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I hope to share a very interesting article with you.
You may know that our Lab's name (Technology Entrepreneurship & Education) shows our research interests.

In my humble opinion, we may understand what is technology and what is education.
But how about entrepreneur?

As Dr. Gartenr (Clemson Univ. ) pointed out, there is no generic definition of the entrepreneur.
After reviewing a lot of Entrepreneurial articles, he summarized and insisted that "Entrepreneurship is creation of organization and the person who create organization is the entrepreneur."

In addition, he suggested that entrepreneurship researchers should more focus on "Behavioral approach, not Trait."

However, I'm shaping my research questions for ERP as
1. Who are campus entrepreneurs? (Students, Faculty, Staff or Dean/Chancellor?)
2. Which factors distinguish them from other (classic or social) entrepreneurs?
3. How can we strategically develop campus entrepreneurs?

As a Graduate Assitant at Engineering Department, my questions are a little bit more focused on developing Technology Entrepreneurs on Campus. 

Can we share our ideas about "Campus Entrepreneurs Development?"
Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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