International Social Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium (ISER of Kean USA - Wenzhou Kean University). 

The purpose of International Social Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium at the College of Business and Public Management, Kean (Union, USA & Wenzhou, China) is to create new knowledge of 'Social Entrepreneurship.' 

Social entrepreneurship is an approach by start-up companies and entrepreneurs, in which they develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. A social entrepreneur creates and operates a social enterprise that is an organization that applies business strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being through social impact. Social impact is the net effect of an activity on the social fabric of the community and the well-being of individuals and families. 

The research colloquium addresses these research inquiries:  

  • What does drive social entrepreneurship? 
  • How to develop social entrepreneurs? 
  • What does strategic intervention or policy create a mass-scale social impact?
  • How can we transform 'cultural, social, and human' assets into social values? 
  • What managerial applications boost social innovation? 
  • What are the commonalities and differences between American and Chinese social enterprises and social entrepreneurs? 

The research colloquium disseminates research outcomes at academic journals, academic or professional conferences, classroom teachings, mass-media, and social network services to create social impacts.  



Coordinator at Kean USA: Dr. Bok Gyo Jeong (

Coordinator at Wenzhou-Kean: Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi ( 


The research colloquium is affiliated and sponsored by the College of Business and Public Management, Kean USA (, Wenzhou-Kean University, and the Center for Social Enterprise and Charity at WKU (CSEC, 














Researcher Profile: 

Kean USA

Coordinator: Dr. Bok Gyo Jeong

Research Field: Social Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit Management, Public Administration, and Inter-organizational Collaboration

Quantitative & Qualitative Research; Survey Study, SPSS, Stata, Social Network Analysis (UCINet), Atlas.ti 

Dr. Valerie Vaccaro

Research Field: Marketing Strategy, Social Entrepreneurship Education, Cause Marketing, Consumer Value Analysis, 

Marketing Research & Behavioral Study; Qualitative Analysis, Content Analysis

Dr. Kihwan Kim

Research Field: Innovation Behavior, Creativity, Leadership Study, Social Entrepreneurship Education; Self-Efficacy; Emotional Intelligence 

Quantitative Research, Mixed Method, SPSS, Structural Equation Modeling (AMOS), Smart-PLS, Path Analysis, Survey Study


Wenzhou-Kean, China

Coordinator: Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi

Research Field: Human Resource Development; Social Entrepreneur Education; Motivation Study; Entrepreneurial Behavioral Study. 

Quantitative Research; Survey Study, Stata, Structural Equation Modeling, Hierarchical Linear Modeling 

Dr. Rob Kim Majerison

Research Field: Global Social Enterprise Development; SME Development. 

Qualitative Research: Contents Analysis

Dr. Sookyoung (Soo) Lee

Research Field: Organizational Theory; Social Perception / Impression management; CSR & Social Impact; Corporate Governance 

Quantitative Research: Panel Data Analysis, Event Study, Multinomial Logit, Content Analysis, R, UCInet, python






Ongoing Research Project

What does drive 'Social Entrepreneurial Intention'? 



Journal Articles: 

Choi, J., An, R., Zhao, J., Mao, X., & He, L. (2018). Developing software piracy free organization: A case of an American business school in China. International Journal of Business & Applied Science, Vol. 7 No. 2, pp. 15-37, (Published, Oct. 15, 2018). 

Yam B. LimbuC. JayachandranChristopher McKinleyJeonghwan Choi, (2018) "Exploring how structural and cognitive social capital influence preventive health behavior: Evidence from a Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) population", Health Education, Vol. 118 Issue: 5, pp.370-385,   [SSCI, Impact Factor 1.00], Feb. 22, 2018

Choi, J., Jeong, S., & Kehoe, C. (2012). Women in entrepreneurship education in US higher education. Journal of Business Diversity, 12(2), 11-26. 


Conference Proceeding: 

Choi J. (2018). Developing Piracy Software Free Organization: A Case of American Business School in China, The 17th International Asian Conference of the Academy of Human Resource Development, Nov. 08 ~ 10, 2018. The Sukosol, Thailand.

Choi, J, Long Y., Yu, J. (2018). Gender Difference in Technology Acceptance: Evidence from China, The 15th International Conference of the Society for Global Business & Economic Development (SGBED). June 08-10, UIBE, Beijing, China

Choi, J, An R., Zhao J., Mao, X., He L., (2017). Diffusion of Legal Software Use on Campus (Poster & Presentation), Kean Research Day Conference, Union / NJ, USA & Wenzhou / China. April 29, 2017.

Valerie Vaccaro (2014), An Analysis of Global Cultural Consumer Values and Diffusion of Innovation Theory Characteristics for Successful Marketing Strategies of a For-Profit Social Entrepreneur, IMRA-Kean International Conference, New Jersey, USA, May 30, 2014. 


Valerie Vaccaro (2008), Cause Marketing Partnerships, Diffusion of Breast Cancer Awareness & the Komen Case,,



Curriculum and Teaching: 

MGS3360: Social Entrepreneurship (undergraduate course) at Kean USA by Dr. Valerie Vaccaro



Invite Lecture; Guest Speaker: 




Dr. Valeri Vaccaro (July, 2016), Bombas CEO shares insights with Kean students

Dr. Valerie Vaccaro (Spring 2014), Social Entrepreneur Marketing Project Inspires Kean Students to "BEE Better"

Dr. Jeonghwan Choi (Oct, 2012). 'Currency for Local Merchants Unveiled


Choi, J., Marjerison, R., Lee, S., Kim, K, Jeong, B., Vaccaro, V. (2021). The Pandemic’s Effect on Responsible Leadership by Gender: Changes Over Social Entrepreneurial Intention, Management and Organization Review (Under Review: Manuscript Submission: MOR-RLC-21-323, Nov. 30, 2021] [ABDC: A-level,  SSCI, Impact Factor 2.339]



Choi, J., Kim, K, Marjerison, R., Jeong, B., Lee, S., Vaccaro, V. (2021). The Effects of Morality and Positivity on Social Entrepreneurial Intention. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, 1-21, DOI:, (Published in July 16, 2021) [ABDC: B-level, ESCI, Impact Factor 2.657]


The Effects of Morality and Positivity on Social Entrepreneurial Intention

(2021). The Effects of Morality and Positivity on Social Entrepreneurial Intention. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship. Ahead of Print.



Choi J. (2021). The Effects of Morality and Positivity and Beyond after Covid-19, The Global Leadership Form 2021 by Korean Leadership Academy, Sept. 17th, 2PM ~ 4PM via Zoom, Seoul, Korea.  대한 리더십 학회 ’21 글로벌 리더십 포럼 (9.17) ,  Keynote Speaker Presentation video:,  Summary of the Key Note Speaking: 


Kim, Kihwan, Park, Meungguk, Choi, Jeonghwan., Jeong, Bokgyo, Lee, Sookyoung (2021). Meta-Analysis on the Antecedents of Social Entrepreneurial Intention in Developing Countries. Northeast Decision Sciences Institute 50th Annual Conference 2021 (Submission ID: 100, Strategy and Organizational Behavior Track, Accepted, Feb. 15, 2021,: , March 26-27, 2021, Virtual Conference, Calhoun Road, Houston, Texas.   Program Book (p. 41) :


NEDSI 2022 CONFERENCE – Northeast Decision Sciences Institute

The NEDSI 2022 Annual Conference will take place as an in-person conference NEDSI 2022 51st Annual Conference April 7-9, 2022 We are pleased to invite you to the 2022 Northeast Decision Sciences Annual Meeting to be held on April 7-9, 2022. The three-day c




Mass-media Exposure (News Paper; TV) 



Social Media Contents: 




Chronological Archive: 

2019. 11.18: Research Progress Meeting between Kean USA & WKU 




2021. 12.01: Update Research Publications

2019. 10.04: Update Kean USA coordinator information & Researcher profiles. 

2019. 10. 02: Joining Six researchers (KUSA: Coordinator - Dr. Kim, Kihwan; Dr. Valerie Vaccaro; Dr. Jeong, Bok-Gyo ::  WKU: Coordinator - Dr. Choi, Jeonghwan; Dr. Rob Majerison; Dr. Lee, Sookyoung)

2019. 10. 01: Approval from WKU CBPM Dean (Dr. CJ) for the initiative

2019. 10.01: Proposing Social Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium Initiative; Collaborating with the Center for Social Enterprise & Charity at WKU. 

2019. 09.30: Research Collaboration Talk (between Dr. Kim at KUSA and Dr. Choi at WKU)


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Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing, College of Business, Kean University (Wenzhou) 




I would like to share this information about "Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing Department at College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) at Kean University (Wenzhou campus). 


Different from another major, We, management and marketing faculty members and students, conduct field research to mine data from people. In this case, we need to comply "Human Subject Protection" rule because Kean University (Wenzhou) is subjected to the American education policy. 


In order to apply and get an IRB approval, You can take these processes. 




1. Please read and understand the IRB policy of Kean University


Kean IRB & Research Compliance



Shortly speaking, you need to prepare "Required IRB Application Documents"


*Signed Paper Copy of the application (PI, CO PI and Faculty Advisor, if a student is the PI)

*CITI Certificate (PI, CO-PI and Faculty Advisor)

*Consent Form

*Debriefing Form


If applicable, these items must also be submitted with the application for it to be complete:


Assent Form (For participants under 18)

Site Permission

*Copies of all survey instruments, including interview questions

*Copies of recruitment letters, emails, flyers or advertisements


2. You need to take an online course and you must get a Certificate of Tutorial Completion at here. 


Overview of Training:


CITI Training:


WKU IRB applicants are required to completing the Human Subject Research HSR) Series: Social, Behavioral, Educational Module. 


Even though you already have a certificate from another institution, you are required to complete and show the certificate again for Kean University. It takes around 4~5 hours to complete the tutorial. You may prepare it in your free time before applying IRB. 

If you pass the Training Sessions, you will get two certificates: 

1. RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research) - Humanities, Social Sciences, Educations, and Arts. 

2. HSR (Human Subject Research) - Social Behavioral Educational Researchers.  





3. Prepare the IRB application form. 

By using an official application form, you can complete your IRB application form.


You can download the IRB application forms in here.


The IRB application level is totally dependent on your "subject". And please consult with me (Dr. Jerry Choi,  IRB coordinator at WKU) to declare your level of IRB application. If your IRB level is "Exempt" with minimal risk, it is automatically defined as an expedited application. And it will be much easier and faster. :) 


4. Apply for IRB to Kean ORSP (Office of Research & Sponsored Program). 


Once you complete 1) IRB application form and 2) Online course certificate, you can apply your IRB to . 




Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Townsend Hall, 130

T: 908.737.3461

F: 908.737.3369


You can communicate with IRB office manager at Kean is Susan Gannon ( or Person in Charge (Reenat Hasan, 



5. Then, Be patient. 


Unfortunately, WKU cannot control the IRB process at Union campus. WKU is trying to take over the authority of "Exemption" level of IRB, but it is not positive because IRB authority cannot be delegated outside of the US territory. Anyway, I personally made a basic "understanding" with the IRB Office at Kean last winter. So, WKU management faculty will get a special support from the office. 


You can refer the IRB Application Deadlines at Kean Union in here.





Commonly, the IRB process requires "2 ~ 3 months" in general when it is "Exempt" level study because the IRB board meeting opens monthly for the 'Exempt" level. However, if you apply for level 1 or higher, it takes 4~6 months for review. But the time can vary depends on your research subject. 



These are the rough guideline for your IRB application in WKU CBPM. 




Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, PhD, MBA, ME 



IRB Coordinator at Management & Marketing, CBPM, Kean University (Wenzhou campus)





Mar. 24, 2021  WKU get the official approval of IRB establishment


Announcement of Name Change and Membership Adjustment of Wenzhou-Kean University Ethics Committee of Life and Medical Science.pdf



2021. Mar. 24: Jin Chun (WKU ORSP) clarified the WKU needs to follow Kean USA IRB for research. 

2021. 03. 25: Responding to the WKU IRB Issues and Clarification




2021. Mar. 29: Suggesting The Hybrid Model of IRB for WKU




And I would like to suggest the "Hybrid Model of IRB for WKU" that probably overarching our unique situations. 


The Hybrid Model of IRB for WKU


1. Qualification for Kean USA. 


Kean USA has rich resources of online training and many practices for IRB application. 


You can see several examples of mine here: 

1) CITI Program (RCR, Humanitics, Social Science, Ecu cation, and Arts) Certificate. 

2) CITI Program Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers Certificate


If a WKU researcher (Principal Investigator) want to apply for the IRB, the researcher needs to complete Kean USA IRB qualification. 



2. Chinese IRB application. 


I consulted with the Kean USA IRB office several times. And the answer is solid and clear. Kean USA cannot establish an IRB office outside of the US Territories by Law. So, WKU needs to establish an IRB Office to apply, proceed, and protect research under the Chinese rule. Fortunately, IRB rules are universal regardless of borders. And, WKU - as a Chinese legal entity, we need to apply Chinese IRB. 


So, I would like to suggest "Establishing the Hybrid Model of IRB for WKU that requests for the Kean USA level researcher qualification and Chinese IRB process"


This unique Hybrid model can help WKU and KU to show world class research and education!. 


Let's keep working on it! :) 


2021. Sept. 28. Ethics Committee Cover Social Science and Education as well (?)


(Contradictory to 2021. Mar. 25's comment - Social Science and Education IRB must go to Kean USA)


2021. Sept. 28: Social Science & Educational Research that is not for Chinese Research Fund must get Kean USA IRB. 



2021. 10. 28: Regulation of WKU Ethics Committee, Clarification - NOT FOR "Social Science & Education" Research. 


Regulations of Wenzhou-Kean University Ethics Committee (Interim)温州肯恩大学关于印发《温州肯恩大学伦理委员会章程(试行)》的通知.pdf






Document Information



Nov. 28, 2017: Updated according to Reenat Hasan's suggestion of


Nov. 27, 2017: Published







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