Meditation on A. Lincoln's Leadership. 

We can still learn something from a leadership Giant - Abraham Lincoln. 

Learning leadership from A. Lincoln (by Wall Street Journal, Feb. 24, 2014). 

1. Cite precedent.
2. Make your case. 
3. Humor helps. 
4. Principles first.
5. Be inclusive.

Photo: Looking to the Past: An 1860 portrait by George Peter Alexander Healy. The Granger Collection

Source: What Would Lincoln Do?: Modern-day leaders could learn a lot from our 16th president

In addition, I want to add one more. 
6. Believe in your people. 

From several visits at Lincoln Museum at Bloomington, IL, I could feel and smell Lincoln's strong belief in the natural born virtue of human race. The feeling from Lincoln's leftovers reinforced my belief in people.

J. Choi, 

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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