I went to the HATCH - a creative reuse art festival at Champaign Urbana in Mar 02, 2013. 

We toured the art fair and visited a small booth that exhibited quilts and several creative arts. 

We bought two wine covers at the booth for gifts for our friends. 

During the trade, we could communicate with the artist who made wine covers and quilts. 

Her name was "Phyllis Rash Hughes" from the Studio (6708 NE Arrowhead Dr. Urbana, IL 61802, Tel: 217 643 7416).  

This charming lady is 85 years old, which is not easy to believe in.  

She was a professional psychologists and an artists. 

Before having a pelvis injury on her age of 21, she was a national champion of pingpong!

She is still enjoying pingpong games with community people. 

When Phyllis was age of 49, she met her hustand who was 24 years younger. 

Her husband is 2 years younger than her son :)  

She and her husband have lived happy together more than 36 years, and they are still love each other. 

As an artists and pingpong athlete, she wants to dedicate her life to inspire people to have happy life through arts and healthy spirit and body. 

I admire her life and inspiration. 

Mar. 02, 2013

Jeonghwan Choi


Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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