Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing, College of Business, Kean University (Wenzhou) 




I would like to share this information about "Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing Department at College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) at Kean University (Wenzhou campus). 


Different from another major, We, management and marketing faculty members and students, conduct field research to mine data from people. In this case, we need to comply "Human Subject Protection" rule because Kean University (Wenzhou) is subjected to the American education policy. 


In order to apply and get an IRB approval, You can take these processes. 




1. Please read and understand the IRB policy of Kean University


Kean IRB & Research Compliance



Shortly speaking, you need to prepare "Required IRB Application Documents"


*Signed Paper Copy of the application (PI, CO PI and Faculty Advisor, if a student is the PI)

*CITI Certificate (PI, CO-PI and Faculty Advisor)

*Consent Form

*Debriefing Form


If applicable, these items must also be submitted with the application for it to be complete:


Assent Form (For participants under 18)

Site Permission

*Copies of all survey instruments, including interview questions

*Copies of recruitment letters, emails, flyers or advertisements


2. You need to take an online course and you must get a Certificate of Tutorial Completion at here. 


Overview of Training:


CITI Training:


WKU IRB applicants are required to completing the Human Subject Research HSR) Series: Social, Behavioral, Educational Module. 


Even though you already have a certificate from another institution, you are required to complete and show the certificate again for Kean University. It takes around 4~5 hours to complete the tutorial. You may prepare it in your free time before applying IRB. 

If you pass the Training Sessions, you will get two certificates: 

1. RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research) - Humanities, Social Sciences, Educations, and Arts. 

2. HSR (Human Subject Research) - Social Behavioral Educational Researchers.  





3. Prepare the IRB application form. 

By using an official application form, you can complete your IRB application form.


You can download the IRB application forms in here.


The IRB application level is totally dependent on your "subject". And please consult with me (Dr. Jerry Choi,  IRB coordinator at WKU) to declare your level of IRB application. If your IRB level is "Exempt" with minimal risk, it is automatically defined as an expedited application. And it will be much easier and faster. :) 


4. Apply for IRB to Kean ORSP (Office of Research & Sponsored Program). 


Once you complete 1) IRB application form and 2) Online course certificate, you can apply your IRB to . 




Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Townsend Hall, 130

T: 908.737.3461

F: 908.737.3369


You can communicate with IRB office manager at Kean is Susan Gannon ( or Person in Charge (Reenat Hasan, 



5. Then, Be patient. 


Unfortunately, WKU cannot control the IRB process at Union campus. WKU is trying to take over the authority of "Exemption" level of IRB, but it is not positive because IRB authority cannot be delegated outside of the US territory. Anyway, I personally made a basic "understanding" with the IRB Office at Kean last winter. So, WKU management faculty will get a special support from the office. 


You can refer the IRB Application Deadlines at Kean Union in here.





Commonly, the IRB process requires "2 ~ 3 months" in general when it is "Exempt" level study because the IRB board meeting opens monthly for the 'Exempt" level. However, if you apply for level 1 or higher, it takes 4~6 months for review. But the time can vary depends on your research subject. 



These are the rough guideline for your IRB application in WKU CBPM. 




Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, PhD, MBA, ME 



IRB Coordinator at Management & Marketing, CBPM, Kean University (Wenzhou campus)



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