Academic Journal of Entrepreneurship
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This is a list of academic journals in the field of business innovation and entrepreneurship broadly defined. There are currently 120 on the list. Please note: This is not a "ranking" of these journals. It's value is in the URL links to the individual publication.

As to rankings, the most complete journal ranking comes from the UK’s Association of Business Schools.

Anne-Wil Harzing’s Journal Quality List is the most complete coverage of journal rankings, and she also has a version by discipline.

Per Davidsson's compilation is more comprehensive than the UK-ABS one but more selective than Harzings listing across all business disciplines.

See also Business journal rankings/impact factors & PBRF a literature review (University of Auckland).

University of Western Ontario Western Libraries journal ranking page.

The best source for updates and broken links is JournalSeek and Google. Please report any new links or journals to



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