I came back hometown (Urbana-Champaign, IL) to renew my driver's license from Aug. 22 to Aug. 25, 2014 through driving 28 hours from NJ to the town and town to NJ. 

In the bottom floor of Social Work building, a Korean coffee shop has launched. 

In the downtown of Champaign, there are many events. 

At Guidos, I had gathering with my HRD people. 

Shmalaya cooked dosas for me. :) 

Caffe Paradiso always welcomes me. 

Renewed driver's license. 

I met my friend (Prof. Dr. Lee, Chul-hee) at the St. Mary's Church. 

Zach is still loving a ball. :) 

Mary Wetter brings an accessary that was given by Seonmi. 

My best friend, Scott Wetter welcomes me at his garage for building antique cars. 

Kartick chants an indian chanting at a Spiritual meeting. 

Hot wings at Buffalo Wings with a nice beer with good friends always make me happy. 

My papa, Prof. Dr. Balgopal took a scroll of appreication from National Association of Professional Social Workers in India this year (2014). 

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