Amy Edmonson says about "Learning from Failure." 

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Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School professor, describes strategies for analyzing workplace mistakes and producing more intelligent ones.

Blame gaining is quite emotionally challenging thing for human. 

1. False Dichotomous: Dilemma
- Most managers logically understand learning from failure while they cannot open, appreciate, or encourage it to averse employee's misbehaves or shaping naive organizational climate. 

2. Skills of Detecting/Analyzing/Creating failure should be developed. 

Columbia Shuttle explosion case could be averted! 
[Refer to  'Columbia's final mission' - Case Study:

- Previous small or seemingly unimportant failures were (intentionally or unconsciously) ignored. 
- Voice of failure (from an expert) were unable to get attention from senior management. 
3. Learning from failure has only one principle: Getting people to speak out! 

- Framing the work accuratelyu
- Leaders should realize everybody realize 'what is going one?"
- Leaders should embrace, thank 'voice of failure'  
- Team/Organization/System/Protocol should learning from failture and get back to 'real work.' 

4. Immunize (Learning from failure) you and your organization to prevent a critical Infection (True failure). 

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