Adding to the general communication, WKU Faculty members commonly use WeChat as a communication platform for Teaching in mainland China. 

Frequently, WKU Faculty members setup a WeChat group for a class in order to make formal and informal communication for better students' learning. 

Here is a guide on "How to setup a WeChat group by Oneself". 


1. Open WeChat, and Click New WeChat


2. Click the "Join Private Group" 


3. Type in four-digit Password! 

** If you want to make another Group, please type in a different password! 



4. New Group made! 


5. Set "Gropu Name (Couse Name, Section)"

Invite Students by using QR Code, 

Make Announcement


Voila, you can use the WeChat group for Class Teaching! 



2021.08.27 First Archived: Thanks to Dr. Chad (Chungil) Chae! 


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How to get the Chinese Certificate of the foreign terminal (e.g. PhD) Degree: 


On Aug. 04, WKU HR Lina Hu notified the "New Required Documents for Work Permit by Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau". 



In response to the requirement, WKU CBPM faculty members are required to provide the original diploma and diploma authenticated document in China. 


Maurizio's comments (2021. Aug. 14)


This is Information from Maurizio (How to get Highest Degree Certificate in China (WKU HR Lina Hu - Person in Charge). 

Hello, I got my Ph.D. authenticated through Chinese authority at  The website is in Chinese, but with a built-in translator it is quite intuitive to use. I uploaded the same documents I needed for WES certification.


All digital, no paper copies needed. Price 350 RMB. I downloaded the certificate after 1 week (even though they said it may take up to 21 days) 





Step-by-Step Guide for Diploma Certificate


1. Go to the Website. 

Don't get panic about Chinese letters! Please Turn on the Google Translate! 


2. By using your Passport Number, Please register on the website. 

You "MUST" have a Chinese Phone number to register! 


3. Once you can successfully login, you can see this page: 

Click, Foreigner (Foreign Nationals) - Application materials to request "Diploma certificate" 


Read carefully the necessary document specifications:



国(境)外学历学位认证申请材料——适用于外籍人士 发布时间:2020-06-30 特别提示: 1、认证申请所需所有材料均仅需在线上传电子版,请勿将申请材料原件寄至我中心。   2、扫描上传的申


Prepare these necessary documents according to the suggested specifications

(Required six necessary documents & format & file size) 





Authorization Statement Template: 

2020082115211020249 (1).pdf


4. Please click Online Application when all necessary documents are ready, 



Once you successfully register,

You must Login with your ID (Passport Number) and password again.


Then, click the Online again to go 2. Fill in the application information. 

Follow necessary steps in Online Application.  








Input Accordingly! 


USA may need more time to certify the terminal degree: 



At least two degrees must be applied? 



E. Upload materials


All necessary documents must be uploaded including visa (entry, exit). 



%TIP:   IF the System request a second degree (Diploma), Please input any of your other degrees (Master or Bachelor or High school) by hand. It is just for information or reference. You will get only the terminal degree certificate. 


F. Confirm Submission



G. Online Payment



Application Made: 








IF all things get processed, this certificate can be achieved. 



2021.08.16: Additional Supplementary materials are necessary. 

1) All visa record pages in the passport

2) Provide all the entry and exit stamps in the passport during the study period. 




2021. 08. 26: Final Result - Certification arrived

Telephone Message: 


Go to User Center: 

Click "Get result" 







Hit the Print "ICON" , and Print the Certificate (as PDF file): 


Voila! Done, and Submit it to WKU HR! 



2021. 08.26: Completed the Certificate of Terminal Degree


2021.08.16: Addition materials are requested (Visa for Degree Period_ 

2021. 08. 14: Initially Archived. 


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"A knowledge warehouse can be thought of as an "information repository" in which knowledge components are cataloged and stored for reuse. A knowledge warehouse enables a variety of different views of knowledge, useful in areas such as training or documentation. [source:] " 


The purpose of establishing, archiving, and operating WKU CBPM FACULTY KNOWLEDGE WAREHOUSE is to help and thrive WKU CBPM Faculty, Staff, and Students to pursue and achieve the goals of WKU CBPM.



For example, These "MUST KNOW" knowledge can help WKU CBPM MGM Faculty members to know and refresh the basic things to know and to do.   

8 steps to download authorized Microsoft Office 
Guiding to Graduate Schools Workshop! (How to provide strong recommendation letters?)
How to Transfer Money from Wenzhou-Kean University (China) to (foreign) Home?
Faculty Handbook (WKU, 2020)
WKU CBPM MGM FACULTY SERVICES COMPLIANCE (Standing Committee, Research Center, Initiative, and Advisory)
Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business and Public Management Professionalism Norms
How to Do the Class Affairs at Kean Wise? (Class Schedule, Roaster / Office Hours)



Readers can access the link of WKU CBPM FACULTY KNOWLEGE WAREHOUSE bewlo Google Docs. (School VPN is necessary inside of China). 







OR, these links can work. 


1 BLOG 2015.09.24 American Business Education in China: Prologue
2 BLOG 2015.10.06 American Business Education in China: Construction, Construction, and Construction.
3 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2016.03.29 Advice for Freshmen/Freshwomen business students!
4 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2016.06.28 A dialogue with a management student (June 27, 2016, Wenzhou, China)
5 BLOG 2016.08.03 Faculty Experience at the First Undergraduate American Business Education Program in China.
6 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2017.05.03 The Final Advice for a graduating senior (from Dr. Choi).
7 BLOG 2017.06.23 Does Chinese e-Commerce prevail traditional economy like Amazon does in the US?
8 BLOG 2017.06.25 Can the Holacracy (no boss organization) work in China?
9 SERVICE 2017.10.06 How to get a strong recommendation letter for Graduate school application?
10 MUST KNOW 2017.10.11 Guiding to Graduate Schools Workshop! (How to provide recommendation letters?)
11 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2017.11.04 Guiding to Career Development for the Millenial.
12 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2017.11.27 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing, College of Business, Kean University (Wenzhou)
13 SERVICE 2018.01.23 Kean Business Plan Competition
14 SERVICE 2018.03.18 Kean University (Wenzhou) Open House Event
15 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2018.05.10 Lecture Room Improvement (CBPM, Kean University - Wenzhou)
16 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2018.05.25 What If You're A Dragon?
17 CURRICULUM 2018.06.07 Kean Global Practicum Project (OneHRT, Wenzhou, China)
18 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2018.09.25 WKU CBPM Faculty Refreshment Space
19 SERVICE 2018.10.17 WKU Business Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) Initiative
20 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2018.11.22 Guide for Advisement for Course Registration (WKU CBPM)
21 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.01.06 How to Apply Large Lecture Rooms?
22 TEACHING 2019.02.21 WKU CBPM PBL Initiative
23 RESEARCH 2019.04.22 Center for Social Enterprise and Charity in the College of Business
24 SERVICE 2019.04.26 Social Media Lab & Virtual Conference Room in The College of Business
25 TEACHING 2019.06.03 Global Practicum Project, 2019: Co-creating the public value for people, community, and the world.
26 SERVICE 2020.06.04 WKU CBPM MGM Business Analytics Program Development
27 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.08.05 Practical Guide for New Faculty Member at CBPM, Kean University (Wenzhou)
28 MUST KNOW 2019.09.05 How to Transfer Money from Wenzhou-Kean University (China) to (foreign) Home?
29 RESEARCH 2019.10.03 International Social Entrepreneurship Research Colloquium (KUSA-WKU)
30 SERVICE 2019.10.17 Faculty Search Committee Actions (Case of WKU CBPM)
31 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.10.18 Academic Early Alert (Mid-term Progress Report) of Course (WKU)
32 SERVICE 2019.11.21 How to Use WKU CBPM Social Media Lab?
33 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2019.11.27 WKU CBPM Course Evaluation Guide (since 2019 Fall)
34 TEACHING 2020.02.10 WHITE PAPER: 2020 WKU CBPM's Online Course Development in Responding to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.
35 TEACHING 2020.04.29 An Online Class Participation Issue (WKU 2020 Spring, MGS 4999)
36 MUST KNOW 2020.05.18 Faculty Handbook (WKU, 2020)
37 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.06.10 Final Grade Input - WKU CBPM
38 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.06.11 How to Apply Pass/Fail Grade Option? (Wenzhou-Kean)
39 RESEARCH 2020.06.12 2020 Korea Industrial Workforce Development Conference (June 12, 2020), Web-conferencing @ South Korea
41 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.08.21 When CISCO AnyConnect does not work on your Mac system in Wenzhou-Kean University!
43 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.09.05 WKU Class Techincal Tips! (Black Board)
44 SERVICE 2020.09.29 Donating 10 Hours (1,000 RMB) for WKU Campus Social Enterprise (Small Tree Team)
45 SERVICE 2020.10.05 2020 WKU CBPM Building Operational Improvement
46 TEACHING 2020.10.13 WKU CBPM's Open Education Resource (OER) Initiative
47 SERVICE 2020.10.25 Wenzhou Business Consultancy Group (WBCG)
48 MUST KNOW 2020.11.02 WKU CBPM MGM FACULTY SERVICES COMPLIANCE (Standing Committee, Research Center, Initiative, and Advisory)
49 BLOG 2020.11.02 Dispute & Resolution (Fall, 2019) - Cooking Smell Issue
50 TEACHING 2020.11.06 Wenzhou O-K Innovation Center Project
51 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.11.30 Green Card Initiative for WKU Faculty
52 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2020.12.02 Guiding to Faculty Activity Report (FAR) and Reappointment Application via Interfolio for WKU CBPM
53 BLOG 2020.12.25 2020 Winter Faculty Retreat (Wenzhou-Kean University)
54 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2021.01.24 How To Write a Professional Business Email?
57 TEACHING 2021.03.08 The Initiative of The First-Rate Course Teaching Award
58 TEACHING 2021.03.30 Wenzhou-Kean University (WKU) MBA Program
59 MUST KNOW 2021.04.13 Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business and Public Management Professionalism Norms
60 FACULTY_RESOURCE 2021.04.20 [WKU FACULTY] How to apply for Travel Expenses? (Home, Conference)
61 SERVICE 2021.04.20 [Lecture Series] Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime!
63 STUDENT_EXPERIENCE 2021.07.07 WKU, Top #10, Expensive Sino-Foreign University in mainland China
64 MUST KNOW 2021.07.22 How to Do the Class Affairs at Kean Wise? (Class Schedule, Roaster / Office Hours)

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->

65 MUST KNOW 2021.07.22   How to Do the Class Affairs at Kean Wise? (Class Schedule, Roaster / Office Hours) New Faculty, Orientation
66 SERVICE 2021.08.14   How to get the Foreign Terminal Degree Certificate in China? New Faculty, Orientation




2021. 07. 29: WKU CBPM MGM Faculty Knowledge Warehouse is initially established by Dr. Jerry Choi




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When a new faculty comes to the Kean USA or Wenzhou-Kean University, the first challenge is to know the class schedule, class roaster, class assignment, and basic information.

This is the guide for the "Basic" for the Class Preparation of Kean /WKU new faculty members.


1. First thing first, "Please secure your Kean ID/PWD".


- Kean HR / IT department will let you have the Kean ID/PWD.  Please take and keep it. And secure it as your whole administrative affairs. 


2. Go to Kean Wise!

Kean Wise is the integrative academic affairs system of Kean USA and Wenzhou-Kean University. A new teacher must use the Kean Wise to complete affairs affairs works such as "registration, advisement, class affairs, final grading".

To go to Kean Wise, the basic way is to go  and click QuickLinks. Then, you can choose the KeanWise.


Or, you can directly go to Kean Wise system via direct link:


3. At Kean Wise, Please go to Faculty Menu. And Login with your Kean ID/Password!




4. Faculty Menu: Mainly a Kean / WKU faculty member would use the Faculty Menu - Class Schecule



For example, if a faculty wants to know the newly assigned Class schedule, please click the Class Schdule!


When you choose the Term (Academic year, Term, and Campus), you can find your assigned classes and sections! 

You can find out your class name, Title, class schedule, time, class locations!

If you click the (blue) class name and title, you can see more detail information your class!


If you get to know the class schedule, please allocate your classes in the weekly planner. And try to organize the your office hours!


Probably you can use this weekly class calendar!


After allocating your class schedules on the weekly calendar, you can fill out your Office hours in the calendar!


5. Inputting Office Hours


Office hours are one of the most important services for students! All Kean faculty members are required providing the Office Hours (generally 8 hours / week, 4 days / week; In 2021 Fall, Five hours / three days).

Go to Kean Wise Faculty Menu, and Click the Office hours!


You can create or modify your office hours!

You can inpur your office hours at Kean Wise!

Please be suare you input the right information! You can use the office hours for many service works such as advisement, student services, student meeting, and many acacemic affairs!



6. Class Roaster


If you wants to know the enrolled students at his/her class (sections), please click the Class roaster!


Selecte the academic Term! (e.g. Fall 2021 Wenzhou)

Choose a section, and submit!

Voila, you can find all your enrolled students in your class/section!

You need to download the list, and use the roaster for your "Attendance, Progress, and Grading" works in your own way!


This the rough guide of "How to use Kean Wise!" for Class Affairs!

If you have any further question, please contact your senior faculty member, program coordinaotr, or any Kean Community member.

We will serve for you!



2021. 07. 22: Initially documented for Kean/WKU new faculty members by Dr. Jerry Choi



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How to Apply for Travel Expenses in WKU as an international faculty! 

Since 2020 under the pandemic, WKU Finance department (Director Sailing) and WKU Admins changed the policy of application of cost/expenses. 


The New policy urges that individual faculty members should apply for the travel or the benefit expenses by using the WKU cost center system. 

Until the policy can be improved or changed, we - WKU international faculty members need to apply for travel or benefits expenses. 



Here are my experiences and guides when you apply for travel expenses (Home or Conference). 


1. Go to  and click my wku

You must login with your WKU ID/PWD (Not Kean ID/PWD). 



2. Go to Expense Claim 



3. Click "OK - Blue Button",

Don't get panic. We change language soon. ^^ 



4. Click Language: English, And check your Login Name


5. Go to Business Claim Center - Expense - Cost Application and Click it. 


6. Click "Create Document" 


7. Choose the "Type of Business Trip" - Travel Home, Academic Travel, Business Travel? 



8. Insert "Description of your Travel"

At Transportation section, Insert all necessary information (All * marked items should have input). 


You should choose HR Department as your cost center when you want to get tick via Human Resource Department. 


You can add more transformation options such as Taxi via clicking plus (+) button. 


You may have questions of detailed information, then, please contact WKU HR to get help. 

Example of an Officail Application for Travel Expense

9. Save draft, then Submit Application. 


10. Check the Process 


You can see what is going on in your application process. 


11. Keep patience, and check regularly with HR/ Cost Center. 




2021. 08. 22: Updated Full manuals




Financial System Instructions.pdf



2021. 08. 22: Updated Full manuals


2021. 04. 20: First Archived (thanks to WKU HR Emerald Yu MiaoMiao's Help). 

For full manual of Fiancial System Instruction (WKU Admins).

2021_WKU_How_To_Apply_Travel (Home, Conference, BusinessTrips).pdf



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Show respect for shared areas and items. 
Keep spaces neat and clean.
Re-organize the facility as it was given or make it better. 
No smoking, No alcohol, and No vehicles (e-scooter, skateboard) inside of the building.  
Keep silence in the study area

Situation? Report it.  (Day: 5587- 0707; Night: 5587- 0303)






Dress appropriately (Business casual or suit).
Be on time, always.
Open door (window) policy.
Solution before emotion.

Show respect for shared areas and items. 
Re-organize the facility as it was given or make it better. 

Situation? Report it. 
(Day: 5587- 0707; Night: 5587- 0303)





2021. 04. 13. Archived the original document. 




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On Nov. 24, 2020, Kean USA Office of the Provost / Vice President for Academic Affairs announced the "Faculty Activity Reporting: Initial Completion at Faculty180 - the Online Platform of Interfolio. 

Click for the full message. 


Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for your commitment to delivering an excellent academic experience to our students during very challenging semesters.

 Kean University has adopted Interfolio as its faculty management system. Interfolio is a secure, online collaboration platform that provides customizable tools to manage all of the documents, workflows, data, committees, communication, and outcomes associated with review-based academic decisions. The first module being launched is Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty 180) which is an online platform for faculty activity reporting that will assist in accreditation, other reporting analytics, and feed into all faculty evaluation processes (Retention and Tenure, Promotion, A328, Sabbatical, and Lecturer Evaluations). Please carefully complete the Faculty Activity Reporting module.

 Some additional benefits of this module include:

·         the creation of a central repository for current and past teaching, scholarship, and service contributions

·         the ability to create a personal vita template

·         the opportunity to enhance collaboration among fellow faculty

Resources and Support

Please click on this link to access Faculty180. This link will also be posted on our Interfiolio web page under Academic Affairs in the future. This will take you to your Interfolio Dashboard, where you will find the Faculty180 tab on the left side. If you have issues signing in, please contact the Interfolio Help Desk at

Here you will find a self-guided training link through Interfolio University. Please complete the training as soon as possible.

We will be hosting a virtual university-wide faculty training session for Faculty180 on Thursday, December 3, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. You can join the Zoom session using this link. If you cannot attend the training, the recording will be available on your Interfolio Dashboard.

Also available to you is a free training Faculty Activity Reporting webinar posted on Interfolio’s help page: FAR Training Webinar

If you have any questions about Faculty180, please email

Thank you,


Office of the Provost/ Vice President
for Academic Affairs
Townsend Hall 129

P:  908-737-3453

F:  908-737-3455




Hi, Joy and Maria,

    I am trying to get familiar with the Interfolio and update my information. From the notice form VPAA office, the training of Faculty 180 is scheduled at 3:30pm on December 3, which is 4:30 am in China. WKU faculty and staff have to watch the recording of the training. The notice indicated that recording will be available in the Dashboard. I did not see a tab for training recording in my Dashboard. Will it be available after the training?

    What is the timeline for faculty to complete the Faculty 180?

    What platform will be used for lecturer evaluation that can pull information from Faculty 180?



The PURPOSE of Faculty Activity Report at 'CLOUD' service. 


Every year, Kean Faculty Members generally prepare more than 300 pages of Reappointment Application Packages that include Academic CV, Profile Information, Publications, and all relevant Faculty Activities. What if we can make the ARTP processes simple and easier at online with higher security? That is the idea of Kean's 'Going to Cloud' initiative of ARTP affairs. 


Aligning with the transformation to Online Faculty Activity Report for Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion, Tenure, Promotion (ARTP) and HR affairs, WKU CBPM Management, Global Business, and Marketing (MGM) faculty members proactively complying with the movement.


WKU VPAA Office guided us to complete the FAR Initial completion by End of 2020 Fall Semester ( December . 18, 2020) based on the communication with Kean USA. 



WKU CBPM MGM faculty members try to complete the initial inputs of FAR via Interfolio Faculty 180 platform by Dec. 18, 2020. 


Faculty Activity Report via InterFolio Faculty 180 Platform
 (Due, Dec. 18, 2020)


But the Due date for CBPM faculty members was postponed until the end of December 2020 at the CBPM faculty meeting on Dec. 08 because of time pressure of final grading.  



1. Faculty Activity Report: Login


Kean University User Login | Clearlogin

Enter your credentials to continue


2. Faculty Activity Report: Training (Interfolio)


Rise 360


3. FAR: Webinar 


Free Training Webinar: Interfolio Faculty180 - Faculty Activity Input (2019) | Help for Faculty Users in Faculty180 | Help Cente


Guide of Faculty Activity Report 180 

1. Please login to the Faculty 180 by using your Kean ID/PWD. 


Faculty Activity Report: Login


Kean University User Login | Clearlogin

Enter your credentials to continue

Please choose "Kean"  (not Interfolio). 


2. Mainly, you need to complete Profile and Activities. 


2020.12.19: Faculty Activity Report (or Faculty 180)  Online Course Completion 

Faculty Activity Report: Training (Interfolio)



Key Terms: 


Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR)

Also known as Faculty180, Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR) is Interfolio's module that collects validated faculty data sets for accreditation, compliance, and seeing the full picture of faculty contributions at your institution.


An activity is anything a faculty member does that can be tracked as a record of their career for data collection and use cases like promotion, tenure, or annual reviews, grant applications, or supplementing public facing profiles. Generally, this describes some type of teaching, scholarship, service, or professional development – the core activities of university faculty.


A collection of sections to track data. There are two types of forms, profile and activity forms.

Profile Form

The Profile Form is the form that tracks personal information related to faculty user, such as contact information. Faculty control (most of) the data in this form through the FAR interface.

The Profile Form is always available under Profile on the navigation bar.

Activity Form

The Activity Form is the form that faculty enter their activities into during the year. It's configurable by an administrator at the client side, and is composed of sections.

There is one Activity Form that is always available under Activities on the navigation bar.


A section is a type of faculty activity information that a university wants to track, such as teaching, scholarship, or service. Sections are made up of fields.

Activity Classification

Activity Classifications are additional metadata tags that allow units to supplement the fields with other data they want to track. They can be used in multiple sections and can be set to only show for particular units. These classifications can appear on reports or CV templates or be used to filter a report or CV template down to the desired information before it is generated. They are also used in accreditation reports. Examples of Activity Classifications include Committee Role, Book Type, and Scholarly Type.

Vita Template

Vita Templates display the output of the faculty's activity reporting. They are a collection of sections from both the profile and activity forms.

Initiated Activity Input Form

While faculty members always have access to the Activities form on their menu toolbar, Administrators may ask for updates periodically. To make that easy for faculty members, they initiate a period of input for a particular time period. When a form is used as part of this request for information, that is the initiated activity input form. It will be linked from the Faculty Member’s Action Items until it is either completed or the period for input has ended.

Faculty Account

Full/part time faculty and, if applicable, professional staff who teach, have access to input data on the Profile and Activity Input Forms. (This may also include Deans or other higher level academic administrative positions.)

Support Account

Access to assist faculty in the process of data input on the Profile and Activity Input Forms and/or to run reports. This type of account is intended for users who serve in a support role, such as a member of the Institutional Implementation Team, IT resources, administrative assistants, student workers, etc.

Unit Administrator

Unit Administrators will generally have access to particular administrative functions for their specific unit.

Administrative rights can be added to either a support account or a faculty account.

System Administrator

The highest level administrator is responsible for the database configuration and general upkeep. Software administrators have the top permissions in the system. 



Profile Input:

Please input all your personal profile information. 


(Profile example #1) Personal Information


(Profile example #2) Work Experience;  Degrees




Activity Input:

Please input all your school and/or professional activities in each section: 




(Activity example #1) Teaching


Refresh your teaching tenure period, and input all course evaluation results in each item.  


(Activity example #2) Scholarly Contributions and Creative ProductionsTeaching


Input all your publications, presentations, and conference activities.  You can input your publications by hands, RIS or BibText importing. 



Creating Vitas & Biosketches 

Once you input all your necessary information, you can create and report your Academic CV or Resume for Annual Review:  


(CV Example #1) Annual Report for Annual Reappointment 



Only annual activities will be summarized in the newly created CV. 



Full Year Report can be created for Tenure application. 


Forms and Reports are not accessible up to now (Dec. 20, 2020) 


Dec. 28 ~ Dec. 31, 2020 (Maintenance)


Extension of the due date of initial input of FAR was requested (until Jan. 08, 2021). 


Jan. 15, 2021: two weeks extension of Lecturer Packet




Dear colleagues,

     I am sure you have been informed that we are all required to complete Interfolio’s Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty 180), which provides a centralized location for faculty to store and manage their professional/academic achievements, and streamlines faculty evaluation processes. I hope that you have all completed the Faculty 180 module of the Interfolio by now. Here is the link for the Faculty Activity Reporting (Faculty 180) virtual training recording. Please enter the following passcode: W#%AmX2K 

    The deadline for lecturers to submit the reappointment packet is now extended to February 2, 2021. It is important to note that starting from this year the lecturer evaluation packet has to be submitted through interfolio. Here is the link for a Lecturer Evaluation Case Packet Training.  Please enter the following passcode: @*4FTSV9

     Catherine Yu (staff of Office of Assessment and Accreditation) is the liaison person of Interfolio at WKU. Please contact Ms. Yu ( if you have questions on Interfolio. Ms. Yu will work with the Provost's Office at KUSA to answer your questions.

      I am looking forward to reviewing your timely submissions of reappointment packets.



2021. 06. 15: 2-6 Year Reappointment Case Open


Kean 2-6 year Reappointment Interfolio Guilde Video:

Guide Video:


비디오 회의, 웹 회의, 웨비나, 화면 공유

Zoom은 모바일, 데스크톱 및 회의실 시스템에서 비디오 및 오디오 회의, 채팅 및 웨비나를 안전하고 편리하게 진행할 수 있는 클라우드 플랫폼을 제공하여 첨단 엔터프라이즈 비디오 통신을 선도


Access Passcode: +z=7&ia1


Kean Interfolio send a Kean Viwe Case Email. Click and Login with your Kean ID/PWD.


Individuals would have different "personalized" preview packet.

1. Check Overview, and Check your Interfolio Packet. If you input your information, you must have all necessary data. 


2. Click the Packet button, and we will mainly work on it!


3. Click the "View Instructions", and you can get information of "Reappointment Points".

Candidate Instruction here: Click -> 


Candidate Instructions

Statement of University and Commission on Higher Education Criteria for Consideration for Reappointment

University Criteria for Reappointment (Source: RTP Guidelines p. 5)

1. Mastery of subject matter -- as demonstrated by such things as advanced degrees, licenses, honors, and general reputation in the academic area under consideration, etc.

  • a. Earned Degrees*
  • b. Honors, Awards and Distinguished Achievements
  • c. Educational and Professional Experiences

2. Effectiveness of teaching – as demonstrated by such things as evaluation by colleagues and students, development of new teaching materials and courses, etc.

  • a. Faculty Observations
  • b. Student Evaluations
  • c. Teaching Innovation

3. Scholarly abilities -- as demonstrated by such things as research in the academic field, contribution to artistic creation, publication, etc.

  • a. Publications, Performances, Exhibitions
  • b. Current Professional and Academic Association Memberships

4. Effectiveness in University and community service -- as demonstrated by such things as participation in University governance, improvement of Departmental, college, and University programs, service to students, service to the University community and to related professional organizations, etc.

  • a. Past and Current Non-Teaching Responsibilities
  • b. Community Activities Related to Professional Competence

5. Continuing growth -- as demonstrated in a consistently open and emerging pattern of reading, research and service that indicates a capacity for further professional development.

6. Evidence supporting attainment of additional departmental criteria (if appropriate) --to be included only if the Department has formally adopted criteria in addition to University-wide standards. 

Commission on Higher Education Criterion for Reappointment

(Source: NJAC 9:1-1.8 (f). Formerly 17 NJR 1299.)

For persons hired after January 1, 1986 who do not hold the appropriate terminal degree or its equivalent, no reappointment shall be made to the fourth year unless the board of trustees of the university determines that for rare and exceptional reasons reappointment is necessary to support the mission of the university.

(Note: If the Department feels that the above “rare and exceptional reasons”  exist, supporting evidence must be included with this reappointment form.)

Application Instructions 

This application contains two submission sections: the Faculty Activity Reporting Vita and the Candidate Document section. Information you entered in the Faculty Activity Reporting Profile and Activity section will be generated into your 2nd - 6th Year Faculty Reappointment Evaluation Vitae which will eliminate duplication efforts. The Candidate Documents sections will allow you to upload your statement (Word Document or PDF) and allow you to amplify or expand upon any information that was generated into your 2nd - 6th Year Faculty Reappointment Evaluation Vitae. 

The following are the Profile and Activity sections from Faculty Activity Reporting that are generated into your 2nd - 6th Year Faculty Reappointment Evaluation Vitae. Please make sure to thoroughly fill out the sections to ensure your application is complete:

  • Contact Information
  • Degrees
  • Current Position
  • Administrative Appointment
  • Honors and Awards
  • Grants
  • Professional Licensures & Certifications
  • Professional Membership
  • Teaching
  • Advising Load
  • Mentorship/Supervision
  • Work Experience
  • Consulting
  • Scholarly Contributions and Creative Productions
  • Non-Credit Instruction
  • Other Institutional Service
  • Institutional Committees
  • External Services  
  • Professional Development


*The Commission on Higher Education requires that "For persons hired after January 1, 1986 who do not hold the appropriate terminal degree or its equivalent, no reappointment shall be made to the fourth year unless the board of trustees ... determines that for rare and exceptional reasons reappointment is necessary to support the mission of the (institution)." (Source: NJAC 9:1-1.8 (f). Formerly 17 NJR 1299.)




4. We must submit two things for reappointment:    1). FAR Vita ;    2) Candidate Document.


4-1) Information you entered in the Faculty Activity Reporting Profile and Activity section will be generated into your 2nd - 6th Year Faculty Reappointment Evaluation Vitae which will eliminate duplication efforts. 

*Update & Regenerate if you input new information!


4-2) The Candidate Documents sections will allow you to upload your statement (Word Document or PDF) and allow you to amplify or expand upon any information that was generated into your 2nd - 6th Year Faculty Reappointment Evaluation Vitae. 

Four sections can be added and supported with "customized Candidate Documents".

Especially, Section 2 should be carefully addressed (Teaching Video; Exra detail in publication; Teaching Innovation;

Section 1: we don't need to add this section if the information is not new to the FAR Document.

1A: Eidence For Mastery of Subject Matter: Earned Degree

1B: Evidence for Mastery of Subect Matter: Honors, Awards, and Distinguished Achievement

1C: Evidence for Mastery of Subject Matter: Educational and Professional Experiences


Section 2: Evidence for Effectivness of Teaching: Faculty Observation (Required)

At least three (3) Observation, including one from the Departmental ARTP committee Chairperson, must be uploaded!

2A: Faculty Observation: Add three class observation videos:

2B: Student Evaluation: In case, the Vita does not include the course evluation result, please add student evaluation report here:

2C: Teaching Innovation: When you apply new pedagogical innovations in teaching, please descried it (Media Production maybe included such as Hperlinks, Website, Videos, and any other multimdeia contents).


3A: Evicences for Scholarly and/or Creative Abilitie: Publications! : Elaborate your publications

3B: Evicences for Scholarly and/or Creative Abilitie:Profesional / ACaddmic Membership


4A. Evidence for Effectivness inf University and Community Service: Non-Teaching Respoinsbility: External Service; Institutional Committees

5. Evidence Suggesting Continuing Growth:

6. Evidence Supporting Attainment of Additional Departmental Criteria (No Need in WKU CBPM Management, Marketing, and Global Business)

7. Optional Statement



5.   Acknowledgement & Verification! (Sign & Submit): WE must check out all inputs, and we must acknowledge and verify our sumbission.






Please Confirm your Acknowledgement and Verification:


6. Preview Packet and Submission:


Make sure that all necessary information are in the 2nd-6year reappoinment Evaluation Vitae and Candidate Documents:


7. Confirm your submission of your 2-6 year reappointment evaluation !



Warming: Once you submit, your status will be changed to "Locked" - no change can be made!




2021-22 Reappointment Process (WKU CBPM MGM Department) 


2020-2021 ARTP  Committee Chair and Members at Kean USA

Dr. Rosa Lemel" <>: Co-Chair

Sucheta Ahlawat <> : Co-Chair

Thomas Abraham <>

Valerie Vaccaro <>


2021. 08. 18: Questions to MGM ARTP about Schedule and Method of Reappontment! 

2021-22 Reappointment Schedule for 2-6 years: 



** Reference: 1st Year Faculty Members' Reappointment Schedule (Teaching Vides must be take after Nov. 06, 2021)




Source: Kean USA Faculty Forms:


Faculty Forms | Kean University


2021.08.20: How to Input n th Year Reappointment? 

Login Kean Interfolio (personal)


Kean University User Login | Clearlogin

Enter your credentials to continue


2. You will get your personal name and n th year Faculty Reappointment Evaluation. Click your name


2.  Check Overview and Click Edit!  


3. Input Required Document / Evidence accordingly! 


%% Important (Personal Tip): Please Use the Old Template of Reappointment (2-6 year). And print them out in PDF file by section! Then, you can add those section PDF on each requirement section. 


Sample Traditional Reappointment Package



Reason: The required Candidate Documents follows the traditional Reappointment Package


Each section of the Candidate Document demands the "Evidence" to cover the section as the traditional Reappointment package. So, the best practice to address the demand is "Making the Traditional Reappointment Package" and separate file section by section to upload it accordingly. 


"Required" Candidate Documents at Interfolio! : 


1B. EVIDENCE FOR MASTERY OF SUBJECT MATTER: Honors, Awards and Distinguished Achievements

1C. EVIDENCE FOR MASTERY OF SUBJECT MATTER: Educational and Professional Experiences 












PDF files by Section (Example)





4. Complete Acknowledgement & Candidate Verification Form! 



5. Regenerate Vitae (Update all Faculty Activity Report data), and Submit! 



6. Preview, Check, and Submit "Candidate Documents" 



7. Once Submitted both Faculty Activity Reporting Vita & Candidate Documents: Those two sections are "Locked" and No Change is possible. 


8. Please Carefully Communicate with your ARTP Committee at Kean USA

AY 2021-22 Kean University, CBPM Management & Marketing ARTP (Appointment, Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion) Committee Members


Dr. Rosa Lemel (, ARTP Chair (AY2021-22)

Dr. Sucheta Ahlawat (

Dr. Thomas Abraham (

Dr. Gail Fraser (

Dr. Valerie Vaccaro (



KU CBPM, SMM Executive Director: 

Dr. Shanggeun Rhee <



You can check out ARTP members in here:


Faculty - School of Management and Marketing

W-105F (908) 737-4176  Tuesday W-105F 2:15PM to 4:45PM Wednesday W-105F11:30AM to 1:30PM Thursday W-105FBy Appointment  Friday     W-105F2:15PM to 4:45PM Saturday W-105F1:45PM to 2:45PM Dr. Sucheta Ahlawat W-103C (908) 73


2021.08.25: Undefined Agreement between Kean Federation of Teachers (KFT) and KU/WKU about Kean USA ARTP's extra work for WKU Reappointment. 


Final Agreement on WKU ARTP Fall 2020- 10-16-2020.pdf



Kean USA School of Management and Marketing (SMM) ARTP needs a defined 'Agreement' between KFT - KU/WKU in order to perform extra work for WKU faculty reappointment works. 








Aug. 25, 2021: Communication with ARTP Chair about "Agreement between KFT-KU/WKU". 


Aug. 20, 2021: Updated Whole Process of Reappointment at Interfolio

Aug. 18, 2021: Questions to ARTP about Reappointment Timeline and Method. 


June 16, 2021: Kean 2-6 year reappointment case open: Guide updated


Jan. 15, 2021: FAR Extention by Feb. 02 for Lectuere. 

Jan. 05, 2021: FAR Extention by Jan. 08 for Tenure-Track, Jan. 06 for Lecturer; Added  "The purpose of FAR at Cloud". 

Dec. 29, 2020: FAR extension (Jan. 06, 2021) requested. 

Dec. 19, 2020: FAR INPUT Examples

Dec. 02, 2020:  FAR Guide documentation started. 


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Aligning with WKU/KU Mission, Vision, Value, and Strategic Goals, CBPM Management, Global Business, and Marketing (MGM) faculty members are actively engaging in standing committees, research centers, student group affairs, event participation, taking initiatives, and others. 

This is the summary of the Faculty Service engagement of WKU CBPM MGM faculty members (As of May 2021).




















2021. May 17: Updated Research Seminar Committee (MGM Coordinator: Dr. Liu; ACCT/FIN coordinator: Dr. Suefert)



2021. April 07: Updated Faculty Mentoring Committee & Branding Research Institute (Project team added)


2021. March 30: Updated Research Seminar Committee and added faculty profiles (updated after faculty meeting). 


2020. Nov. 16: Updated Library Scholarship Endowment Award Committee & Grade Grievance Committee


2020. Nov. 03: Updated for Grade Grievance Committee

2020. Nov. 02: First release by Dr. Jerry Choi




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Open Education Resources (OER) is a category of educational materials available in the public domain that is available with little or no-cost access, and with zero or limited restrictions in terms of usability repurposing and redistribution.

Kean OER Homepage


Research Guides: OER: What is OER?

Open and Affordable Educational Resources we will help you embrace OER



In May 2020, WKU CBPM started engaging in the OER initiative along with the Kean USA.


May 09, 2020, CBPM Faculty members suggested Free e-textbooks for these courses and  classes. 

In May 10,  WKU CBPM Dean CJ approved those OER suggestions.


Google 스프레드시트 - 스프레드시트를 작성하고 수정할 수 있으며 무료입니다.

하나의 계정으로 모든 Google 서비스를 스프레드시트로 이동하려면 로그인하세요.

2020. Nov. 05: Encouraging WKU CBPM MGM Faculty Members OER (Free ebook) adoption (Email, Nov. 05, 2020). 


2020 Winter / Spring OER Book Choices



2020. Nov. 05: Added encouragement of adopting the OER (email). 

2020. Oct. 13, Initially created this document. 


Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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Fortunately or unfortunately, New Jersey State mandates conducting the annual review of all public college faculty members (both tenure-track faculty and lecturer)  for reappointment. Kean University & WKU are not exceptions. 


From 2021, All the annual review process will go to 'Cloud' - the Interfolio. 

So, this is an archive of the old-fashioned Annual Review guide. 




[Updated 2020-21 Annual Review / Reappointment Schedule of Kean University]



In summary, WKU CBPM Faculty need to prepare "Annual Review Package" and submit it to Kean CBPM School of Management ARTP Members and Exeuctive Director?


AY 2021-22 Kean University, CBPM Management & Marketing ARTP Committee Members


Dr. Rosa Lemel (, ARTP Chair (AY2021-22)

Dr. Sucheta Ahlawat (

Dr. Thomas Abraham (

Dr. Gail Fraser (

Dr. Valerie Vaccaro (


KU CBPM, SMM Executive Director: 

Dr. Shanggeun Rhee <



You can check out ARTP members in here:


Faculty - School of Management and Marketing

W-105F (908) 737-4176  Tuesday W-105F 2:15PM to 4:45PM Wednesday W-105F11:30AM to 1:30PM Thursday W-105FBy Appointment  Friday     W-105F2:15PM to 4:45PM Saturday W-105F1:45PM to 2:45PM Dr. Sucheta Ahlawat W-103C (908) 73



Please use Google Drive (with School Email of to submit Reappointment Portfolio (Application Package, Updated CV, Evidence of Excellency etc.) 




Please send the Google Drive Folder that contains all reappointment materials to all ARTP committee members of Kean CBPM Management & Marketing. 


Example of Submitting Reappointment Package to ARTP Committee



Annual Review Application Package contains: 

1. Kean University Departmental Evaluation Recommendation For Faculty Reappointment packages. 

2. Updated Academic CV

3. Publications and/or any supporting evidence of excellency








Please see Annual Review Calendar Sample nad Manuals from HQ.


1. Annual Review Calendar Sample (2nd ~ 6th Year)

2. Manual for 2nd-6th year faculty

2nd-6th Year Reappointment Outline.pdf


This is an example of 2-6 year faculty member's Reappointment Application Package






For WKU Faculty, this is the Annual Review Criteria Form








First-Year Faculty Calendar

Manual for the First Year Faculty

First Year Reappointment Outline.pdf




2020-2021 ARTP  Committee at Kean USA

Dr. Rosa Lemel" <>: Co-Chair

Sucheta Ahlawat <> : Co-Chair

Thomas Abraham <>

Valerie Vaccaro <>






2020.09.01: Submission locations changed to KU CBPM Dean Dr. Wang Jin. 

2020.08.28: Updated Calendar from Provost Office


2020.08.18; Archived the Annual Review Process of Kean/WKU 







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1. Returning to Campus Protocol 


International faculty need to step these processes

  • Visa application: Applying for new Chinese commercial (Z) visa with an invitation letter and work permit
  • Ticketing and Covid-19 test negative: Secure air ticket and Covid-19 test negative results within five days before travel making
  • Quarantine: 14 days (2 weeks) quarantine according to Chinese government rule at arriving city 
  • Classes with campus protocol: Four types of class forms are available according to situation


2020. 09. 07: In Aug. 27, Dr. Eric Yang communicated with a few WKU leaders of "Mandatory 7 days off-campus" of returning faculty members.   



2. Class Protocol Under Covid-19


Faculty and students can perform classes with these class protocol under Covid-19. 

  • Before entering the campus building, Faculty and students need to check up symptoms and preventive actions (mask, wash hand, disinfection, attendance listing etc.) 
  • Faculty and students can perform classes in the CBPM building. 
  • After classes, faculty and students are highly recommended using online informal communication via Email, WeChat, Blackboard rather than direct face to face contact.  
  • In case of infection or symptom, faculty and student should isolate oneself immediately. They can continue learning via remote or online format.  
  • Suggesting Installing Preventive Transparent Screen (2020. 08. 30). 




Please join the WeChat group for WKU Returning Faculty 


WKU HR Staffs:


Rainie (Huang Jiaru): Overall Returning Process

Bessie: (Hu Luhong): Invitation, Work permit, Visa application

Emerald (Yu Miao Miao): Air Ticket & Quarantine

Chelsea (Hu Chunchun): Faculty housing 

Sherry: One-stop service




Returning to campus protocol: WKU CBPM International Faculty cases: 


This is the rough returning to campus protocol for Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business International Faculty members. 









You can easily make Chinese Visa Photo at Cheecle Photo



상호: 치클포토 | 사업자등록번호 215-19-48480 | 통신판매업 신고 제2008-서울송파-0443호 | 대표 최지용 TEL : 070-7687-1111 | FAX : 0504-470-2318 | E-mail : 주소: 서울시 송파구 위례성대로 22길 14 ��

(Only Microsoft Explorer browser works).



In Three Days (3 days), New Visa is issued successfully. 

The visa should be used within three months, and it should be renewed within a month when the user arrives in China. 


Quarantine Practice




Cisco VPN for PC (Windows and MAC) - WKU - IT Help Desk

Cisco VPN for PC (Windows and MAC) 陈奕余 • Created at:Oct 06, 2018 08:46:09 • Updated at:Nov 05, 2018 19:30:48 You can learn how to install Cisco VPN from the video as below                                   http://video.wku.e





For Windows: 



For Mac: (Ask it to WKU IT)


Cisco anyconnect for MAC - WKU - IT Help Desk

Please download this software from attachment.


Probably Macbook users encounter this error message. This is occurring because of the 64 bit only policy of recent Mac Operating System (since Catalina). 

Tentatively, Macbook / Mac users (OSX, Catalina or higher) can try to use several alternative VPN services. 


1. LETS VPN (Recommended by Xavier - a WKU student)

2. SETUP VPN (Free Chrome Web Extensions) 



COVID-19 Test to Take an International Flight


Before Boarding to a Flight to China, many non-Chinese citizens are required to bring "COVID-19 Test Negative Certificate" 

In several countries, Health Declaration Form with Chinese Embassy approval is required (Offline)


Several countries require "Online" Health Declaration Form with COVID-19 test negative. 




When we need VPN, we can use WKU CISCO AnyConnect VPN with free outside of Campus and Inside of China. 


Here is how to setup WKU CISCO AnyConnect.


When CISCO AnyConnect does not work on your Mac system in Wenzhou-Kean University!

CISCO Anyconnect is necessary when you want to use Kean Email, G-suite, Youtube, and mandatory software for Kean Learning. However, Mac system's recent MacOS (specially afterh Catalina, Ver. 10.15)..



COVID -19 Test Sites (South Korea case). 


Jerry & Jongmin Choose this hospital to get COVID-19 test (Passport & US $180)




Quarantine Process


1. When you get off from the Airplane, You will be guided to an assigned Quarantine place. 

2. You cannot choose the place, but the Chinese Health Authority will guide you. 

Example of Flying to Quarantine.


3. Once you get into the quarantine place, you cannot get out of the place for 14 days. You must stay in a hotel room.

4. There will be very little accessibility of outdoor activities such as shopping or communication because you're a potential "Virus". :) 


8AM and 2PM, You must measure your body temperature and report it to a WeChat group that controls your quarantine. 



5. Quarantine expenses will be fully reimbursed by WKU. Please take the Fapioa (official receipt) from Quarantine place. Please show this to Quarantine authority to get Fapiao for WKU. 

6. You need to complete many documents and app requirements such as Zhejiang customs. Please be patient and please comply with the authority. Fortunately, Chinese authorities will be kind and gentle to guide you. 

8. Meals will be served by Authority (there will be limited alternatives if you can order external foods via app under the authority's permission). :)



Quarantine Tips from Laura Schlic 







2020. 09. 10: Creating the Google Slides for Sharing Returning Advice and Tips


Google 프레젠테이션 - 프레젠테이션을 작성하고 수정할 수 있으며 무료입니다.

하나의 계정으로 모든 Google 서비스를 프레젠테이션으로 이동하려면 로그인하세요.


How to Get Green Health Code? 


Go to Alipay Health, and follow the instruction of this manual: 








2020.09.14: Medical Check-up


A Guide from WKU HR


This is Lina from HR department and I will help with your residence permit application.

As you are holding a Z visa, you are required to apply for residence permit within 30 days after the date of entry. For this special year, the period is even shorter as you have to get 14-day quarantine.  We will need to apply for it at your earliest convenience.



1) By using TAXI, Go to the New Medical Center:  浙江省温州市鹿城区航标路87弄51号 (No.51, Lane 87, Hangbiao Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City)

2) Taking Photo at APM (self-service) at the first floor

3) Go to the second floor (You need the Wenzhou Green Code at Alipay app),  and please go to Number 3 Desk. Then, say "I come from Wenzhou-Kean University). 


4) You are expected to completing five examinations: 

2nd floor: ECG; Ultrasonic; Internal Medicine, and Surgery & ENT

3rd floor: Chest X-ray. 



5) Once you completed all five exams, please submit the completed document at the second floor. 

Done (It will takes around one hour) 



Residence Permit Application


Residence permit, here is the guidance:

  1. Please go to medical center for body check next week (Jerry is also doing the check, I think it would be much easier if you can do it together with Jerry.) We were just informed the center only opened on Monday and Tuesday this week.  However, the opening time of the center keeps changing every week during this special period. We need to confirm with the center every Monday. We will keep you updated of the opening time for next week. 
  2. The center will be opening from 8:30am to 10:30am.  Following this the address of the medical center: 浙江省温州市鹿城区航标路87弄51号 (No.51, Lane 87, Hangbiao Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City)
  3. I have attached the photo of the building. You can take a taxi to the center and ask for reimburement from our university. Please remember to keep the receipt.
  4. The center is at the second floor of the building and you are required to take photo at the first floor through a bilingual self-service machine.
  5. You may need to pay 30 rmb for the photo and get Fapiao from the reception desk for reimbursment (you can pay it thourgh wechat or alipay, and please keep the spare photos as we will need it for residence permit).
  6. Tell them you are from WKU and you dont have to pay for the medical check.
  7. Things to bring: original passport, green code, face mask, WKU ID card (no worries for the card if you are going with Jerry). NO breakfast. 
  8. After you finish body check, we will arrange and take you to the bureau for residence permit. We will keep you updated then.


Four things are necessary to apply for Resident Permits. 


1. Passport

2. Photos (you may have extra photos from Medical Check). 

3. Mask

4. Health Green Code 


WKU HR will invite and bring you to Civic Center.

Morning 8:45AM at the WKU Main Gate.  

All things will be guided by HR, and you need to appear! 

It takes about 1 hours. 


*** You can apply Reimbursement of the TAXI (Transportation) expense for Residence Permit to HR Department (Lina) with taxi receipts. 



Returning Expense Reimbursement

When you successfully get back to campus, You can claim the 'returning expenses'. 


Generally, those expenses are 

- Hotel Quarantine expenese

- Covid 19 Test expense 

- Visa application expense

Please get ready to show your "Evidences" such as Fapiao (official receipt), Receipts, or any supporting materials for your expenses. 


Then, please summarize them with this cover and evidences.

Please Bring them to Zoe (Ms. Teng Yuwen, at WKU Finance (Training Building A-209). 


Please be nice to her, she is the WKU Alumnus of CBPM Finance graduate (She was my student). ^^ 


Please bring your all pieces of evidence to Claim your reimbursement When you come to WKU FINANCE. 

Don't forget to submit the What is your exchange rate in use (Date, Time, Exchange Rate with Evidence)! 


Then, Zoe can help you to apply for reimbursement. 


Oct. 13, 2020: Appreciation Ceremony for WKU Human Resource Team: All returned, returning, and will return faculty members appreciate the extraordinary efforts and endeavors of WKU HR staff members. We delivered our gratitude. 


Nov. 06, 2020: Enforcing "Returning to Campusing by Feb. 01, 2021" from VCAA Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Office of WKU" 





2021. 06. 11 : Going out from China to Home: 


Required document: PCR + Antibody Test Negative Results within 48 hours!

Go to Number 1 Hospital (DiYi) or Pan Health Hospital







2021. 07. 26: Returning from Korea to China: 



1. You need to do both antibody test and PCR (within 48 hours): Test in Korea within 2 days before boarding. After you receive the result, you need to submit online for the health code. Green health code is a must when you board the flight to China.


12월 1일부터 한국발 중국행 항공편 탑승객 코로나-19핵산 검사(PCR) 및 혈청 IgM항체검사 2 가지 음

12월 1일부터 한국발 중국행 항공편 탑승객 코로나-19핵산 검사(PCR) 및 혈청 IgM항체검사 2 가지 음성 증명서 지참 탑승에 관한 통지 2020/11/26     국가간 전염병 확산을 차단하기 위하여, 한국현지



Assigned Test Hospital!




Two Test Results are Necessary:

1. Detection of COVID-19 Gene Using Real-time RT PCR

2. Detection of COVID-19 Antibody (IgM only) 


1. HS QR Code



2. Green Health Code from Chinese embassy (Necessary): 탑승 최소 3시간 전 Green Code


건강QR코드 신청 매뉴얼

건강QR코드 신청 매뉴얼 2021/04/20     한국발 중국행 탑승객들이 정확하고 효율적으로 건강QR코드를 신청하할 수 있게 하기 위하여 최근 주한 중국대사관은"건강QR코드 신청 매뉴얼"홍보물을 제

 Health Declaration Certificate (As soon as you get Test Negative Results; at least 3 hours before departure) 




Chinese New Entry Policy (5 weeks quarantine): 2021. Aug. 02: 



Official Notification of 35 days Quarantine Policy (Aug. 03, 2021) from WKU One-Stop Service.  


2 weeks Hotel Quarantine + One week (Entry or Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine) + One week (Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine) + One-week Housing Quarantine = Total Five Weeks quarantine.


Aug. 11, 2021: Message from WKU Provost Dr. Eric Yang



Aug. 12, Reported Remote Class plan to School for Extensive quarantine requirements from Zhejiang province.  

e.g. WKU CBPM MGM department



Pan Health! 


The name should be capital and put your family name in the front. They input the information according to your passport name.



2021.08.13: Negotiating the Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine!  (2 weeks -> 1 week), and Home Quarantine? 

Negotiation BATNA: 2 week mandate entry city quarantine + 1 week Wenzhou Hotel quarantine + 2 week Home Quarantine! 

Negotiation made: 2 weeks Entry City Hotel Quarantine  + 1 week (Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine) = 3 Weeks (21 days) Hotel Quarantine + 2 weeks (14 days) Home Quarantine. 




2021.08.14: How to Sign Up for WeChat?


How to sign up for WeChat (Ultimate Guide in 2021)

Hey! Do you want to register a WeChat account? Please check this full guide and get your own private WeChat account quickly and succefully.


2021. 08. 1: A Travel Case (Health Declaration Issue in Europe) : Frankfurt (Germany) to Shanghai 


Letter of Commitment on COVI-19 Vaccination


Document Template: 



2021. 08. 19. Announcement of Lucheng (Wenzhou) COVID-19 Prevention and Control !


鹿城区新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情防控工作领导小组通告(第14号)English Version



To enter public areas such as schools, Supermarket, Hospitals, Hotels, Libraries, Coffee shops, Gyms, Transportations, these are mandated: 

1. Body Temperature Check

2. Green Health Code

3. Vaccination Code

4. Mask





2021. 08. 24: Moving to Wenzhou Quarantine


After completing the two weeks Quarantine at an entry city, we moved to Wenzhou for an extra one week more quarantine at a Wenzhou Hotel. 


We took an Ambulance to move to Hotel within Wenzhou.  

Four Ouhai District Residents, Bienna Hotel (浙江省温州市瓯海区福州路666, Ouhai, Wenzhou) is the option. 

Bienna Hotel (Ouhai, Wenzhou) 





2021. 08. 25: WKU VACC suddenly notified "Urgent Work" for Fall semester preparation on the due date (Aug. 25, 2021). 




2021. Aug. 29, Class Protocol under Pandemic from WKU Hospital


Simply summarized: 

1. No mask mandate within Campus (But social distancing is highly recommendable). 

2. Vaccine is necessary (But not mandatory)

3. In case of Symptoms, please call 5557-8120 (WKU hospital). 



2021. Aug. 31: No "One live remoted class" for multiple sections



2021. Sept. 02: Flash Flood at Kean USA, and All System downed! (By Hurricane Ida)



Kean USA announced the "Cancellation of all Classes" at Kean campuses because of System down (Blackboard, Zoom, Kean Wise, Email) 

This Kean USA announcement arrived 10AM (China Time), Sept. 02, 2021.


Alternative Remote Classes are discussed among Foreign Faculty Members 


Zoom, Google Meets, Voov app, MS Teams (no VPN necessary), Video recording and uploading the file when system back. 


*No reponse or guide from WKU admin sides (until the next day). 



2021. Sept. 03: 2:10 AM

A simple and non-message Email come from WKU VCAA Office and WKU IT




2021. 09.03: New Quarantine Policy (2 + 1 + 1)



Confirmation of Quarantine Policy Change (Sept. 03, 2021):


2 weeks Hotel Quarantine at Entry City (14 days)

1 week Home Quarantine (Wenzhou, 7 days)

1 week Self-Monitoring (Wenzhou, 7 days, No campus access)

= total 28 days. 




Announced the coming back to Face to Face class. 


2021.09.07: Step on Campus. 

To come inside of campus after long quarantine, we need three documents.  

1. PCR test negative within 48 hours, 

2. Green health code , 



3. Green Big data











2021. Sept. 03: Local Quarantine Policy Change (Wenzhou, 2+1+1) 

2021. Sept. 03: WKU VCAA and WKU IT's simple and non-message Email. 

2021. Sept. 02: Flash flood shut-downed the Kean IT System. 

2021. Aug. 25: WKU VCAA's message for Fall semester preparation (on the due date). 

2021. Aug. 24: Moving into Wenzhou city (for extra quarantine). 

2021. Aug. 19: Case of "Frankfurt to Shanghai" Travel Case added.

2021. Aug. 12, Report, REMOTE Class Preparation (according to WKU AA's request on Aug. 11). 


2021. Aug. 02, Updated Chinese Quarantine Policy (Total 5 weeks: 2 weeks enforced + 2 weeks local + 1 week (self-monitoring). 

2021. July 26, Updated Korea case (48 hours test negative). 

2021. June 11, Going home (PCR + Antiboy test in Wenzhou) 

2021. Feb. 26, Joseph Andrew's summary of "From Detroit to Shanghai". 

Flying from Detroit to Shanghai during Covid.docx


2020.10.13: HR appreciation ceremony added. 

2020. 10. 06: Reimbursement information added

2020.09.27: Medical Check updated

2020.09.10: Created "Google Slides" for sharing tips and advice for returning. 

2020.08.28: Updated Quarantine process

2020. 07.30: Updated the 'returning to campus protocol

2020.07.05: New Chinese Visa Issued. 

2020. 06.30: New Chinese Visa Application


Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

댓글을 달아 주세요

Kean University Union / Wenzhou accommodates the demand for learning flexibility in the Remote Class situation in 2020. The University provides the "Pass / Fail Grade Option"  (This is for Spring 2020 Grade). 

The Pass (P) /Fail (U) option application procedures are here. :




For 2020 Fall Semester Grade 


Please use this "Pass/Fail Grading Application Form" to apply the option. (Dec. 18, 2020, updated form)





Many CBPM courses are not eligible for the PASS/Fail option. 



Process of Pass / Fail Application in WKU

In order to receive a P/U as opposed to a letter grade during the Fall 2020 semester, a student must do the following:


1)   Complete this form with a maximum of two courses to be changed to P/U;

2)   Discuss with an academic advisor and receive signed approval;

3)   Email completed form (from the student’s official school email address), copying the academic advisor, to the registrar's office at for processing.

(WKU Student must do these processes). 



Academic Advisors need to double-check...

1. Is the applied course eligible?

2. Is the application form manipulated or not?  

3. Must be informed of the application to Registra from the student. 



Updated "Not Eligible Pass/Fail Courses".  (2020. Jan. 08) ? 


Clarification of Pass / Fail application (by Registra Office) .



Updated Process of Pass / Fail application (Jan. 10, 2021)


1. Check the eligibility of Pass/Fail option of the applicant

2. Sign and return the application to the applicant if the application is qualified. 

3. Get and archive the copy from the applicant. 


*The Pass / Fail application form is available here.


表格与细则 - Wenzhou-Kean University



For 2021 Spring Semester Grade 


Please use this "Pass/Fail Grading Application Form" to apply the option. (May 13, 2021, updated form)




"Not Elligible Courses for P/F option"

• College of Business and Public Management students:  
 ACCT 2210  ECO 1020    FIN 3310    GE 2021     MGS 2150    MGS 4998     MGS 4999

• College of Science and Technology students: 
Natural Sciences Program students:
• BIO 2910 • BIO 3614 • BIO 3709 • BIO 4316 • BIO 4316L • CHEM 4909
Computer Science Program students:   All CPS courses at level 3000/4000

Mathematical Sciences Program students:   All MATH courses except for MATH 1000, MATH 1010, MATH 1016, MATH 2110

• College of Liberal Arts students:  ENG 1430   ENG2101   ENG 3029   ENG 3080   ENG 4817  PSY 4940  PSY 4950

• Architecture and Design students:   none



Undergraduate Seniors ONLY - The Office of the Registrar must receive the approved application by June 10, 2021.

All other students – The Office of the Registrar must receive the approved application by July 1, 2021.





May 13, 2021: Updated WKU Pass/Fail options


Jan. 10, 2021: Updated WKU  CBPM process considering the clarification from Dianne's clarification. 

Jan. 05, 2021: Updated WKU processes to avoid cheating. 

Dec. 18, 2020: Updated with Fall 2020. 

June 11, 2020: Posted by Dr. Jerry Choi



Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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Final Grade Input 


1. Please login Kean Wise with faculty ID/PWD. 


2. Please click the Final Grading


3. Choose teaching term!

4. Mark a course you want to input the final grade and Submit. 


5. Input Final Grade according to Final Grade Index. 

** Final Grading Index

Conventional Grading Option


Online Grading Option


6. Confirmation Email from Kean Wise System

Voila Done! 


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WHITE PAPER: 2020 WKU CBPM's Online Course Development in Responding to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) epidemic in China.

Jan. 21, 2020,

A business professor (Dr. Jeonghwan Jerry Choi) at WKU CBPM got a strange message from his friend at the University of Kansas (USA) via Facebook. The message told that a strange virus outbroke in Wuhan, China. And the situation was highly incremental.  The professor prepared 100 medical masks to bring back when he returned to school in Feb. 07, 2020. 


Jan. 27, 2020,

WKU HR announced that 2020 Spring Semester would be postponed until Feb. 22, 2020 because of 2019 Nobel Coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, China. 


Jan. 31, 2020: Donation for Wenzhou, China from International Faculty Members

WKU CBPM's international faculty members donate Medical Masks, Protecting Cloths, Medical Gloves, and Medical Goggles to Wenzhou City and Wenzhou-Kean University from South Korea (Dr. Choi), Philippines (Dr. Candy Chiu), Thailand (Dr. Somkiat) to show the global solidarity. These global donation activities are coordinated by Wenzhou-Kean Foundation (Mr. Meng Jun and Ms. Jennifer Lu) and WKU CBPM Office (Ms. Wang Yang).






Jan. 31, 2020. Recognition of International Donations from the World (Korea, Phillpean). 


Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi and his Nephews (Yoon, Yejun and Yoon Seojun) from Korea


Dr. Candy Chiu from Philepean. 





Feb, 02, 2020

WKU HR announced that "Please DO NOT return to Wenzhou before March 01, 2020" because of the incremental situation of the Coronavirus in Wenzhou, Zhejiang area. 


Updated Academic Calendar of WKU 2020 Spring  (retrieved in Feb,, 11, 2020:


Feb. 04, 2020

In responding to the situation, Kean USA and WKU setup several principles. (Feb. 04, 2020: Brief from WKU CBPM Dean Dr. Cao Jiang) 

1. Student and faculty health and security come first. Currently, we have a government mandate not to start the spring semester by 3/1. The actual start will be determined by Kean USA pending the virus situation.

2. At the meantime we must serve our students, particularly graduating seniors who need to start to work or attend graduate school in June. 

3. As such we must prepare to start online delivery on Feb 24, and ready to deliver 5 weeks' worth of content (Mar. 27, 2020) in the next three weeks, and hope the epidemic is under control so we can resume in-classroom teaching at the earliest possible time. Otherwise, we have to be ready for full-semester online delivery.

4. Many business courses already have Blackboard (BB) online modules ready to go, while others need to be developed as we go. All faculty will receive extensive BB training. 

5. At the meantime, please do NOT send students traditional syllabi until future communications from Eric, because of their difference with online version syllabi. 


Feb. 10, 2020

Kean Online Team organized the "Kick-off meeting" Monday, Feb. 10th @ 8AM (EST) to help Online course developers to initiate online course development to ensure world-class education in the epidemic situation in WKU. 


Online Course Developer's Guide Orientation (course)


Course Structure of Kean Online Course


Unit 1: Design (Sample of Learning Activities) 

Please complete the "Online Course Developer" Guide Orientation Online course! 


Go to Developer Resources: You can get almost all necessary templates and resources to develop an online course. 

You may complete five documents and Upload them to the relevant Blackboard folders: 

1. Course Map (Feb. 10)

2. Unit 1 Map (Feb. 12)

3. Unit 2-8 Map (Feb. 14)

4. Unit 9-16 Map (Feb. 16)

3. Syllabus (Feb. 16)



Templates are here: 

Course Map Sample_2020_WKU16.docx
Syllabus Part A Sample_2020_WKU16.docx
Unit Map 1 Sample_2020_WKU16(1).docx




Feb. 11, 2020 (Business Courses to be Developed)

MGM/MKT/GBUS Courses to be developed for Online courses. 


Feb. 11, 2020 (Course Map Development)

Course Map Completion: All course developers of WKU CBPM worked on providing the course map of each course by Feb. 10, 2020 (EST)

Sample: MGS3032: Organizational Behavior Course Map. 

20200210_MGS3032_Course Map_2020_WKU16_Choi_Ver2_Black.docx


At WeChat (Chinese Social Media) Group, all WKU CBPM faculty members (except Dr. Sven Dahms for the technical problem) were working together to build online courses. 


Feb. 12, 2020 (Unit 1 Development)

Unit 1 sample. 


Feb. 14, 2020 (Unit 2-8 Development)


21 WKU CBPM Faculty Members, Dean of WKU CBPM, and a Staff (Ms. Wang Yang) are organized as a Group at WeChat (Chinese Social Network Service) for collaboration of Online course development. 


Feb. 16, 2020 (Unit 2-8 Development)

Uni 9-16 

Sample of Dr. Rob Majerison (MGS4010, Operations Management)



Feb. 16, 2020 (Online Course Syllabus Development)

Online Course Syllabus Development


Please be sure that all grades are marked in a proper way. 


Feb. 17, 2020: Online Training Starts (for Instructors)

In Feb. 17 (Monday, 12:01AM, Eastern Time), All faculty members who are engaging in Online course teaching start the Three Online Courses. 

1. WKU Online Faculty Training (Spring 2020)

2. WKU Online Student Orientation



To complete these three online courses, 

First, Go to 

Second, Scroll over QUICKLINKS

Third, Click Blackboard

Fourth, Login with your ID/Password (not wku ID/pwd)


Once online course instructors login to the Kean Blackboard, You can see Blackboard dashboard. 

Click course, and they can find out three assigned Online Training course 

Completion of three online courses are necessary for all WKU Online course instructors and teachers between Feb. 17 ~ 19, 2020. (by Wednesday, Feb. 19th, 11:59PM US EST). 

Feb. 19-20, 2020: Online Training (for Instructors)

1. Online Developer Course


2. Online Faculty Training


3. Online Student Training


4. KOFT Online Faculty Training


Mutual Understanding of "Two Certificates of Kean Online Course Development & Training" between WKU CBPM and Kean Online Team. 

Example of Kean Online Faculty Training


Feb. 23, 2020: All online courses were reconstructed for a technical reason.

 Technical Format! 


Feb. 24, 2020: A compromise of course teaching at Online ( CJ and Jerry).

Agreement of Understanding (No structural change).

But, individual instructors have contents change and grading authority with appropriate evidences (inside / outside of Blackboard).  

Feb. 24, 2020: The First Online Teaching day (WKU)

Blackboard Live Session Works fine. 

Once recorded, instructors can share the recorded video like this. 


Feb. 24, 2020: Live Session Scheduling by Repeat Function

Blackboard Live Session Scheduling


Feb. 25, 2020: Grading Policy Chaos

Blackboard Live Session Scheduling

Responding to the Email from WKU Online Tech (WKU Online Faculty Training Spring 2020: Updates from the Leadership Team; WKU Online Tech - <>; 12:17 AM),

These questions were raised (by Dr. Jerry Choi)

1. Instructors do not have any Grading authority at all? Why not?

2. I still do not understand why students and instructors must suffer from totally complicated DQ writing and grading. Can instructors have the full authority of grading? 

3. Unavailable students must be contacted by instructor, Not administrators? Why? 

4. Should we make two (2 hours) Live session per Unit? What is that mean? 

5. Instructors have or do not have the Class pace (speed) management or not? 

Should we complete each Units according to Kean Online Team? 

Then, what is the schedule of Unit completion?



Feb. 27, 2020: WKU Online Academic Leadership Team addressed several issues

From WKU Online Academic Leadership Team

From: WKU Online Tech - <>
Date: Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 7:41 AM
Subject: WKU Online Faculty Training Spring 2020: Copy of email sent to students - February 25th


For your information this email was just sent to all WKU students.  It is important that you understand how student concerns are being addressed.


Dear WKU Students,

We wanted to clarify some concerns that some of you have expressed.  They are valid concerns and we are glad for the opportunity to address them. 

Time Zone

All graded activities including discussions and assignments will go by US EST as this is how Blackboard is configured. This means that an assignment that is due Sunday at 11:59pm US EST this would equate to Monday at 12:59pm Beijing Time.  If your first post to the unit’s discussion question is due by Tuesday at 11:59pm US EST this equates to Wednesday 12:59pm.  There is a 13 hour difference.

Discussion Boards and Rubric

Discussions are very important learning activities in an online course.  They represent conversations that would happen in a typical face to face course.  In order to make the conversations as beneficial as possible so that everyone can learn from each other there are several important guidelines.  To earn full credit for work inside of the discussions in each unit the following elements are considered:

  1. Did the student post his/her initial response to the discussion question (DQ) by the second day of the unit which for Unit 1 is Tuesday at 11:59pm US EST.  The discussions are not tied to the live sessions.  You can start your responses before the live session happens. Please consult the Course Dates document in Course Information which lets you know what is due on every day of the semester for exact dates. (Timeliness)
  2. Was the student response to the initial question posted by the faculty member a good response?  Did it answer the questions? Did the student support their arguments with facts found in the readings or elsewhere? This shows the faculty member that you have been really thinking about the topics.  Please note that in most cases there is no right or wrong.  This is more about effort.  (Quality) 
  3. Did the student participate fully in the conversations?  Conversations are meant to happen throughout the entire duration of the unit.  For Unit 1 this is seven days from Monday to Sunday.  It is up the student to decide which days he/she will participate on as long as the first post is done by the second day of the unit.   For example a student can post on Tuesday (the initial response) and Wednesday and Friday.  Another example is a student posts the initial response on Monday but interacts with others on Saturday and Sunday.    Students have flexibility on what days they post.  (Frequency)
  4. Did the student respond to five peers/the instructors during the unit? Discussions are meant to be highly interactive.  This is where you can show what you know and learn from each other including the faculty.  You are required to respond to five peers throughout the unit.  Remember these are conversations similar to what you would have as if you were in person.  You are simply talking (writing) to each other.  (Interactivity)

Each discussion question is worth 15 points per week and you will be evaluated based upon the factors noted above.  You should work with your faculty member to make sure that you are on track with meeting these requirements.  The rubric (assessment criteria) that is being used is attached. 


In each online course you will find at least one assignment per unit.  You should begin working on your assignment(s) as soon as the units open.  Your assignments are not connected to when the Live Sessions happen.  Communicate with your individual course faculty member regarding assignment requirements and grading related issues.


Online courses are built to be equivalent to face to face courses in terms of workload.  They have the same learning objectives and required number of hours associated them.  Your faculty built your courses taking these factors into consideration.

For a three credit course, there are three hours of work within Blackboard per unit.  This is equivalent to the three hours that you spend inside of a classroom.  How this equates in Blackboard is 1 hour for the Live Session, 1.5 hours for discussions (DQs) and .5 hours for navigation (moving around the unit). 

In a typical face to face students are recommended to spend 2-3 hours for every credit taken doing things like homework and readings.  For a three credit course this means 6-9 hours of work outside of the classroom.  In our online courses we expect the same. 

So when you take into account what happens inside of Blackboard and outside of Blackboard this means 9-12 hours per unit of work is to be completed.  For some students it could be less and for some it could mean more.  This is a range. 

Time Management

Based upon the amount of hours you need to spend in your courses and the work you have to complete Time Management is super important for your success.  There is no room for waiting until the last minute to complete any of the planned activities.   It is important for you to stay ahead of your work and if you need assistance from your faculty member ask for it right away.  Your faculty member might not know you are struggling until you tell them.  Don’t wait until the last minute in a unit to express your concerns.  Make sure to begin your work in a unit as soon as it starts.

Contacting Faculty

Your faculty understand the importance of communicating with you.  In each course there are several ways for you to reach them including “Ask the Instructor” for general questions, “Messages” for private questions and “Live Sessions”.  Faculty members have been asked to respond to your concerns within 24 hours.  They need to be your first point of contact on anything related to your coursework.

If you feel that you are not getting the responses you need to continue your work and meet your deadlines then you should reach out to your Dean.   Below is a listing of those Deans who have been given access to your courses, for monitoring and assessment, for you to contact if this happens:

Dean Cao Jiang, College of Business and Public Management

Dean Raquel Stuart, College of Liberal Arts

Dean Larry Brown, College Science and Technology

Dean David Mohney, Michael Graves College, Architecture

Associate Dean Rose Gonnella, Michael Graves College, Design

Live Sessions/Connectivity

In each unit of the course your faculty member will be providing a 1 hour live session.  While attending the live session is suggested it is not required because it is recorded.  We recognize that many students are taking multiples courses and this could create conflicts.  It is up the student which live session he/she will/can attend.  Attendance during these live session is not taken and it does not factor in the grades.  If you have connectivity issues during the session you rest easy knowing that your session has been recorded.  Your faculty member will provide for you in the announcements a link to the sessions as they have been recorded. 


Grading will not happen until the unit it over.  The first unit ends on Sunday March 1st so do not expect grades right away. Grading for each unit needs to be completed by the faculty five days after the unit has ended.  Keep in touch with your faculty member via Messages regarding any grading issues you have about your grades.


We realize that online learning in such a structured environment is new to many of you.   We encourage you to work with your faculty to help you progress through your courses.  In the meantime we will continue to listen to your concerns and provide any explanations necessary so that you can be successful.  Your faculty will also be provided with a copy of this letter so that they are aware of what you have been told. 

We wish you a great semester!

WKU Online Academic Leadership Team


This is an example of a Guide for Discussion questions (DQ) and Assignment for simple and efficient completion of course tasks. 


Feb. 28, 2020: WKU Online Academic Leadership Team addressed several issues

Reminder of Management detail: 

Another Reminder for keeping the Micro-Management


Feb. 28, 2020: All accessible WKU CBPM Faculty members gathered in a WeChat group (WKU CBPM Faculty). Ownership was transferred to CBPM Office staff. 

29 members ( 25 faculty members; Dean (CJ); and Three Staff members) 

Group ownership: Ms. Wang Yang

Adminstrative notice: Change group name: Transferring ownership. 


Feb. 29, 2020: First three weeks schedule updated. 



Feb. 29, 2020: Shared again "How to Grade Discussion Questions" at Assignment for Online course development course developers.  

03. Assignment 2 Directions.pdf


"How to Grade Discussion Questions" 

March 02, 2020: Confusion of Discussion Question Numbers

Originally, the Discussion questions post numbers. 

Somebody says DQ posts must be 6 as originally proposed. 

Somebody says DQ post must be 3 for the first three weeks as HQ said. 

Individual instructors need to decide DQ and assignment workloads individually with own risk. 

March 02, 2020: A High Dedication of CBPM Faculty 

A Professor of WKU CBPM makes an online class at 2 AM (USA Time, Night) to make 3 PM (China Time, afternoon) class. 

Prof. Stephen Owusu makes an online business class in 2AM (USA Time) to give 4PM (China time) Class in China


March 02, 2020: School Opening Delays continues 

Wenzhou municipal government notifies that School opening continue delaying.


March 02, 2020: Continual Technical Problem in using Blackboard Collaborate (live streaming) 

Instructors report 'Frequent and Continual' technical problems in performing Live session (live streaming) at Blackboard (Kean Learning Management System) especially on Monday (daytime in China) classes. 


March 03, 2020: Evidence of WKU CBPM Faculty Members' Online Teaching 

Dr. Jerry Choi (MGS 4999 W01, W02, MGS3032 W01) @ South Korea


March 05, 2020: Payment issue arises for Online Teaching outside of China.  

WKU continues paying for online teaching in China.

New instructors who do not have Chinese bank accounts get payment to their international bank account.



March 07, 2020: Summer / Fall 2020 Teaching Preference 

CBPM Office requests for Summer / Fall teaching preferences while academic schedules are obscure. 



March 16, 2020: Kean New Jersey begins "REMOTE EDUCATION" at al campuses due to the Coronavirus.

Different from WKU, KU does not demand the Discussion Question requirement (5 comments / Unit DQ). 


March 25, 2020: A Recommendable Online Class Setting (by Dr. Jerry Choi)   



A Recommendable Online Class Setting for Teacher

Facility Item Function Price
Laptop (Any laptop higher than intel i5 processor with at least 8 GB ram). 
ASUS VivoBook 14 (2020)
Online Class Performing $ 723
External Monitor  Samsung LED Monitor (24 inch) Displaying and moderating class contents $ 110
      Subtotal: $833
Webcam Logitech Webcam C270
(Logitech Webcam C920 is recommendable for high quality, $100)
Video / Audio input $26
LED Lamp Clip LED Stand Light up for Videoconferencing $10
Back Screen Roll Blind Curtain Back screen for focusing and engagement $15
Learning Management System Blackboard
(Possibly, service for video conferencing & Google Classroom) 
Managing and Performing online classes.  Free
Stationary Keyboard, Mouse, Paper, Cable, etc.  Supporting productive online classes  
      Subtotal: $51
  (items gained in South Korea) Grand Total $844


March 25, 2020: Reappointment Letter sent by WKU 


WKU notified the annual contract (reappointment letter)





DATE: April 01, 2020: WKU Online Course Showed up in Wenzhou TV 

Wenzhou TV reported the advanced Online Class performance of WKU.


Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi appears on Wenzhou TV as a good example of Online Teaching. 


April 02, 2020: Example of Online Class (MGS4999 W02) by Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi 




April 22 ~ May 06, 2020 Advising for Course Registration 2020 Summer / Fall 

To help students registering 2020 Summer / Fall semester course, Faculty members invite 'virtual advisement session'. 

Students who got necessary information from advisors would send a confirmation email with these information. 

Title: Confirmation of Advice for 2020 Summer / Fall Course Registration

This is [ English name:                  Chinese Name (Pingyin):                student ID:                 ]. I certify that I get necessary advice for registering 2020 Summer / Fall semester. 

Date: MM/DD/2020

Once advisor get the confirmation letter from advisees, s/he would release the academic hold before May 06, 2020 to enable student registering 2020 summer / fall course. 



DATE: April 29, 2020: Online Class Structures Adjustment Issue (Dispute among Kean Stephen LeBeau; WKU Online; and a CBPM Faculty).

Email (from Jerry to Stephen, cc: CJ and WKU Online): April 29, 2020. 

This issue was started when Unit 16 course structure was changed to Unit 15 structure in Mar. 07.

You can see the below Email. 


WKU online team then requested for changing Unit 14 and 15 only like this guide.


However, I am suggesting "Adjustment" of Unit 9, 10, 11, 12 ,13, 14 ,15 as attached file in this Email because I need to comply the grading policy as we had. 


According to the original plan, we must have 1000 scores from 16 DQs and 16 AS as below.  


In order to meet the well-distributed 1000 score demand, I must change grading scores (DQ and AS) from Unit 9 as I am suggesting in the attached file. 

But WKU online is "negative" to my suggestion and just orders me changing Unit 14; 15. 

This is an issue between an instructor and WKU online. 

Can you please give us a practical resolution? 

If that so, I will cooperate by all means. 


DATE: April 29, 2020: Warning from WKU CBPM Dean of WKU Online courses survey - Very Low Faculty Participation Score. 


A clarification letter was sent to explain the low faculty participation on WKU Online classes. 

An Online Class Participation Issue (WKU 2020 Spring, MGS 4999)


DATE: May 01, 2020: Kean Leadership Email: Prepare For Fall 2020
Kean VPAA request for Online / Remote Teaching for Fall 2020 


See the full message below. 


Preparing for Fall 2020
Dear colleagues,
The rapid transition to remote instruction due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge to all of us. We quickly acted to ensure that our students successfully complete their Spring 2020 coursework and can continue on their academic paths to degree completion. I truly appreciate those who demonstrated commitment to our students, which was evident as you swiftly pivoted from face-to-face instruction to virtual modalities. You helped our students navigate extraordinary challenges while you and your families faced similar ones. You should be congratulated; the University and I personally thank you for stepping up and making this transition possible.
While I wish the road ahead was an easier one, it may not be. We could not expect what happened this spring, and we cannot predict what fall may have in store for us. COVID-19 not only imposed severe hardships but may also impose a level of transformation on the nation, and especially on higher education, that we could not have imagined a few months ago.
Yet, we must now prepare for the possibility of an equally challenging summer and fall. As you know, we are already preparing for online course delivery for both summer sessions. Now is also the time to prepare for online course delivery for Fall 2020. No one can predict the public health situation in September 2020, so it is both necessary and prudent to prepare for the worst-case scenario and hope for the best. Whether instruction for Fall 2020 will be delivered online, face-to-face, or back and forth between the two as a hybrid of both modalities, preparing each course for online instruction would be inevitable. Further, such preparation will improve and enhance delivery of quality education by ensuring consistency and robust assessment of student learning outcomes.
To ensure the best possible instruction and learning outcomes for our students, all summer and fall courses must be prepared using Blackboard following the process developed by the School of Online Education. That is, structuring every course in units and every unit clearly delineating its learning outcomes and associated assessment leading to the overall assessment of the course. 
The School of Online Education will continue to provide faculty with examples, technical support and training to achieve certification. Only those so certified will be assigned teaching responsibility for Fall 2020 courses. We must be prepared to offer courses on a single platform – Blackboard – using a uniform pedagogy for course delivery.
The course content you deliver will be driven by the curriculum course outlines. Your course must conform with the approved course outline and learning outcomes. Your can improve each course further with your creative capabilities, your experience and your knowledge of the subject matter. By so doing do, you will produce learning outcomes that are both elegant and innovative. I am sure with your commitment to the mission of the University and the success of our students, you will find novel ways to further enhance your course and the learning experience for our students. I am confident that your enthusiasm for the material and the personal touch that you add will expand upon what you do in the brick-and-mortar classroom and will continue to inspire our students even more.
For some programs that have been offered by the School of Online Education and for some courses that were prepared for Wenzhou-Kean University this spring semester, this work has been mostly done, but for many of the courses we plan to offer in Fall 2020, this work must begin now. Your deans and the School of Online Education will provide you with resources and guidance to get started. Many of you have completed or are completing the School of Online Education training in preparation for summer offerings.
Please note that all faculty scheduled to teach courses in Fall 2020, at all Kean campuses in the U.S. as well as WKU, must successfully complete training for online education on the Blackboard platform by June 30. This required training can be completed in approximately 10 hours.
We will supplement this training and will provide additional direction during this year’s Faculty Activity Days and Professional Development Days. They will be held virtually to enhance your capabilities and increase your skills in online course delivery. We are ready to help, so please reach out to your dean, the School of Online Education or my office if you need any assistance. We are all in this together, and together we will meet our obligations to our University and our students.
Finally, in an effort to reduce the financial burden our students bear to continue their coursework, I strongly encourage you to use Open Educational Resource (OER) material. You know most of our students take on more than one part-time job to pay their tuition. You can pay it forward by using OER in lieu of traditional textbook materials and other instructional materials. The Learning Commons staff stands ready to help. Your deans will have details to share regarding the process.
Thank you. Be well, stay safe. 
Suzanne Bousquet, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
 Vice President for Academic Affairs •


Adding to Kean VPAA's Email, Eric Yang (VPAA at WKU) clarified the issue for WKU.

May 06, 2020 




DATE: May 17, 2020: Online Course Evaluation for Online Courses 

Every semester, WKU instructors are required for performing the course evaluation. In COVID-19 era, the course evaluations were 100% performed online. 

Course Evaluation Example: (at least 60% participation)



June 01, 2020: Invitation, 2020 Virtual Commencement of WKU 

All WKU CBPM Faculty members are invited to the virtual Commencement Ceremony.

June 06, 2020 @ WKU Youtube Channel for Live






2020. 06. 02: PASS/FAIL OPTION  

School provides students the PASS/FAIL Option in 2020 Spring to accommodate the flexibility of Online courses. 

Please be reminded that the deadline for submitting your Pass/Fail grade option for the Spring 2020 semester is Wednesday, July1, 2020.  Graduating Seniors should submit their P/F requests to their academic advisor by Friday, June 12, 2020. Please fill out the attachment and send it to your faculty academic advisor for approval. 

Pass or Fail Grading Application Form for Spring 2020 Term.doc


Undergraduates can select up to two classes from the Spring 2020 semester to have a "P" (pass) or "U" (fail). A "P" represents a grade of C or better. A "U" represents anything below a C.  The "P" and "U" grades will not affect a student's GPA. Students must get the approval of their faculty advisor on the courses they choose before the change is processed. Faculty advisors will meet virtually with their advisees who wish to do this to make sure the courses they are selecting are eligible for this option, and will not negatively affect their progress toward their degree. After the meeting, the faculty advisor should email the request and student's information from their Kean University or WKU email account to the Campus Registrar, Ms. Dianne Mohammed at for processing.

Course that are not eligible for the Pass/Fail option:

ENG 1430 ENG 4817 MGS 4999 ACCT 2210 MGS 4998

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can a "P" grade be recalculated if I retake the course? 
Answer:  A "P" grade cannot be recalculated because it does not have numeric value as an A, B, C, D or F grade.

2.  Can a P/F grade be removed from my transcript?  
Answer:  Grades cannot be removed from your transcript.  Recalculated grades are applied to your overall GPA, but all former grades remain on your official transcript.

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at with any questions regarding this notice and discuss your P/F options in detail with your academic advisor.


PASS (P) / FAIL (U) Option Application Procedures in WKU CBPM for 2020 Spring Online Courses (suggested by Dr. Jerry Choi, June 043, 2020)


June 05 ~ June 12, 2020 : Final Grade Input

There are several different Grading options: 

1. Conventional Grading Criteria

2. Online Course Grading Criteria

3. Accounting Course Grading Criteria. 

MGM Department use this Grading procedure and criteria:


June 15~ July 01: Pass / Fail Grade Option Application of non-graduating students. 

A typical complaint of the 2020 Spring Online Course Teaching and Grading in the non-Management course.  

Repeatedly; Subjectively; Unfairly graded in the perspective of students. 

Attitude is a matter, but learning or course itself.  





June 27, 2020: Kean Conversion is announced. 

Stephen LeBeau's Email. 



FAQ of Conversion:



June 28, 2020: Kean University has launched Zoom,



We are excited to announce that Kean University has launched Zoom as our new web conferencing solution.  We have selected Zoom for its simplicity and reliability, not to mention consistency across devices for a seamless user experience.


Included in the Kean University site-license is cloud recording capability, extended meeting time limit from 40 minutes to 24 hours up to 300 participants.



July 06, 2020: US ICE (Immigration and Customers Enforcement) Syas International Students Must Take In-Person Classes to Remain in the USA.




Two issues arise. 

1. Does KU/WKU need to should do in-person classes to accommodate students? 

2. How to manage  KU/WKU Exchange Program? 




July 27, 2020: Returning Order from WKU HR


All faculty and staff members are required to return to WKU campus by the end of August. 

Remote Teaching Application Form.docx


Please see returning faculty protocol



Returning to campus protocol: WKU CBPM International Faculty cases: This is the rough returning to campus protocol for Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business International Faculty members. 1. R..




July 28, 2020: Four Types of Courses in Fall 2020

Important Information About Kean USA: Fall Registration and Courses

1. Face-to-Face (F2F) 

2. Hybrid

3. Remote

4. Kean Online (ONL)


As the Fall 2020 semester approaches, it is important for all students to understand the methods of instruction that will be offered at Kean as well as the process for registration.

*Please read this entire email as it contains important time-sensitive information. If you have not already registered for your Fall courses, you are strongly encouraged to do so as soon as possible to avoid any potential late fees.

The University will be offering four different types of courses in the Fall:


Face-to-Face (F2F): These courses will be delivered mostly on campus with some resources augmented by Blackboard. Most classes will meet face-to-face during the normally scheduled days and times (with few exceptions) until the Thanksgiving break after which all course content and activities will be conducted remotely using Blackboard.

Hybrid: These courses will alternate between F2F and online sessions. While the number of overall class meetings will be the same, there will be fewer in-person course meetings than online sessions. Blackboard will be used to supplement the F2F instruction and coordinate any remote instruction. Students should expect to access course content during regularly scheduled class days and times either in person or remotely (synchronously). Courses will meet exclusively remotely through Blackboard after the Thanksgiving break.

Remote: These courses are provided 100 percent remote through Blackboard. No on-site class meetings will be scheduled. Students should expect mostly synchronous instruction, meaning students will regularly login to Blackboard to access instruction and activities happening on the scheduled course days and times. Additional activities posted to Blackboard will be used to supplement the instruction.

Kean Online (ONL): These courses are designed and offered via Kean Online. They are offered asynchronously using Blackboard and do not have specific meeting days and times. ONL courses are very structured and have specific schedules for each unit. Courses are constructed to allow maximum flexibility for students to be able to complete class activities across a number of days, at any time. Most ONL courses are offered over an eight-week schedule (there are exceptions).

Students are strongly encouraged to register now to ensure the best availability of classes.

The University is in the process of classifying all courses in KeanWISEYou will receive an email in early August notifying you to review the instructional method of each of the courses on your schedule. The method of instruction offered may vary by location (i.e. Kean Ocean, Kean Skylands, etc.), so please review your schedule and the classes offered by location carefully.

After reviewing its instructional method, if you wish to add or drop a course you will be able to do so without financial or academic penalty until the add/drop deadline on September 8. For more information about registration, visit the Registration Information page on

If you wait beyond August 12 to initially register for any courses, you will be assessed a late registration fee of $105. If you wait to initially register after September 1, you will face a late registration fee of $210 (Note: State Unemployment Tuition Waiver students must wait until the last day of add/drop to register).

If you have not completed or updated your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for 2020-21, now is the time to do so. Your financial aid counselor is available to meet with you remotely, especially if there’s been a change to your FAFSA due to COVID.

The names of your advisor, financial aid counselor and the other members of your Kean success team are available on your Student Experience account. To log in, use your Kean email username and password.

We look forward to welcoming students back for the Fall semester.






For Windows: 



For Mac: (Ask it to WKU IT)

2020. 09. 02 Eric Yang's Guide to Creating BlackBoard for 2020 Fall Classes


Please note that unlike the spring online courses, building of course contents on the BlackBoard needs to be done by our faculty (but not School of Distance Learning). Here is important information that is helpful to your class building:

(1)   Contact Daniel Chen ( if you like to copy existing Blackboard courses (created in spring or summer, or created by Kean USA colleagues) to the same courses (or for multiple sections of a course) offered in fall 2020.

(2)   For building your conversion book content to Blackboard shell: signs in on BlackBoard, a course named “Bb Conversion_WKUFall2020" is listed as one of "My Courses".  Go to this course, and find step 8, in which video tutorials will guide you to learn how to build the courses to the Blackboard.

(3)   Each instructor has the ability to edit their course availability dates in Blackboard.  They can be edited under course properties.


 Here are the steps:


·  Change Edit Mode to ON

·  Go to Control Panel

·  Expand the Customization section

·  Select Properties

·  Under Set Course Duration

·  Change the start date.  Note: days and times are Eastern US time.

·  Click Submit.

        Please ask your ED or dean for any additional questions.

        I am looking forward to seeing you all on campus soon!




2020. Sept. 04: Acting Vice Chancellor's Urgent Request! 


2020. Sept. 15: Acting Vice Chancellor's Reaction to Unprepared Courses. 


Some College of Liberal Arts and College of Science & Technology folks will face the 'music'. 










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Kean University starts using a new Course Evaluation system ( from 2019 Fall. 

And WKU CBPM faculty members need to use the brand new course evaluation system. 

This is a short guide for our faculty members. 

Please Log-in with your Kean ID without   

If you input, you will get this error message. Please input your kean ID without 


If you log-in you can see your courses. 


Please get the Direct Link(s) and Copy. 


Send an encouragement Email to students who enrolled each course! 


The school recommends us to exercise this strategy to ensure students' participation. 

  1. Set a date to allow students to take the online course evaluation survey in class

  2. Notify your students of the date in advance and ask them to bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone to class to take the survey electronically

  3. Email them the link to your course evaluation (you can get it from your Course Evaluations site)


Then, we can get course evaluations from students.


Reporting methods :


School sends a notification email of the Course Evaluation Report. 



Click the campuslab's evaluation with Kean ID/PWD


You can see the course evaluation summary report! 


Please Keep "PDF" results as soon as you get the summary report because the results will disappear from the system a few weeks later.  


Please keep the record and summarize your Teaching Evaluation for 'Archiving' or 'Reassignment' in another excel file. 


Qualitative Feedback is not mandatory to keep records, but we can learn something from it. :) 




by Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, 

Program coordinator, MGM/MKT/GBUS Department

College of Business & Public Management

Kean University (Wenzhou)

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