Talent is a combination of aptitude and attitude. 

(재능이란 능력과 태도의 조합이다.) 

- Jeonghwan Philip Choi, 2010 - 


A talent can be realized only if he/she has both enough competency (frequently accounted for knowledge, skill, ability, and others) for a task and socially acceptable attitude. 

Discrepancy of one from other deter talents realization in a society. 

from wikipedia: 

Talent is generally considered to be an innate, personal gift possessed by relatively few people.[citation needed] In essence, someone with talent has an aptitude to do certain things.

Talent (in the sense of natural ability or giftedness) is not the same asskill, which is a learned process, and one which is enhanced or inhibited by an underlying talent.

Talent management refers to the process of developing and integrating new workers, developing and retaining current workers, and attracting highly skilled workers to work for a company. Talent management[1] in this context does not refer to the management ofentertainers. The term was coined by David Watkins of Softscape[2] published in an article in 1998[3]. The process of attracting and retaining profitable employees, as it is increasingly more competitive between firms and of strategic importance, has come to be known as "the war for talent."

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