We need to ask "Who built the North Korean nukes?" 

We may not ask an important question about recent North Korean Nuclear threat. 

"Who built the Nukes?" 

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While many people focus on the north Korean political leaders, Scientists and Engineers who have built nukes and tested them have been unseen. We don't have any information about North Korean scientists and engineers. 

In the perspective of human resource development, it is a big mystery that "how North Korean scientists and engineers were developed" under the very oppressive work environment. 

Is this just because of 'top-secret' in a dark nation? Or we just have ignored it? 

Tao Te Ching chapter 62 says "Achieve greatness in little things." 

Understanding of North Korean HRD for Scientists and Engineers is a tiny thing, but it can give us an important clue to resolve a big problem.

A South Korean newspaper reported several scientists and engineers who developed North Korean Nukes. 

A Short History of North Korean Nuke Development. 


According to the report, Nuke development in NK was led by several scientists and engineers who came from south Korea late 1940s. Doh, SangRok and Lee, SeungKi are two of them. 

Since 1953 (end of Korean war), more than 300 scientists and engineers were sent to Soviet Union to learn theories and practices of Nuke. Seo, SangGook - one of 300 and Dean of Physics department of Kim Il-Sung university in Pyongyang had led the first nuke test in 2006. 

These 300 scientists and engineers - the second generation - have committed and led development NK Nukes. 

I assume that many NK nuclear scientists and engineers should be old enough to retire, and new generation has not been fully developed because of tough economic situations, international sanction and isolation during 1980s's ~ 1990's.  

However, NK will sustain nuke capability at least 20 years before end of the 2nd generation of scientists and engineers. 

We may have three options to address NK nuclear threat. 

First, South Korea resumes developing Nuke to deter North Korea. 

Second, Taking a surgical strike on Nuke facility before it really become a visible threat. 

Third, Admitting NK as a legitimated power, and softly lead her to transformation. 

Personally, I would like to transform NK scientists and engineers to commit economic development rather than military development to flourish their economy. 

NK scientists and engineers need to commit their talents to flourish their people's social and economic development rather than to commit protecting dictating regime. 

Feb. 12, 2013

Jeonghwan Choi, 

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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