Why You Hate Work

According to a recent research by the Energy Project (Dr. Tony Schwartz), people hate work because of three reasons. 

1. No time to think (생각할 틈이 없다)
2. Inability to focus (일에 집중하기 어렵다)
3. Few opportunities (의미있는 일을 할 기회가 없다) 

See the following NBC news of the problem. 

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How to fix the problem? 

Tony Schwartz suggests "Managing your Energy, not your Time". Organizations need to invest people to have physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy for work rather than managing work time or process!

See the following CBS news (June 05, 2014), Tony Schwartz talks about how to avoid burnout: How employees happy, productive.  

One practical tips for creating 'energy waves' is "taking a short break after focusing on a task for 90 minutes." 

source: Why you hate work (NY times, June 01, 2014 by Tony Schwartz). 


Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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