Kean Business Plan Competition 


Kean BPC 2021


First Round (Executive Summary Competition)

  • Registration & Accepting two-pages Executive Summary (Oct. 23, 2021) 




Semi-Finalist notified (Nov. 01, 2021):

2nd rounder2 (Full Business Plan by Nov. 07, 2021) 

Rachel Liu Old Friends
Bolin Xiao Remagic
Jinwang Ma Screw IT
Yeyiyi Xu U’ Guess LLC
Han Sijia W'Ku Tech
Hu Jiamin Wenchuang

Finalists Notified (Nov. 12, 2021)


Hu Jiamin Wenchuang

Rachel Liu Old Friends



Finalist Notification (Nov. 19, 2021) 

WKU Finalists' Full Business Plan Samples (Wenchuang Media):

2021_Wenchuang Media Full Business Plan.pdf


WKU Finalist Full Business Plan Sample:


Final Event (Dec. 02, 2021)






Kean BPC 2020


First Round (Executive Summary Competition)

Five WKU Teams were chosen as 2nd rounder (Mar. 06, 2020)


Second Round (Full Business Plan) 

[March 26, 2020] "Postponed the Kean BPC 2020 for Coronavirus-19 to Fall 2020" 


Final Round (Conference, Dec. 05, 2020)

Three WKU Finalists Teams participated the Virtual Kean BPC Conference. 

1. Green sharing ( Winning $ 800)

2. VNECT (Winning $300)

3. ProSilver Care (Winning $ 300)



2020 Kean BPC Awarding Winning Ceremony. 


Three WKU Teams got winning prizes from 2020 Kean BPC 

Kean BPC 2020 WKU Prize Winners 
1. Green Sharing Team ($800): Cong Jiahui; Feng Zhengyu; Li Haoxuan
- The team proposed the e-scooter sharing on campus in China. Cultivating a new market niche of personal mobility service on campus, the team would invite more than 12 colleges within 3 years that targets more than 30,000 customers. Gradually, the service would cover more than 1 million customers in 3000 colleges in China.  
Green Sharing Business Pitch:
2. Pro Silver Care Team ($300): Mu Huiyan; Yuan Zhengqing; Wan Fangke
- Pro Silver Care team proposed Silver Workforce Management services for elder population in China. As aging population increases, the silver workforce management such as developing, networking, job searching, and job placement services are getting important. The team proposed using Mobile app services to manage silver workforce. 


Pro Silver Care Business Pitch:
3. Vnect Team ($300):  Jiang Ao; Huang Zijin; Chen Xingyu
- Vnect team proposed the mobile platform of "V-Logging Users".  Video Log is getting more popular all around the world, but only small 'influential' users get most of attention. Vnect team will provide a mobile platform for "under-dog" users who create 'quality contents' but relatively submerged.  The company will proactively cultivate 'high quality contents creators' and expose them to the general public throughout innovative marketing services. The service will create 'mutual benefits' between quality contents users and contents consumers. 
Vnect Business Pitch: 


4. Mavis Team ($100): Sun, Zixuan; Xu Jialing;Xu Xiayu
- Mavis Team's idea was chosen as a participation prize for their innovative business idea. 
You can see the whole conference in here: 
Kean BPC 2020 Virtual Conference.

2020 Kean BPC Prize Award Ceremony (Dec. 11, 2020)  

Kean BPC 2020 Prize Award







Kean BPC 2019


First Round (Executive Summary Competition)

Total 12 teams participated in the 2019 competition. 

Second Round (Full Business Plan) 

Second round evaluation: Three out of nine teams were chosen as finalists



AvatarCare Team Full Business Plan: 

Avatarcare Business Plan.pdf


Pro Pet Sitter Team Full Business Plan: 

pro pet.pdf


Black Wings Team Full Business Plan: 

Black Wings_2019Full Business Plan.pdf


Final Presentation (April 11, 2019)

AvatarCare Team Final Presentation:


Pro Pet Sitter Team Final Presentation:



BlackWings Team Final Presentation: 


Awarding Ceremony (TBA)





1st Round (Executive Summary)


Semi-Finalists (Mar. 09, 2019) 




Black Wings

WKU_Black Wings.pdf


CreatiOn Child Care Center

WKU_CreatiOn Child Care Center.docx


Express Master


Pets Onsite Service

WKU_Pets Onsite Service.docx


Travel Together


Lyrebird Company




Kean BPC 2018


First Round (Executive Summary Competition)

Executive Summary (1-2 pages single-spaced)


Sample Executive Summary Template is here! 

example executive summary.docx


1. Company Name & Contact Information

Company name and location:

Your contact information (names, email addresses and phone numbers): 


2. Opportunity/Problem

Briefly describe the key problem or unmet need that you will address for your customers. 


3. Solution

What products or services will you offer to address the problem above to meet your customers’ need(s)?


4. Competition and Competitive Advantage 

What other options do your customers currently have to address their needs, and what makes your solution better for them?

What is your “crystal clear” competitive advantage?  What are you most counting on to encourage potential customers to buy from you?

If you have a common business, explain why customers need your particular business. Do you offer lower prices? More convenient hours? A better location or distribution method? A specialty that is not otherwise available in your area?  Do you have a different way of promoting your business?

If your company is doing something new and different, explain why the world needs your product or service innovation. What is it about existing businesses or situations that are subpar? Are you improving on a mediocre product or service category? 

5. Target Market

Who is your primary target market?

What is the size of that market?

What are the key trends affecting your industry that will make it an attractive market (e.g. competitive, economic, cultural, demographic, lifestyle, technological, political/legal, environmental sustainability, etc.)?


6. Why Us?

What is it about your company — your skills, experience, subject-matter expertise, business acumen, team, innovations, industry connections, key advisors, and so on — that makes you (or your team)the right one(s) to take advantage of this market opportunity?


7. Forecast

Summarize your financial goals. How much revenue do you expect to make in the first year of your business? What kind of revenue growth do you expect in the following years? When do you expect your business to be profitable, or do you have a strategic reason for running at a loss instead? 


8. Financing Needed

How much money will you need to raise and what will it be used for? 

  How do you plan to fund your business?    Will you need to seek outside financing or invest your own money to get it started?


The Submitted Business Plan will be evaluated in accordance with this evaluation rubic measurement. Please keep in mind this measuring factors when you write up the executive summary.


Definitions of Rubic

Business Opportunity

Presented the business opportunity and how the company will take advantage of that opportunity


Distinctive Product or Service

A unique/well-thought-out product and/or service that gives the company a competitive advantage


Target Market 

Explained the target market, its need, its size and the customer usage trends


Management Capability

Discussed how the founder and his/her team will develop this company and handle the associated risks


Financial Understanding

Displayed a good understanding of the financial requirements and projections for the business


Investment Potential 

Clear and compelling business idea, obvious investment potential


Quality of presentation

Presented business idea in a logical, persuasive manner, and answered questions convincingly. Visual materials effectively supported and enhanced the oral presentation.

All ratings are on a 10-point scale, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent.


Example of Business Plan Evaluation





Samples of 1st Round Winners' Business Plan Idea









Green Community Farming

Intellectual Exchange community

zzzIntellectual exchange community.docx


Smart Mirror

zzzSmart Mirror.docx


Cougar's Food Truck

ZZZCougar's Food Truck.docx




Second Round (Full Business Plan) 

Semi-Finalists are expected to develop a full business plan that describes each following items in detail.   

1.Company Name & Contact Information

2.Opportunity/Problem3.Solution4.Competition and Competitive Advantage 5.Target Market6.Why Us?7.Forecast


8. Financing Needed

Please Complete a full business plan, and submit it to until the due date.


Here are several samples of Full Business Plans that won prizes in previous Kean BPC. 

Full Business Plan Example: 2017 Kean BPC Prize Winners

- Fly Solo: 

Fly solo full business plan .pdf


- Home Style Furniture: 

Homestyle Furniture-Full business Plan.pdf


- Leisure & Love Coffee Shop

WKU Leisure & Love Coffee Shop.pdf


You can also refer to the following website: 

Guide to developing a full business plan:




Finalist Notification 

Three finalist teams were chosen
Green Community Farming: 
Community or Urban farming is a popular social enterprise model in the US and Western Europe. The plan identified a unique niche for the target customer. However, the business model seems like a B2C, which may limit the growth of the social value from the business. Social enterprise model can be sustained and flourish if the model is deeply embedded on a specific community and local environment. The plan does not tap the aspect yet. If the plan can show the potential of B2B or B2Community, it will be more fantastic. 



The plan addresses a unique target market : Vegetarians; Muslim; Females; Healthy food consumers based on their marketing research and market analysis. And the plan proposed using S-ERP system for controlling function at the start-up. A smart idea! And the plan proposed a realistic financing and net income statement. The experienced team composition is a big potential for investment. 
Impressively, the team already established a Website and ready to operate. The plan follows the all necessary business strategy formulation processes. Financing strategies are reasonable. However, the target market and the need assessment are still ambiguous. For example, how large the potential market is not well identified for the customized design service from ‘novice’ designers. Targeting the whole campus of China is too ambitious to achieve a meaningful success at the first stage of a new business.   

Final Event (Business Plan Presentation, April 12, 2018)





HealthyBlender Team: PT Slide


Green Community Farming: PT Slide


2018 Kean Business Plan Competition Winners

Green Community Team ($900)

李馥宇 (Fuyu Li, Fiona);  毛湘宁 (Xiangning Mao, Olivia); 陈应方平(Yingfangping Chen, Sylvia);


Healthy Blender Team ($900)

Qi Zhang (Verna); Anqi Zheng (Carina); Jiayi Wu (Ashley)


MasterPiece Team ($150)Jinxin Xu 徐金鑫 (Allen)

; Lantian Jia 贾蓝天(Sapphire)




2018 Kean Business Plan Competition Award Ceremony (May 11, 2018, Hall of Fame Event @ CBPM Building )

Introduction of Kean BPC & Winner of 2018



Kean BPC Winners of 2018



Kean Business Plan Competition QR Code





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