To my lovely graduating seniors (from Dr. Choi)

Congratulations on your graduation! You have achieved the certificate with your hard working. And you've totally deserved it. Now, you're going to start a new journey, and I would like to let you have my final advice. 

1. Just go to unknown. 

The World is totally unknown. And I know you are afraid of going to unknown. But the original meaning of "Romance / Romantic"  is "Going to Unknown". Don't be afraid of becoming Romantic, my beloved student! 

2. Do not expect high but humbly do what you believe it is right. 

The magic portion of happiness is "Expect Less, Act More". You may expect many things, and it is totally OK. However, unrealistic optimism is the main source of depression. Be positive, Yes definitely you need this. And please act more with little expectation. Here is my chant for you "Carpe Diem; Carpe Diem; Carpe Diem". You live now, not in the past nor in the future.

3. Learn from everyone, everywhere, and every moment to build your good character. 

Learning is the terminal goal of life according to the Epistemological perspective.  Studying is not learning, please know the difference. You will gain a bunch of new knowledge from textbook, teacher, friends, or google. But that is not learning. You can achieve learning with your heart. Listen to your inner voice when you meet somebody; when you are situated in a place or moment. Your heart and spirit can help you formulate a good habit, and the habit will build your good characters. I wish you can be a gentle, nice, listening, healing and kind individual who serves for the others. 

4. Search for the challenge, not the comfort, as an educated person.

No learning occurs when you stay in your comfort zone. But I know you maybe scared of breaking and going out your comfort zone. Yes, it is not easy. You may know this word "Pecking at the same time from inside and outside (啐啄同時, 줄탁동시)". When an egg is broken outside, it becomes an egg fry. But when an egg is broken from inside, it becomes a chick. A new life can start with breaking your limits though it will be discomforting. 

5. Life is full of blessings, and you will realize it from broken heart, sorrowful tears, and hurting senses.

You may not accept that the world is full of 'Paradox'. But you will get to know there is no bright without shade; no darkness without a hope. I wish you do not fall down for your contingent hard times. It comes and it goes like Yin and Yang. Please be wise enough to see a bright side in the darkness, and please be knowledgeable to know there is a shade on the bright side. However, please be hopeful because you will know your life is full of blessings.  

6. You will rise and shine, I am confident in it. !! "

If there is only one mission for one's life, it is simply "One should unleash full potential that is given by the initial cause". You're smart and you're hard working. And I am totally confident that you will rise and shine as you are becoming. 

My lovely advisee, please go out and learn many things. Then, I will listen to your stories carefully.  

From Dr. Choi

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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