In July 29 2015, Kean University offers me a full-time faculty position at Wenzhou, China campus. I cordially accept the offer and I prepare going to China.  The key working conditions are: 10 Month appointment, 30 credit hours teaching load, $65,000 annual payment; free accommodation; two times round trip tickets between US and China per year; two-years contract. 

I accept the China campus job offer for three reasons.

First, I want to experience another global experience in an emerging nation like China. Throughout my professional and educational journey, I experienced many global exposures in the US, Germany, and Korea. And I feel that China is attracting me to let me have a chance to give another wonderful and exotic experiences. 

Second, I want to know what is going on in China in the field of (Global) Business Education. Shaun Rein (2012) - The author of "The End of Cheap China" insisted that "China Needs American Education" especially in Business Education to develop the right business people for global economy within Chinese territory. A few American Universities such as Duke and New York University operate Shanghai campuses for several years, and many American Universities want to expand it's global initiative in China. However, we have little known about 'what is going on in American Business Education in China'? I want to take a role of 'a microscope' to observe and archive what I will be experiencing in American Business Education in China.  

Third, Wenzhou is an interesting and fascinating entrepreneurial city in the world. Xi Jinping - the current Prime Minister of China was the Governor of Zhejiang province between 2002-2007.  Xi frequently praised the entrepreneurship of Wenzhou people, and he supported Wenzhou city to train their next generation in global environment. Xi and Kean University of New Jersey agreed to build the Wenzhou Kean University in 2006, and the University got the first freshmen in 2012. Currently more than 600 undergraduate students enroll Business education in Wenzhou Kean University. 

Photo: Agreement between Xi Jinping and Kean University, 2006.

Historically, Wenzhou is well known for it's entrepreneurship. For example more than 70% of cigarette lighters, majority of eyeglasses, buttons are being produced in Wenzhou city. However, the most famous export of the city is "Entrepreneurs" (Time, 2012). Around one - third of Chinese global businesses are under operation by Wenzhou people, believe or not. 

When I read a business case of Wenzhou eyeglasses manufacturing in 2005, I was fascinated in the city. And I have long been wanted to come and see the city and the people. 

Now, I am here in Wenzhou Kean University as a faculty member in College of Business, Wenzhou, China. And I will keep update what I am observing and what I am feeling about American Business Education in China; about Wenzhou people; and about China. 

Thank you. 

Jerry Choi, 


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