"Management by Active Listening" practice in KFC, Chashan, Wenzhou, China.

Recently, I am enjoying my morning ritual at KFC, Chashan, Wenzhou, China. I enjoy a fresh-brewed coffee and a morning menu at the store.

Today (Oct. 20, 2016), I can hear a loud voice of an employee. She looks quite upset and almost shouts to her manager just beside my place. The manager, however, listens and listens and listens her furious voices with a great patience. 

After 10~15 minutes, the upset voice gets smaller and smaller. Then, the manager started persuading her with a gentle and attentive tone. Gradually, the employee makes a few nods and she starts making laugh and smile. 

I think it takes around 30 minutes that the manager listens first; persuades the angry employee; gets her back to her place with a smile.

Impressively again, I can observe that "Management by Active Listening" is working in anywhere in the world. ^^

Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, PhD, MBA, ME

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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