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  1. 2012.01.13 Can yoga wreck your body?: Responding from a Kouksundo expert.

Recently, several medical studies clam that Yoga can wreck human body (see the today's NBC nightly news). 

It inspires international debates and disucussions as followings.

1. How Yoga Wreck you body (NY Times)

2. Yoga can wreck your body (NBC Nightly News, see the Youtube video in this article)
3. Response from a Yogi

As a professional Kouksundo meditation instructor, I want to raise an issue of the risk of Yoga practice. 

Contemporary Yoga, especially in the U.S., apt to urge people to make tough gestures for unprepared people without teaching the most important 'discipline' - the breathing. 

Yoga is a practice from India - the warm and swampy country, thus the Yoga breathing is much more focusing on "exhale" than "inhale" to cool down body temperature. A hard exhaling enables practitioners to make a extraordinarily stretching of their body. Thus, beginners of Yoga may be in the high risk of hurts without practicing proper 'Yoga breathing'. 

In Kouksundo meditation, which has come from Korean - four seasoned country, beginners are taught to have perfect 'balanced breath' with fifty mild gestures. Beginners are required to practice the first level of gestures for at least a year to enhance their mobility, breath, and mental powers. It seems a very boring process, but very essential for improving 'internal power - Kouksundo calls it "Ki (Qi)". 

People consume internal energy to 'think, talk, and move' everyday, and refueling the internal energy is very important to make right 'thought, communication, and action.' Meditational practices can help people to generate the internal energy. But people need to understand the process of recovering their internal energy requires 'correct and boring practices.' 

"Internal Energy is not generated in a day, but it requires as much effort as you spend your energy in your life" 


J. Choi

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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