1. How to Delete Blackboard Course! 

BB --> Packages and Utilities --> Bulk Delete


Don't check the "USERS" to keep users in the blackboard section. 


IF deleted users, please add users manually. 


2. VM Ware Setting. 









IT HandBook for Faculty - WKU - IT Help Desk

IT HandBook for Faculty 陈奕余 • Created at:Mar 20, 2019 17:11:38 • Updated at:Sep 07, 2020 21:07:52 1、How to use WiFi on campus         Graphic introduction         Video introduction  2、How to bind your device to your network ac






** For WKU Blackboard Issue, Go to Kean IT Support Portal: 

As of 1st September 2021, any IT-related BB issue is not being monitored through support@kean.edu.

You need to go this website: https://helpdesk.kean.edu/support/home


Support : Kean University



Log in, Go to the tickets... Open your ticket... describe the problem and the nature of the problem being encountered and submit your ticket. 

Be sure to have your faculty ID number ready. They usually ask for it.





4. How to Make "Blackboard" Course LMS available before a semester (Change Start Time)!


Login and Click Option (Gear)


Click Course Name, Course ID, and Announcement box at your selecting course


Like these


Return to Home, and Click each Course (Unavailable) 


Edit Mode is "ON"


Far Left Menu, Please click Customization - Properites! 


Set Availability (Yes), and Set Course Duration as your want (Start Date)! 

And Submit!




5. How to Deliver Remote Class at the New BlackBoard (Aug. 2021). 


1. Go to Kean Blackboard! 



Home | Kean University

With more than 50 undergraduate majors and 60-plus graduate options, Kean offers on-campus academic programs in Union, Jefferson, Toms River and Manahawkin, New Jersey, as well as in Wenzhou, China.



Quicklink - Blackboard


Click a course! 



2. Go to the Blackboard Collaboration Ultra! 

Please make sure (Edit Mode is "ON" at the far right up! 

Then, create your Session accordinly. 


3. Click the Session Option and Change accordingly 

You can get Guest Link (if you have another combined session)





4. When the Remote Time Comes, You can join the session! 

** Watch out: The time of the Blackboard is "Eastern Time" of the USA because the server is located in the Kean New Jersey. 

Please consider the American Blackboard time when you set up your Remote / Online Class time! 


** Instructors must set the time of class in Eastern Time (New Jersey Time).

Then, Students will get adjusted time according to their places. 


*** In several cases, The time could be set as your local Time automatically (probably thanks to the automatic time zone setting). Please double-check the time zone setting in your machine. 



* Several courses are still in the old server, and it keeps the old structure.

If it works fine, please use the old format (Live Session)! 




6. How to record and download recorded video from Blackboard **


At the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, you can download your Remote / Online Class and download it as a file for sharing. 

Recording a Remote/Online Live Class! 


Once recorded, you can download the Live class as a file




** June 28, 2020: Kean University has launched Zoom Service (Tentative alternative to Blacbkboard Remote / Online Class) 



We are excited to announce that Kean University has launched Zoom as our new web conferencing solution.  We have selected Zoom for its simplicity and reliability, not to mention consistency across devices for a seamless user experience.


Included in the Kean University site-license is cloud recording capability, extended meeting time limit from 40 minutes to 24 hours up to 300 participants. 




Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Sharing - Zoom

Video Conferencing Connect to a meeting in progress Made with Zoom



7. How to add course materials at Blackboard (Course Contents Menu Making)? 


Professor Yifei & Dave Gibson's Guide (2021. Sept. 02): 

I guess for the new users maybe we have to build the "course content" item by ourselves. Just click the "+" and you will find "content area", then type in the name and make it available to all users. then you'll have a blank page of course content and you may build the content as you like










2021. 09.02: Added, Zoom information

2021. 08.31: Added, How to record and download a Remote / Online class at BB. 

2021. 08. 28: Added, Remarks - BB time (EST) 

2021. 08. 21: Added, How to Create Remote (Synchronous) Class - Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


2021. 08. 20: How to Make "Blackboard" Course LMS available before a semester! 




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