American has enormous creative energy, but its industries are dominated by lawyers and accountants, not product people. Thirty years of financial engineering and short-term profit optimization has impaired the ability of American companies to innovate. 

- Roger McNamee, co-founder of the technology investing firm - Elevation Partners -

source: "We blew our opportunity to change the world". Harvard Business Review, April 2011. 


Lawyers, accountants, finance engineers, and short-term profit optimizers kill innovation capability of the U.S. Then, if we - product people kill them, does innovation can be resurrected in the U.S.? Maybe not, because we still need them. Thus, optimal management or control over them may guarantee recovering innovation power in the U.S.A society who want to keep innovation within her must be smart to balance power of innovators and supporters.

Jeonghwan (Philip) Choi,
Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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