect during the painful change with this quote: "A high-performing leader is always thinking about talent development. How can I learn something new? How can I expand what I already know? To be able to do that you can’t be held hostage by frustration or failure. You need to be able to practice correctly, and do that over and over without complaining." 


However, I  suggest leaders to "be breathful" moment by moment. Because knowing how to breathe, making full breaths, and energizing our body with fresh air can help people to get focused, positive, and mindful. 

Photo source: http://www.beyondcareersuccess.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/corporate-meditation.jpg

Please take three minutes to make a full breathing today. 

One minute to dive into yourself.  

One minute to make a cycle of full breathing;

One minute to return back to work. 

Dr. Choi, Tonghap Leadership Center, 


Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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