Here are a few cases: unusually human oriented workplaces achieve extraordinary successes. 

1. Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days

Will it improve company culture? Sure. But can giving workers all the time off they want also increase their productivity?

  1. It treats employees like the adults they are. If they’re incapable of handling the responsibility that comes along with having unlimited vacation days, they're probably incapable of handling other responsibilities too, so don't hire them.
  2. It reduces costs by not having to track vacation time. Tracking and accounting for vacation days can be cumbersome work. This policy eliminates those headaches.
  3. It shows appreciation. Your employees will need unexpected time off and some need more vacation than others. By giving them what they need when they need it, you show your employees how much you appreciate them and they reciprocate by producing more great work.
  4. It's a great recruitment tool. We hire a mere one out of every 750 applicants at Red Frog. When you combine fantastic benefits with a positive culture, it's noticed.

2. Success Story of Mirai Industry

CEO Akio Yamada's Employee-Oriented Management 

"I have made steady effort to touch my employees' heart. It seems that I am successful in it in some degree. So, now I deserve to tell them, "Get enough rest! Don't work for others! Do things you like!"


3. Lessons from Semco on Structure, Growth and Change

"Rather than force our people to expand a business beyond its natural limits, we encourage them to start new businesses."

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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