Three Natural Laws for Excellent Leaders

I. Law of Attraction

“Feel Good, this is the only order from the Universe” 

Positive thinking and feeling attract positive consequences. 

“Don’t be afraid of taking good things. Simply appreciate it.” 

Be thankful to what you are and what you have now. 

“Attractiveness rather than Competitiveness” 

Be bright, gentle, confident, and disciplined. 

II. Law of Action-Reaction

“Act rather than react” 

20% current investment in the first thing (important / not-urgent) draws 80% of desirable consequences. 

“Be a Master of Every Situation”

Be Self-directed: 

        • Bring a new idea; 
        • Take initiative; 
        • Redesign works; 
        • Go against established rules if necessary. 

“Dominate the initial 30 minutes”: 

Solely focus on a task for 30 minutes. 

Win over the ‘Frame War’ with R. S. C.  

        • Relevancy
        • Simple
        • Constructive

III. Law of Energy Creation

“Create Energy Waves to Perform”

Manage your ‘Energy’ not your Time 

        • Physical: Sleep well and Exercise  
        • Emotional: Act without expectations
        • Mental: Control distractions 
        • Spiritual: Do what you can perform well

“Create Multiple Capitals”

        • Financial capital: Increase revenue; Reduce expense. 
        • Communal capital: Practice the “Tit-for-Tat” to build a trust. 
        • Relational capital: Give positive and developmental feedback.
        • Human capital: Perform to learn / Learn to perform. 
        • Psychological capital: Self-efficacy, Hope, Optimism, Resiliency. 
        • Physiological capital: Create brain and muscle power.
        • Spiritual capital: Sharpen your sense of purpose. 


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