Guide for Advisement for Course Registration + Student Planning. 

Step1: Based on the Registration Office's information (commonly via from CBPM office), I summarize courses my advisee students should take in the next semester in the PPT. 


Step 2: I list up all my advisee students in Excel file (Sign Sheet: List, Email, Name & Sign space)
Step 3: Send Email student when they should come to my office to sign and get advisement
Step 4: When students come, I provide the prepared PPT file and let them sign on the sheet, commonly their English name). 


Step 5: Once I got all signs, I release their first hold before registration starts
Step 6: After the registration period over, and if a student has no problem, I release the second hold before the end of a semester.
**REMARKS: Since 2019 Fall, WKU releases the 1st and 2nd hold at the same time. 

*** In an inevitable situation like Exchange Program or Pandemic situation, E
mail advisement can be an alternative:  
Example of Virtual Advisement: 



An advisor guides students to send a "Confirmation Email" to him/her. 


Confirmation Email to Advisor (


Email Title: Confirmation of Advice for 202x Winter / Spring Course Registration



This is [ English name:          Chinese Name (Pingyin):       student ID:                 ]. 


I certify that I get the necessary advice for registering (Year), (Semester). 



Date: MM/DD/20XX


Step 7, 8 Detail: Guide for Release Academic Hold



Student Academic Planning (SAP) Started in May 2021.
Login KeanWise -> Faculty Menu -> Academic Planning

Click View Details:

Click and check menus! - You can check the individual student's status

Course Plan / Timeline / Progress / Course Catalog / Notes / Plan Archive / Test Score / Unofficial Transcript/ Gades / Petition & Waivers /


So far, no WKU faculty action is expected for the Student Planning! (as of May 11, 2021)



Document HIstory.

2020. Nov. 15: Updated with Email advisement guide

2019. Nov. 12: Remarks: Release two hold at the same time in WKU. 

2018. Nov. 26 First Release after confirming the fact from CBPM office. 





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