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Meditation on Leadership/Thoughtful Leadership22

'Ah-Q' Mentality! [아Q 멘탈리티] 'Ah-Q' Mentality! [아Q 멘탈리티] The "Ah-Q" mentality is a term coined by the famous Chinese writer Lu Xun in his short story "The True Story of Ah-Q." It refers to a psychological phenomenon commonly found in Chinese society, characterized by the tendency of the downtrodden and oppressed to blame themselves for their own misfortunes, rather than questioning the larger social or political systems tha.. 2023. 3. 19.
궁궁을을’(弓弓乙乙)은 약자들의 "존버" 정신이다. 궁궁을을 (弓弓乙乙) 가진자들에게 핍박받는 약자 (궁 두자를 합하고 깃털처럼 가볍다는 것을 더하면, 약할 약 弱 자와 같다), 즉 을들이 연대하여 서로 함께 힘든 시기를 버텨내는 것을 말한다. 따라서, 궁궁을을이란 말은 약자들이 힘들 때 함께 버티는 "존버" 정신인 것이다. *존버 정신이란: 원래 스타크래프트의 럴커가 땅파고 버로우 한다는 말 (존나 버로우) 에서 나온 것으로, 땅파고 숨어서 기다리다보면 언젠가는 유용하게 쓰일 수 있다는 뜻이었다. 이외수 선생님이 2012년 젋은이들에게 해주고 싶은 말로 "존버 정신을 읽지 않으면 된다고" 해서 더욱 유명해 졌다. 이후 주로 주식이나 암호화폐 투자등에서 많이 사용한다. ================ Chart 45 When the uneasy days (.. 2022. 4. 3.
Cost of Doing Nothing About Growing Problem! (Dr. Reich)! Cost of Doing Nothing About Growing Problem >> Cost of Proposal Dr. Robert Reich proposed the concept of 'Cost of Doing Nothing'. He reasoned the "Cost of Doing Nothing" is much larger than the "Cost of Proposal". I interpreted this as "The preventive cost (a.k.a. preventive investment)" is much smaller than "Problem cost". Let's do something good to avoid unnecessarily high "cost of doing nothi.. 2021. 12. 7.
Observed Poor Management Problem Three NO! No Citizenship No Planning No Confrontation Three Too Much! Too much Self-interest Too much Show-off (pretending, face) Domination rather than Persuasion. ===== 2021. Dec. 02: Flash summary 2021. 12. 2.
Hire Only Fully Formed Adults (완전히 성장한 어른만 채용하라)! 완전히 성장한 어른만 채용 하는 7가지 기준 외부 기준: 책임감 상호이익 우선 경청하기 내부 기준: 명확한 미래상 확고한 가치관 관용 다중성 Seven Criteria to Hire Fully Formed Employees EXTERNAL Takes responsibility for their life and blames nobody else Think Win-Win Disciplined Listening INTERNAL Have clear vision, mission, and purpose Have a clear values and priorities Not only tolerate differences but also respect varied opinions, perspective, and expe.. 2020. 7. 13.
The Real Secret Weapon of the US? H1B - 미국의 최종비밀병기: 전문직 비자 A study indicates that the US college-educated employee's salary increases as the number of foreign-born H1B holders increases in a US city. Contrasting to the general belief of "Immigrants steals US jobs", the study results tell the highly education foreign born STEM talents contribute creating high paying jobs in the US. Michio Kaku, a physicists, argues that a powerful secret weapon of the US.. 2014. 5. 24.
Be attractive than competitive! (경쟁력보단 매력) We may not be able to be the most competitive person. But we definitely can be the most "Attractive" person. Let's be bright, gentle, confident, and disciplined ! ------------------- 가장 경쟁력있는 사람이 되긴 거의 불가능할지 모른다. 하지만, 가장 매력적인 사람이 되는 건 누구나 가능하다. 밝고, 친절하며, 자신감있고, 잘 정돈된 사람이 되어보자. Jeonghwan Choi, PhD, MBA, ME 2014. 5. 18.
A good rifle for a wrong target: a problem of HRD field of study. A good rifle for a wrong target: a problem of HRD field of study. [맞아죽을 각오로 쓰는 인재개발분야 (HRD) 문제점.] Having a good and reliable rifle gives a shooter a great chance to reach a target. However if a shooter targets a wrong target, a good rifle is useless, even worse it is frequently harmful. A wrong targeting problem is observed in HRD field of study. Prior to describing my claims, I define HRD is “a.. 2014. 2. 10.
A criteria for assessing a person (사람을 평가하는 기준). People must be assessed by what they have "taken", but not by what they have been "given". 사람은 그가 무엇을 스스로 "얻어가졌는가" 로 평가되어야지, 그가 무엇을 이미 "받았는가"로 평가되어선 안된다. Dr. Choi's Tonaghap Leadership Center. 2014. 1. 30.
Your Employees Want the 'Constructive Feedback'! Achtung Bitte!! (Warning) in translating the article. Your Employees Want the Negative Feedback You Hate to Give from Harvard Business Review http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/01/your-employees-want-the-negative-feedback-you-hate-to-give/ I cordially do not agree the definition of negative feedback used in this article. Generally, negative feedback examples are "being removed from a job or suffering som.. 2014. 1. 17.
Seniors are not expenses, but they are potentials (노인은 비용이 아니라 가능성이다). Seniors are not expenses, but they are potentials. Sen. Liz Warren argues that a society need to support seniors because they already paid for a society through their whole lives. And I want to add my idea. Seniors are not expenses, but they are potentials that are still needed to be unleashed for more knowledge, culture, and 'spirit' of a society. In order to cultivate and utilize these valuabl.. 2013. 11. 20.
We need to ask "Who built the North Korean nukes?" We need to ask "Who built the North Korean nukes?" We may not ask an important question about recent North Korean Nuclear threat. "Who built the Nukes?" Photo source: http://www.csmonitor.com/var/ezflow_site/storage/images/media/images/2010/0113/0113_doomsday_clock/7216329-1-eng-US/0113_Doomsday_clock_full_600.jpg While many people focus on the north Korean political leaders, Scientists and Engi.. 2013. 2. 13.