Secret of Winning Games? 

"Recruit best people in dedication, sacrificing, and cooperation rather than best people in leading, exhibiting, and making numbers." 

Kyong-Moon Kim,
The S. Korean Baseball Team Manager - The Champion of 2008 Beijing Olympic Gam. 

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Story 1. 
Mr. IL-Sung Ha, the general manager of Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) struggled and tried persuading the manager (chief coach) of Korean base ball team for 2008 Beijing Olympic select the best athletes in function. 

But the manager, Kyong-Moon Kim, kept insisting that he would select 'best athletes in dedication, sacrificing, and cooperation.' 

The general manager argued that "It is the competition, not a personality test." 
But, the coach never retreated his suggestion, and he selected athletes who he wanted. 

Story 2. 

A back-up outfielder, Taek-Geun Lee, woke up early in the morning before playing athletes getting up. He ran around each room for playing athletes with cat's step, and turned off every air conditioner.

When general manager, Mr. Ha, asked about the reason to the back-up man, he replied that "I may not have any opportunity to play for games, but I want to let playing players to have better condition by turning off their air conditioner. You know that taking cool air before waking up makes feel bad" with a big smile. 

Story 3. 
The general manager, Mr. Ha, realized the reason why the manager (chief coach) selected and recruited best athletes in dedication, sacrificing, and cooperation rather than best athletics in function when he lifted up the Gold medal. 

Every athlete for the Olympic devoted themselves for winning the game by dedicating, sacrificing, and cooperating with each other.

Even 'star players' were moved for the other athletes dedication, sacrificing, and cooperation, and they played as team members, not heroes. 


Recruiting most competitive personnels may guarantee 'personal' winnings, while recruiting best people in dedication, sacrificing, and cooperation guarantee 'team' winnings. 

1. Interview with Il-Sung Ha(General Manager of Korean Baseball Team).

2. Baseball at the 2008 Summer Olympic at Beijing.

3. Youtube Video : summary of Gold medal in Baseball, Beijing Olympic 2008. 


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