Top 5 (Online) Magazines for Business Leader & MBA

1. Harvard Business Working Knowledge: Frequently, this is better than HRB.

2. Knowledge @ Wharton: Practical knowledge, skill, and ability for business people.

3. MIT Sloan Management Review: Best arguments in business world.

4. Economist: Who can beat this English magazine?

5. Mckinsey Quarterly: Most powerful opinion leader in business world.

Top 5 Newspapers for Business Leader & MBA

1. Wall Street Journl: Conservative, but no one can beat this newspaper.

2. New York Times / Business : U.S. oriented, and very balanced views to business.

3. Reuters / Finance: Fantastic Finance Information and Stock Query.

4. Huffington Post / Business: Another opinion? Read this.

5. Science Daily: Seems awkward. But can you imagine a business without technology?

Must Follow up Videos:

TED Talks: Best leaders, best talks!

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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