"All tribute to Christi Adams"

1. In WeChat Go to "Me" in the Bottom right corner, then "Pay" at the top of the list that comes up


2. Scroll down to "Event Tickets" and Click. 


3. Click on the LIttle Movie Reel Icon second to the left 



4. Click on the listing with "Imax" and these characters (It should be first, if you live close to the campus). This is the MixC IMAX Theater. 


5. All the movies currently playing will be listed. You can double click the movie image below (to the left) to get the view below on the right, including the title and actors.

The symbol circled in the time listings means “original language”. If the movie is from the US, at that time selection it will be played in English

6. Select your seat, and press the orange button. 


7. Select the orange button again and pay. 

(Enter in your payment code when the window for it pops up)

8. Click "Allow" below. 


9. Click out of this window below

10. Screenshot your ticket (as below), and allow the concierge to scan it when you get to the line. 



MixC Movie ticket instructions.pdf


Copyright Permission from Original creator (Christi Adams) on Sept. 20, 2021 at WKU Faculty Housing WeChat


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Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi's Award, Honor, Grant, Donation, and Contributions! 


Google Maps (Aug. 31, 2021) 



My review hit more than 3,000 (As of September 2021)




Contributions by Jeonghwan Choi

233 Contributions







2021. 12.13: The Frits Rate Course Teaching Award (Organizational Behavior, MGS3032).




2021. 10. 26: Donation 5000 RMB to a Public Welfare Event for "Autism Children" on Nov. 18. 



2021. 10. 12: Acknowledgment Letter for Dr. Jerry Choi for Returning and New Faculty WeChat Thread (Community of Practice) from Dr. Elizabeth Sugar Martinez at College of Liberal Art - English Department 






2021. 06. 03: Donation to WKU Stadium (RMB 2,000) 

2021.09.28: Stadium Chair: NO 2021-0019


2020. 10. 09: Donation to WKU Education Development Foundation (RMB 5,000) 

All 2020 research award fund is donated to WKU Education Development foundation. 






2020.09.09: The Award for Excellence in Research and Creativity in Academic Year 2019-2020. 





2020. 03. 01 : Certificate of Donation (Emergency Healthcare Devices to Wenzhou City)


20200301_Wenzhou_Donation Certificate in COVID19 Situation.pdf


2019.11.08: WKU Best Service Award



2019.11.09: CapSim - Capstone Simulation Certificate




2014 Academy of Management - Outstanding Reviewer Award



2014_AOM_Outstanding Reviewer Award Jeong-Hwan Choi.pdf



2005. 12. 31: HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management MBA Certificate




2004. 01. 31: BOSCH Career and Retirement Certificate: 




2002. 10 .14: BOSCH CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) Certificate




2002. 12. 18: Certificate of "The Time Management Workshop for the Entire Business of Living". 



2001. November 21 ~ Dec. 05. Certificate of MS Project






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How to justify the expensive tuition? 

What is the Return on Tuition (ROT) of the school?


WKU, Top #10, Expensive Sino-Foreign University in mainland China! 


# Top10, Wenzhou-Kean University, the expensive Sino-Foreign university in mainland China.


US$10,000 = RMB 65,000 / Year


4 year total: US$ 40,000 = RMB 260,000  






학비가 가장 비싼 중국의 중외합작대학 Top10(10위에서 6위까지)

학비가 가장 비싼 중국의 중외합작대학 Top10 10위에서 6위까지 최근 중국의 경제가 빠르게 발전함에 따라...



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The Year 2020 started with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Everybody was suffered, and it was true. 


Wenzhou-Kean University international faculty members were not exceptions. They struggled to come back to campus. And they stayed on the campus since their arrival on campus. 


In Winter, no international faculty could go outside of Zhejiang province of China without special permission. 


Most of international faculty should stay at Wenzhou area in the gloomy winter. WKU HR, then, suggested and organized "Faculty Retreat" programs to culturalize and socialize international faculty members.

From the 2020 winter Faculty Retreat, Dr. Choi develop himself as a "New Media" expert through recording, archiving, and disseminating 'Wenzhou, China, Culture and Tradition" learning.

His archives are in the below website.

His new media contents are in the below Youtube channel.


Program 1 (Line 1) went to Hendgian Film making sites (Chinese Hollywood) and Hot spring at Wuyi in Zhejiang province. 



This is the archived Photo and Video of the 2020 Winter WKU Faculty Retreat. 


Group Pictures: Hengdian Film-making sites (Ming and Ching Palace)




All Playlist of 2020 Winter WKU Faculty Retreats: 



2020 Winter Faculty Retreats






Day 1: Youtube: Hengdian, Film-making sites (Chinese Hollywood), Zhejiang


Day 1: Bilibili



2020Winter_Faculty_Retreat_Day1_Hengdian_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




Day 2: Youtube: Visiting Jin Palace Replicate, Performance Watching.



Day 2: Bilibili: 



2020W_Faculty_Retreat_Day2_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




Day 3: Youtube: Visiting Jin Yuan Architecture Museum at Wuyi. And moved to a Hot Spring at Niu Tou Mountain





2020W_Faculty_Retreat_Day3_Censored_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




Day 4: Youtube: 2020W Faculty Retreat Day4: Visiting Gallery Bridge and Dark Tea Museum



Day4: BiliBii: 



2020W_Faculty_Retreat_Day4_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili




Day 5: December 25, 2020, Faculty Retreat - Christmas Party at Ou River 



Day 5: Youtube: 2020 Winter Christmas Party at Ou River 



Day 5 - Bilibili: 



2020Winter_Faculty_Retreat_Christmas_Day_Ou_River_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ 干杯~-bilibili





Special Thanks to WKU HR - Director Gordon and his lovely HR Ladies who organized, suggested, operated, and made these beautiful things happened! 

2020. 12. 25. 






Mieke's Essays of Faculty Retreat 2021


Day 1: Hengdian





2020.12.26: Added Christmas Event

2020. 12. 25: Initially archived. 







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In 2020 Fall, the Chinese Immigrant Authority introduced the new Immigration Policies. 




12 Immigration Policies Have Been Launched

English Information and Service Platform —— WenzhouDaily


According to the new Policy, WKU Faculty can apply for the "Green Card: Permanent Residence" especially category #2, #3  and/or #4. 




Foreigners, who have worked for 4 consecutive years in China, actually lived in China for a minimum of 6 months per year, have an individual annual wage income not less than six times the previous year’s average annual wage of urban employees in the region,and have paid an individual income taxnot less than 20% of annual wage income, can apply to the immigration administrations for permanent residences in China. Their foreign spouses and minor childrencan be permitted to apply together.




Foreign Chinese working in China, who have obtained Ph.D. degree or have worked in key national development sectorsfor 4 consecutive years and actually lived in Chinafor a minimum of 6 months per year, can apply to the immigration administrations for permanent residencesin China. Their foreign spouses and minor childrencan be permitted to apply together.




Foreign experts and scholars, who are invited by domestic key universities, research institutes and well-known enterprises, as well as the foreign high-level talents in management and technological profession, who are identified and recognized by the talents administration or technology & innovation administration of municipal level or higher people's government, can apply to visa department of entry-exit administration for the entry visas. After entering the country, they can apply for multiple visas or residence permits with a validity period of less than 5 years to the entry-exit administration with the invitation letter and other materials.




Nov. 26, 2020. : Green Card Workshop at the New International Service Center at Wenzhou Civic Center. 


Several WKU Faculty members visited the new International Service Center of Wenzhou Civic Center in Nov. 26, 2020. 


Youtube Video: 




Immigration Office Officers introduced the new immigration policy, and they guided WKU foreign faculty members to the benefits of Chinese Green Card (e.g. The Same legislative power as Chinese citizens in residing, job, and travel for 10 years). 



Necessary Documents: (Only Chinese letter, Click for expansion)








Shortly speaking, two main pieces of evidence are necessary to apply for the "Chinese Green Card" for WKU Faculty members,


1) Criminal Background Check (from home country)


2) 4 consecutive years Tax Payment History (including tax exemption history) from WKU 



Nov. 26, 2020. : A WeChat Group of Green Card 


WKU HR organized a Green Card Group at WeChat to help WKU faculty members to apply for Green Card. 






Rainie Huang: huangjiarui@wku.edu.cn

Lina Hu: hulina@wku.edu.cn>


Wenzhou City:

Immigration Officer: Ren @littlebird 伊仁 

Police Officer:   Ding @布鲁科夫



Required Document

20201218_Requirements for Permanent Residence of Aliens in China(1).pdf








Nov. 30, 2020: Firstly archived the history of Chinese Green Card Group. 



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Dispute & Resolution (Fall, 2019) - Cooking Smell Issue

This is an archive of making a resolution when I had a dispute with a residence in the WKU Faculty Housing in 2019. 


*Conclusively speaking, the challenger left her job after making this dispute. 




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1. How to Delete Blackboard Course! 

BB --> Packages and Utilities --> Bulk Delete


Don't check the "USERS" to keep users in the blackboard section. 


IF deleted users, please add users manually. 


2. VM Ware Setting. 









IT HandBook for Faculty - WKU - IT Help Desk

IT HandBook for Faculty 陈奕余 • Created at:Mar 20, 2019 17:11:38 • Updated at:Sep 07, 2020 21:07:52 1、How to use WiFi on campus         Graphic introduction         Video introduction  2、How to bind your device to your network ac






** For WKU Blackboard Issue, Go to Kean IT Support Portal: 

As of 1st September 2021, any IT-related BB issue is not being monitored through support@kean.edu.

You need to go this website: https://helpdesk.kean.edu/support/home


Support : Kean University



Log in, Go to the tickets... Open your ticket... describe the problem and the nature of the problem being encountered and submit your ticket. 

Be sure to have your faculty ID number ready. They usually ask for it.





4. How to Make "Blackboard" Course LMS available before a semester (Change Start Time)!


Login and Click Option (Gear)


Click Course Name, Course ID, and Announcement box at your selecting course


Like these


Return to Home, and Click each Course (Unavailable) 


Edit Mode is "ON"


Far Left Menu, Please click Customization - Properites! 


Set Availability (Yes), and Set Course Duration as your want (Start Date)! 

And Submit!




5. How to Deliver Remote Class at the New BlackBoard (Aug. 2021). 


1. Go to Kean Blackboard! 



Home | Kean University

With more than 50 undergraduate majors and 60-plus graduate options, Kean offers on-campus academic programs in Union, Jefferson, Toms River and Manahawkin, New Jersey, as well as in Wenzhou, China.



Quicklink - Blackboard


Click a course! 



2. Go to the Blackboard Collaboration Ultra! 

Please make sure (Edit Mode is "ON" at the far right up! 

Then, create your Session accordinly. 


3. Click the Session Option and Change accordingly 

You can get Guest Link (if you have another combined session)





4. When the Remote Time Comes, You can join the session! 

** Watch out: The time of the Blackboard is "Eastern Time" of the USA because the server is located in the Kean New Jersey. 

Please consider the American Blackboard time when you set up your Remote / Online Class time! 


** Instructors must set the time of class in Eastern Time (New Jersey Time).

Then, Students will get adjusted time according to their places. 


*** In several cases, The time could be set as your local Time automatically (probably thanks to the automatic time zone setting). Please double-check the time zone setting in your machine. 



* Several courses are still in the old server, and it keeps the old structure.

If it works fine, please use the old format (Live Session)! 




6. How to record and download recorded video from Blackboard **


At the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, you can download your Remote / Online Class and download it as a file for sharing. 

Recording a Remote/Online Live Class! 


Once recorded, you can download the Live class as a file




** June 28, 2020: Kean University has launched Zoom Service (Tentative alternative to Blacbkboard Remote / Online Class) 



We are excited to announce that Kean University has launched Zoom as our new web conferencing solution.  We have selected Zoom for its simplicity and reliability, not to mention consistency across devices for a seamless user experience.


Included in the Kean University site-license is cloud recording capability, extended meeting time limit from 40 minutes to 24 hours up to 300 participants. 




Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Sharing - Zoom

Video Conferencing Connect to a meeting in progress Made with Zoom



7. How to add course materials at Blackboard (Course Contents Menu Making)? 


Professor Yifei & Dave Gibson's Guide (2021. Sept. 02): 

I guess for the new users maybe we have to build the "course content" item by ourselves. Just click the "+" and you will find "content area", then type in the name and make it available to all users. then you'll have a blank page of course content and you may build the content as you like










2021. 09.02: Added, Zoom information

2021. 08.31: Added, How to record and download a Remote / Online class at BB. 

2021. 08. 28: Added, Remarks - BB time (EST) 

2021. 08. 21: Added, How to Create Remote (Synchronous) Class - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


2021. 08. 20: How to Make "Blackboard" Course LMS available before a semester! 




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CISCO Anyconnect is necessary when you want to use Kean Email, G-suite, Youtube, and mandatory software for Kean Learning. 

However, Mac system's recent MacOS (specially afterh Catalina, Ver. 10.15) is not compatible with Cisco's old version of Any Connect. 


1. Please use the most recent Any Connect Software! (dmg file for Mac Users & exe file Windows Users )




Choi_WKU_Software - Google 드라이브




Please Click only "VPN" without choosing the other modules of Any Connect when you install it. 


2. For Mac Users, Pleas see the following website. 



mac 链接不上Cisco AnyConnect解决方案

在公司中遇到了链接内网不上的问题,以下是解决方案: 1.编辑 ExcludeMacNativeCertStore 选项把false 改成 "true" 2.^X (contr...



A. Run the Terminal

B. Follow this procedure, and Enter! 



3. Run the AnyConnect 


4. Click Connect Anyway


5. Type in your User Name and Password at Group! 


Voila, Enjoy Any Connect in the Mac System. 






2020.08.20 First Release (Thanks to OCIS at KU and Daniel Chen at WKU)

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2020 Korea Industrial Workforce development conference (June 12, 2020). 

2020 한국 산업교육학회 학술대회 













IBM HR Value Change 

Machine Bureaucratic Organization Structure to Adhocracy (Professional) Organization.  

IBM uses "Chatbot (Myca & many Chatbots)" - AI assistance for HR functions (Talent Acquisition; Talent Development; HR Operation). If the Chatbot service is not enough, Advisor (Human) comes to the employee. 


MS Culture Change: From knowing to learning. 


삼선화재 교육

LG HR University is "Change Agent"! 


연수원 없으면 뭐 할까? 


HCI 에서 답을 찾다? 


박철용 전무 (LG 이노텍): AI 활용 HR 은 CHATBOT 을 통한 Talent Acquiring 이다. 


Human Computer Interaction (HCI); Human Robot Interaction (HRI); Human Resource Development (HRD). 

Social Robots: 개인비서; 챗봇



일정 숫자 이상의 참석자 (예를 들어 10명 이상)의 온라인 Remote Meeting 의 경우 주 강의자와 비슷한 수준의 보조 Facilitator 가 Meeting 과 Learning Class를 함께 운영 (Co-Operator) 할 필요가 있음. 







Introdcutionary Conference Youtube. 



2020. June 12. 





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Faculty Handbook 20200511.pdf

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I would like to update one issue of MGS4999 W01, W02 online class participation.

I am actively participating in the DQ discussions for those courses at Blackboard system. 

But, as you know, I am using Google Classroom for MGS4999 W01, 02 classes for Assignment participation because the pre-defined course structure was not compatible with my teaching. 

You can see my google classrooms: 

MGS4999 W01: https://classroom.google.com/w/NTIzOTg5MTYyNjZa/t/all

MGS4999 W02: https://classroom.google.com/w/NTIzOTY3MzczODFa/t/all

At the google classroom, I proactively communicate, give feedback, and participate in interactions like below. 

I also use WeChat Groups to encourage my students to participate in learning. 

If you take all things together, my teaching of MGS4999 classes would be the most participative classes in WKU online. WKU online can make a 'real' survey to students rather than checking our Blackboard. 

Please take my clarification descriptions, and use my case to justify CBPM faculty's relatively low participation. 


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How to Transfer Money from Wenzhou-Kean University (China) to (foreign) Home? 


From Sept. 01, 2019, Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) directly deposits salary of (foreign) faculty members on 'Chinese Bank Account'. 


Transferring money from China to (foreign) home is becoming faculty members' responsibility. 


Monthly, two Chinese banks (ICBC and Bank of China) will come to campus and help WKU's foreign faculty members transferring money. But WKU faculty members need to be prepared to transfer money from a Chinese bank account to a foreign bank account. 


Here is a possible 'practice' to manage and to make international money transfer smoothly. 


1. Make a primary account that has no 'International Money Transfer' limit. 


China strictly controls 'international money transfer' especially from China to a foreign country. You need to open a primary account that has 'no international money transfer' at your Chinese domestic bank. You need to bring a few numbers of documents (such as Passport, Tax Record from the school's finance department, and Chinese domestic phone number) to open the account. 



You may need to visit the bank physically at least one time to make the 'No Limit' primary account. 


Here is the information of ICBC location. 



Address: No. 99 Xiangyuan Road, Wenzhou

Tel: 0577-8887-7878




2. You can make a secondary account (10,000 RMB limited international money transfer) of living in China. 


Separating international money transfer account from living expenses account can help us to manage money better. The living expenses secondary card can be used to pay Chinese domestic expenses (e.g. Alipay, Taobao, WeChat pay). When you come to your Chinese Bank, you can make a primary and a secondary account at the same time. And you can manage 'International Money Transfer Account' and 'Domestic transaction Account' separately. 



3. Transfer your salary to your home account (monthly or whatever you want) when Chinese bank comes to WKU campus. 

Necessary Documents: 


Updated Necessary Documents (2020 after COVID-19)


The document that banks require for international transactions are:


1. Original Passport


2. Income Statement with Red Stamp (Salary Information, Email from WKU Finance Department, notarized with red stamp by WKU HR)


3. Tax Certificate with Red Stamp (Get it from WKU HR )


4. Annual Contract with Red Stamp (Get it from WKU HR)


5. Transferring Foreign Bank Account Information (Name, SWIFT Code + Account Number, Address, Telephone Number)


6. Chinese Bank Card (Please check the possible amount of international transfer)


7. (Optional) Declaration



*Please remember to get a red stamp from HR (Office TB A217) for both contract and salary pay stuff. That is a new policy from the banks from this new semester.


**It will take several days for our staff to obtain the tax payment certificate from the Chinese Tax Authority. Please contact Bessie Hu Luhong as early as possible if you need to apply for the Tax Payment certificate (her email: luhong_hu@wku.edu.cn )



Example of "Red Stamps" on Income Statement (Salary pay stub)


Example of "Red Stamps" on Annual Contract (Appointment letter)




Living in China and transferring money to a (foreign) home is not an easy task, but it can be done smoothly if we can work together. 





Best regards,

Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, PhD, MBA, ME


Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor

Department of Management, Marketing and International Business

College of Business and Public Management

Kean University (Wenzhou, China)

Tel.: (+86 577) 5587-0731

E-mail: jechoi@kean.edu 






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WKU CBPM Faculty Refreshment Space 

Sept. 25, 2018: A Refreshment Space in the 2nd floor of CBPM at Faculty space installed. 

Since having the new College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) building in Jan. 2018, the CBPM faculty members had needed a space for refreshment, food feedings, class material supports, and communication. 

Thanks to the donations from those 2nd floor faculty members, CBPM building get the faculty refreshment space equipped with coffee maker, snack bar, and refrigerator. (Sept. 25, 2018)

Thanks, Donors! 


To respect our "Female faculty members", a space of the refrigerator is solely dedicated. 


April. 14, 2019: New Capsule Coffee Machine supplied! 

Supplying a higher quality coffee is important for faculty members to wake them up in the morning. A new capsule coffee machine, then, installed at the faculty refreshment space. 


In September 2019, Faculty Profiles are posted in front of each Faculty office door. 


In September 2019, Faculty mailbox got a new Number !








Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, 






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Lecture Room Improvement for College of Business and Public Management at Kean University (Wenzhou). 

May 10, 2018

Completion of Lecture Room Improvement for College of Business and Public Management at Kean University (Wenzhou). 

Nov. 14, 2018

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Kean University (Wenzhou) Open House Event

Mar. 18, 2018

Demo Class1: Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi (Management) talks about "What you will learn at College of Business" 

Demo Class 2: Dr. Robert Marjerson (Management) talks about "Case Study in College of Business"

Event photo: 

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