How to Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time? 

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How to manage "Energy", not "Time"?



Do and Don't for managing "Energy"



1. Body (Physical) Energy

    30 Min. Stretching before going to bed

    Eat frequently to fulfill 70%

    2 times full exercises for a week

    Keep silence for 10 Min. after 2 hours work

2. Mind (Focus) Energy

    Check Email/SNS within 30 Min. 

    Focus on important but not urgent

    Keep breathing for 10 Min. after 2 hours work

    Focus in morning time for tough works (7AM~1PM)

3. Emotion (Feeling) Energy

     Feel good, this is the only order from God

     Call family once in a week. 

     Think and Give a small gift 

     Reflect what I already have


4. Spirit (Meaning & Purpose) Energy

      Write a critical sentence in a day

      Establish the *My dream place

      Prepare a Speech for *My People

      Contribute to The Energy Project


1. Body (Physical) Energy

     Do not bring any electronic device to Bed

     Do not skip meals

     Do not lie down, but stand up

     *Stop a bad habit (e.g. Smoking)

2.  Mind (Focus) Energy

     Do not open Email/SNS 7AM ~ 1PM

     Limit TV & Chat  (2 hours)

     Do not thinking deeply

     Don't touch 7AM ~ 1PM

3.  Emotion (Feeling) Energy

     Do not make any negative thinking

     Do not frown your face, but make smiles

     Do not say any negative words

     Forget your "wants" 

4. Sprit (Meaning & Purpose) Energy

     Don't think your weakness

     Do no compare you with anybody

     Do not think the current bad things

     Do not be suspicious in your success 

Reference: Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Are You Headed for an Energy Crisis?

Questionnaire for measuring the level of energy management skill. 

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