1. I don't know anything, thus I can do anything. 

2. I learned from conventional bank system, and I did it exactly opposite. 

3. Does micro credit is good for only entrepreneurial poor? No. there is no difference among people!

4. Who create poverty? It's not made by individuals, but system and history. 

5. Human is not just money making machine, human is multi-dimensional creature. We also can think and care others.  

6. Social enterprises are 'redesigning', 're-conceptualizing', and 're-visioning' of issues. 

7. Let's establish a "Poverty Museum" which will reflect our current poverty. Let's dream a dream that our children will come to the museum to reflect our current efforts to vanish poverty from the world.
From Dr. Yunus's lecture on Mar. 01 2010 at UIUC. 
Photo source: wikipedia.org

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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