Meditation on Meadowbrook Park, Urbana, IL. 

In the south part of Urbana, Illinois, there is a Meadowbrook natural conservative park. 

The park is reserving native prairie field. 

At the starting point of the park, there is a statue of conflicting hammers. 

The hammer statue encourage people to think about 'conflicting relationship.' 
People starts to walk with this idea. 

A monster comes from the conflict between people. 

Dualism makes people unhappy and look different sides. 

But, let's sit down for a while and take a deep breath. 

We always walk together to the end of our lives. Don't we? 

Somebody gets triumphs, and proud of their achievements. 

But their triumphs bases on the other's loss or death. 

Humans are sharing 99.99% same DNAs. 

We came from the same Forest by Walking with two legs. 

Yes, we are bi-pod walking animal. 

Freeing two hands enabled us to use our front two legs, and we invented tools. We are seemed conquer every nature, and we started to fight against each other. 

But, when we conquer each other, we will consequently be diminished from the earth.
And new nature will be come out as does in spring. 

Conflict should be managed if we hope to flourish each other. 

Jeonghwan Choi, 
Mar.19 2011

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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