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NIW Application Supplementary (Dr. Jeonghwan Choi)

by Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi 2022. 9. 11.

EB-2, National Interest Waiver (NIW) Green Card Application (국익면제, 고학력자 독립 이민) 신청서 



1. Professional experiences
- 재직증명서 " Kean University로부터 새로 발급 부탁드립니다 (보내주신 서류는 예전여권번호와 2017년 기준 재직으로 표기되어 있습니다) 


재직 증명서( 2022년 8월 22일 기준)

2022_Choi_Employment letter (재직증명서).pdf


2. - 경력증명서 (이력서에 기재하신 3곳으로부터 경력증명서 발급 부탁드립니다) 


Adjunct Professor, College of Business, Ramapo College of New Jersey

Teaching Evaluation from Professor Rikki Abzug



Reference Remarks from Lauren Quigley from the course:



Adjunct Professor, Kean University


Tax Certificate of 2015 January ~ July (Adjunct Professor at Kean University). 




Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 




>경력증명서 (보내주신 서류는 잘 받았습니다. 아래의 각 학교로부터 받은 Job Offer와 Visa를 제출하실 수 있는지요?) 


Adjunct Professor, College of Business, Ramapo College of New Jersey
Adjunct Professor, Kean University
Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 


2022.09.18: Dr. Choi: 오래된 자료라 찾을 수가 없네요. 죄송합니다. 



3. 학위논문 3개 (커버와 Abstract 부분만 스캔하여 전달 부탁드립니다) 
- Thesis: Analysis of Effective Job Recruiting Tools for Chemical Engineers
within Dow chemical Europe.



2022.09.18: Dr. Choi :  이곳에 자료 Publication 되어 있습니다. https://leadershipcenter.tistory.com/28


그리고, 위의 건으로 수상한 증빙자료가 아래와 같이 있습니다. 
Certificate of Prize of Highest Practical Value of "Interpool academic contest". by Internationale Personaldienstleistungen Beratug.Recruitierung.Betreuung




Please see this Link: 



Analysis of Effective Job Recruiting Tools for Chemical Engineers within Dow Chemical Europe

Analysis of Effective Job Recruiting Tools for Chemical Engineers within Dow Chemical Europe Andrea Ferrari, Anna Postol, Jeong-Hwan Choi, Joanna Izdebski, Philipp Frickhinger, Rustam Vagabov Remigi..





- Thesis: A Semi-Active Suspension Using ER Fluids for a Commercial
Vehicle Seat.


Please See this Link: 




권호기사보기 권호기사 목록 테이블로 기사명, 저자명, 페이지, 원문, 기사목차 순으로 되어있습니다. 기사명 저자명 페이지 원문 기사목차 우편복사 안내 우편복사 안내 ◾ 도서관을 방문하지



Abstract:  Vibration Control of an ER Seat Suspension for a Commercial Vehicle

This paper presents a semi-active seat suspension with an electrorheological (ER) fluid damper. A cylindrical ER seat damper is devised on the basis of a Bingham model of an arabic gum-based ER fluid and its field-dependent damping characteristics are empirically evaluated. A semi-active seat suspension is then constructed, and the governing equations of motion are derived by treating the driver mass as a parameter uncertainty. A sliding mode controller, which has inherent robustness to system uncertainties, is formulated to attenuate seat vibration due to external excitations. The controller is then experimentally realized, and controlled responses are presented in both time and frequency domains. In addition, a full-car model consisting of the primary, cabin, and seat suspensions is established, and a hardware-in-the-loop simulation is undertaken to demonstrate the practical feasibility of the proposed seat suspension system showing ride comfort quality under various road conditions. 􏰈DOI: 10.1115/1.1542639􏰃


- Thesis: Vibration control of a flexible single-link manipulator with Piezofilm

Not Available: 압전필름 외팔보 진동제어 최정환 (인하대학교 1996)


4. 구글스콜러 페이지 생성 및 본인의 이름이 포함된 논문 리스트를 업데이트 부탁드립니다 


Dr. Jeonghwa (Jerry) Choi's Google Scholar: 




Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi

Kean University - Cited by 205 - Human Resource Development - Motivation - Business Education - Entrepreneurship






5. Peer-reviewed 논문 (이력서에 기재하신 사이트는 로그인이 필요해서 출력하지 못했습니다) 

Academy of Management (Proceeding, 2022): 


The Mediating Effect of PsyCap on Social Entrepreneurial Intention by Gender and Pandemic


The Mediating Effect of PsyCap on Social Entrepreneurial Intention by Gender and Pandemic | Academy of Management Proceedings

This study investigated the mediating effect of positive psychological capital (PsyCap) on social entrepreneurial intention (SEI) by gender and the COVID-19 pandemic. Survey data were collected from two cohorts of graduating senior business college student




6. Research Grant 증빙서류 


- 2022 IRSP (International Research Support Program, Zhejiang, China) fund - 100,000 RMB: Employing Traceability for Mitigating The Risk of Components Counterfeit in Supply Chains (Co-Principal Investigator with Dr. Nasser Mustafa at Computer Science at Wenzhou-Kean University)




IRSP_Fund_100,000RMB_A Call for Joining an ISRP Project.pdf



- 2021 Ouhai, Wenzhou Government Fund for Cultural Innovation (under review), 20,000 RMB ($2,806) for Cultural Innovation Project.

Not Available


- 2019 ~ Center for Social Enterprise & Charity Fund, Annual 20,000 RBM ($2,806) . Fund for establishing and operating the research institute


2019. April 08: Approval of the CSEC Establishment and annual 20,000 RMB fund. 

Regulation of Wenzhou-Kean University Scientific Research Institution温州肯恩大学办公室关于印发《温州肯恩大学科研机构管理办法(试行)》的通知 .pdf
Announcement of the Establishment of Three Scientific Research Institutions关于成立温州肯恩大学创意城市研究中心等三所科研机构的通知.pdf


-  2017 SpF (Student Partnering Faculty). Fund for ‘Diffusion of Legal Software Use in Campus’ action research at Kean University Wenzhou, China, (20,000 RMB - $ 2,752)

Midterm Report of the SpF Project: 

2016_17 SpF_WKU SpF Mid term Report.pdf


- 2012 Focal Point Initiative Grant for UC Smiles Project, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ($10,000)


Please see this New Article: 



Creators of UC Smiles to research other currencies - The Daily Illini

After launching a new form of currency on Nov. 1, UC Smiles has begun spending a second University grant of $15,000, which will help fund a documentary researching the initiative. 





Proposal of Focal Point: 

Final proposal_Local currency2.pdf

-  2011 Public Engagement Grant for Local Community Economy Development Project, Office of Public Engagement, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign ($15,000). http://www.news-gazette.com/news/business/ 2012-10-09/currency-local-merchants-unveiled.html


Please see this file: 


'Currency' for local merchants unveiled _ News-Gazette.pdf


"UC Smiles has received grants from the University of Illinois Office of Public Engagement and from Focal Point. UC Smiles also hopes to use Kickstarter, an online fundraising program, to raise $5,000 by Nov. 15, but not everything has been put in place for that campaign.

UC Smiles has two other executive directors, Jeonghwan Choi and Jeff Smith, as well as an advisory board made up of Mike Doyle, Dale Gardner, Sue Grey, Sten Johansen, Wynne Korr and Salim Rashid.

The program is sponsored by the University YMCA, the UI School of Social Work and the UI Office of Public Engagement. The Urbana Business Association is a partner in the program."



-  2011 Synergy Fellowship, Department of Education, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ($12,000).


Please see the recipient list of The William Chandler Bagley Doctoral Scholarship; The Fabac-Tomlinson Award (Synergy Fellowship). 




Scholarship recipients, donors honored at Student Recognition Brunch

Scholarship recipients, donors honored at Student Recognition Brunch



2012_UIUC_Scholarship recipients, donors honored at Student Recognition Brunch _ College of Education _ UIUC.pdf











Graduate & Professional Fellowship

Award amount A $12,600 (9 month) stipend. Tuition and fee waivers are included for most recipients excluding those in cost recovery or self-supporting programs. Please contact your departmental representative for its policy on courtesy tuition waivers. P



-  2007 National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Symposium Grant, NSF and Association for Educational and Communication Technology (AECT) Research and Theory Division ($700)

Please see the list of "2007     Research Symposium Grant Award sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF) and Association for Educational and Communication Technology (AECT) Research and Theory Division, October 2007." 




Wenhao David Huang | Center for East Asian & Pacific Studies at Illinois

RESEARCH 2022     Health Innovation Professorship, Carle-Illinois College of Medicine,   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2020     Dean’s Prize for Innovation and Collaboration, School of Social Work, University of Illinois at Urbana-


7. Book Chapters (책 커버와 본인 이름이 나온 부분만 스캔하여 전달 부탁드립니다) 
-  Choi, J. (2005). Change everything except for your wife and children: Samsung Leadership. Perspectives on Leadership: Observations of an international group of MBA students. HHL–Leipzig Graduate School of Managemen


Please see this website: 




삼성 이건희 (전) 회장 리더십 분석

삼성 이건희 리더십 분석 "Change everything except for your wife and children" – Kun-Hee Lee, SAMSUNG, Chairman, Frankfurt Declaration, June 07, 1993 – HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management (..




추천인 이력서


Dr. Mohammad Mousavi

CV_Mohammad Mousavi.pdf


Dr. Jessica Li: 



Dr. Sarmann Kennedyd





1. 추천서 3부 중, 기존 2분의 추천인 이력서를 안주시고  다른 두 분의 추천인 이력서 2부로 주셨는데 다시 한번 확인 부탁드립니다.  

2022.09.21 (Choi): 네 분의 추천서를 첨부하였습니다. 
2. 임야대장은 2022년 기준으로 다시 출력 해주실 수 있나요? 
2022.09.21 (Choi): 새로이 발급받아 보내드리립니다.
3. HHL 학교 졸업증명서가 독일어로 되어있는데, 혹시 번역 된 파일 전달 해주실 수 있을까요? (첨부파일 확인 부탁드립니다) 


2022.09.21 (Choi): 영어로 번역된 것을 첨부하였습니다.






4. NIW 질문지 작성해주셨던 내용이 예전 버전이라, 저희 업데이트 된 버전으로 다시 보내드립니다. 작성 후 전달 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.
- 새로 추가된 부분들과 보강한 답변을 질문지 (Q10)에 작성하여 첨부하였습니다. 
5. Updated Future Plan

- 새로 추가된 부분들 작성하여 첨부하였습니다. 


20220921_Future_Plan_Social Media Lab.pdf




2022.09.24: Future Plan 보강 작성


2022.09.21: 질문서, 토지대장, HHL 졸업증명 번역, 4인 추천인 보강


2022.09.18: Added Interpool award, Synergy fellow award. 

2022.09.11: Initially Summarized.