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[BIZEDU] Artificial Intelligence Assisted Thesis Writing Tips!

by Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi 2023. 8. 6.

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Thesis Writing Tips!  

AI-assisted thesis writing harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and enhance academic compositions. Tools like ChatGPT and QuillBot offer paraphrasing assistance, ensuring content uniqueness and clarity. Grammar checkers with AI capabilities, like Grammarly, provide real-time feedback on syntax, tone, and clarity, while platforms like Zotero employ AI for efficient citation management. AI-driven research tools can suggest relevant literature, optimizing the literature review process. Additionally, AI summarizers can condense lengthy articles, saving time during research. Embracing AI tools in thesis writing not only ensures a polished output but also makes the research and writing process more efficient and focused.


Before feeding data into the AI, it's advisable to draft a preliminary outline of your research concept using the "Brief Description of a Study" template, attributed to Professor Ronald L. Jacobs of UIUC. This instrument aids in structuring a unique research endeavor.



Brief Description of Study.docx



Prompt Example for Thesis Writing:


I am a master student in the graduate school of Managerial science specialized in XXX management.  

I would like to write a master thesis for graduation.

Please write a Thesis within 10000 words with following information: 

Write sentences professionally and acacemically with relatively higher perplexicity to avoid AI detector and plagiarism.


- Following  (Describe this part as detail as possible) - 

1) The research purpose is to [investigate the effects of xxx management onto xxx in the the xxx management field of study.  

2) The research method is quantitative survey for workers at xxx company in the field of xxx (> 300 employees).

3) Basic Descriptive and Inferential Statistical methods such as Structural equation modeling methods will be used to examine the proposes hypotheses.

4) If possible, please indicate the reliable scholarly reference from Scopus or Web of Science with APA 7 style as much as possible.  



Thesis (Dissertation) Structure (For Quantatiative Method) 


[For another research method like Qualitative method or Mixed method, please refer to the Creswell's Research Design Book: https://www.ucg.ac.me/skladiste/blog_609332/objava_105202/fajlovi/Creswell.pdf   ]


[Cover Page]: Title, Name, Insitution

  • Table of Contents
  • List of Figures
  • List of Tables


Chapter 1. Introduction: 

  • Background of the Study: 
  • Problem Statement:
  • Need for the Study
  • Purpose of Study
  • Research Questions
  • Significance of the Study
  • Definition of Terms
  • Limitations
  • Summay of the Chapter 1
  • Overview of the study

Chapter 2. Literature Review: 

  • Theory and Hypothesis
  • Overview of "AAA" 
    • Literature Review of of AAA
  • Overview of "BBB"
    • Hypothesis 1: AAA has a positive relationship with BBB
  • Overview of "CCC" 
    • Hypothesis 2: BBB has a positive relationship with CCC
  • Overview of "DDD" 
    • Hypothesis 3: AAA has a positive relationship with CCC
    • Hypothesis 4: BBB mediate the relationship between AA and CCC

Chapter 3. Method:

  • Research Design
  • Population and Sample
  • Mesurement Instrument
  • Data Collection Procedure
  • Data Analysis Strategy
  • Summary

Chapter 4. Results: 

  • Demographic Information
  • Measurement and Validity Issues
  • A Framework for Data Analysis
  • Descriptive Statisticas and Reliability Test
  • Hypothesis Testing Results
  • Summary of Chapter 4

Chapter 5. Discussion

  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Theretetical Implications
  • Practical Implications
  • Limitation
  • Suggestions for Future Research


Appendix A: Survey Instrument

Appendix B: Survey Recruiting Letter and Consent Form

Appendix C: IRB Approval Letter




** For APA (American Psychology Association) 7 Style, You can refer to this Website: 



APA Formatting and Style Guide (7th Edition) - Purdue OWL® - Purdue University

In-Text Citations Resources on using in-text citations in APA style Reference List Resources on writing an APA style reference list, including citation formats





AI Assisted Tools


1. ChatGPT : https://chat.openai.com/ 

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is a state-of-the-art conversational artificial intelligence model. Stemming from the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) series, it's designed to generate human-like text based on the patterns it learned from vast amounts of data. ChatGPT is often used for tasks ranging from answering questions to crafting coherent and contextually relevant paragraphs, making it a valuable tool for various applications, including aiding in academic research and thesis writing. Its ability to understand and generate content based on user prompts offers researchers an innovative way to streamline information processing and synthesis.



A conversational AI system that listens, learns, and challenges






Perplexity AI

Upload a text or PDF file (up to 10MB). Sign in to upload files.







모두를 위한 AI 포털 뤼튼. AI 채팅부터 이미지 생성, 나만의 AI 제작까지, 언제 어디서나 생성형 AI와 함께하세요.




2. Quillbot :  https://quillbot.com/

QuillBot is an AI-powered writing and paraphrasing tool designed to assist users in improving the quality and originality of their content. Leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, QuillBot rephrases sentences, paragraphs, or articles, maintaining the original meaning while ensuring the output is fluent and coherent. Particularly beneficial for thesis writing, it aids researchers in avoiding plagiarism, refining their language, and enhancing the overall readability of their work. With multiple modes and styles available, users can tailor the output to fit their specific needs, making it an invaluable asset for academic endeavors.

alternative: https://jenni.ai/


Supercharge Your Writing with Jenni AI

Jenni is the AI assistant that keeps you in the driver's seat. Jenni works with you as you write, and once you write with Jenni you can never go back.



alternative: https://consensus.app/


Consensus - Evidence-Based Answers, Faster

500,000+ researchers, students, doctors, professionals and evidence-conscious consumers choose Consensus




3. ChatPDF or ChatGPT Plugin (AskyorPDF)

ChatPDF is an innovative tool designed to streamline the process of extracting information from PDF documents. By leveraging advanced vector database technology, ChatPDF allows users to quickly search and retrieve specific details from a PDF by simply providing a URL or a document ID. Especially beneficial for researchers and students engaged in thesis writing, this tool eliminates the tedious task of manually sifting through lengthy documents. Users can pose questions or queries, and ChatPDF scans the stored PDF to provide precise answers, even specifying the page number where the information is located. This efficiency can significantly expedite the research and citation process.



ChatPDF - Chat with any PDF!

ChatPDF is the fast and easy way to chat with any PDF, free and without sign-in. Talk to books, research papers, manuals, essays, legal contracts, whatever you have! The intelligence revolution is here, ChatGPT was just the beginning!



3. LineBreak Remover:  https://removelinebreaks.net/

Removelinebreak is a handy digital tool designed to eliminate unnecessary line breaks from texts, ensuring a seamless and consistent flow of content. For thesis writing, where formatting and presentation are paramount, removelinebreak can be invaluable. By automatically converting disjointed and broken paragraphs into coherent ones, it aids in achieving a polished and professional document appearance. This tool not only streamlines the editing process but also ensures that content, especially when transferred from digital sources or PDFs, maintains its structural integrity. For academic writers, it's a quick solution to a common formatting challenge, enhancing readability and presentation quality.


Remove Line Breaks

Remove Line Breaks is a online text tool that automatically remove all abnormally inserted line breaks.



4. Zotero https://www.zotero.org/


Zotero | Your personal research assistant



Zotero is an indispensable tool for academic writing, particularly for thesis compositions. As a free, open-source reference management software, Zotero simplifies the process of collecting, organizing, and citing research materials. With browser integration, it effortlessly captures sources from various databases, e-journals, and websites. Its intuitive interface allows users to categorize references, attach PDFs, and make annotations. Most notably, Zotero seamlessly integrates with word processors, enabling automatic in-text citations and bibliography generation in numerous citation styles. For thesis writers, Zotero streamlines the arduous task of citation management, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout their work.

[alternatve]  https://www.mendeley.com/


Mendeley - Reference Management Software

Mendeley brings your research to life, so you can make an impact on tomorrow Search over 100 million cross-publisher articles and counting Popular searches: COVID-19 Bioenergy Obesity Create a free account




Extra Tools: 

PromotGenie: English Prompt - Korean Prompt (Interchange) 



프롬프트 지니 홈페이지

프롬프트 지니




For more AI assisted acacemic thesis writing tools here are several more options: 



Top 7 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools in Scientific Research - iLovePhD

Unlock the potential of Artificial Intelligence - AI Tools in Scientific Research for enhanced data analysis, efficient research paper writing







2023. Aug. 12: Updated Stucture of Thesis and Added Brief Description of Study

2023. Aug. 11: Updated Thesis Structure based on Dr. Choi's Dissertation at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2023. Aug. 06: Intitially Archived.