WKU CBPM Social Media Lab (C-124), since Nov. 2019. 

WKU CBPM Virtual Conference Room (B-208), since Feb. 2020





WKU CBPM Social Media Lab (C-124)


Executive Summary:

The College of Busines & Public Management (CBPM) Social Media Lab at Kean University (Wenzhou) will be archiving, disseminating, and resonating the Business College's research, teaching, and school activities via Social Media. The studio plays a central role in creating "contents."

CBPM Social Media Lab is equipped with Three main video cameras; one HD digital camcorder; two digital cameras; five directional microphone; Chroma Key screens (Blue, White, Green); A/V converter; Two large LCD screens; Multiple LCD Lights; Two computers for editing.

Business students and faculty members will create key contents such as Micro-courses, MooC, Career coaching/mentoring/advising, Online off-class video, Business Talk Podcast, Business Plans, Global experiences, and campus life in English.

WKU CBPM Social Media Lab will disseminate contents through social network services such as Youtube channel; Bilibili; Facebook; Instagram; WeChat.




College of Business and Public Management wants to archive and disseminate the school’s activities and knowledge to resonate with stakeholders and communities. 

A social media strategy is necessary to share the new knowledge; to show-up the CBPM college in the general public; to marketize creative business ideas. Many prominent business schools actively use social media to archive, disseminate their new knowledge. Also, they connect and expand social networks via social media. Exercising the One-Source-Multi-Use (OSMU) strategy via social media can help WKU CBPM achieving the school’s mission of providing the best education; scholarship, and outreach services for students and community.  


Affiliated with WKU’s Media Center, establishing the CBPM social media lab can successfully apply the OSMU strategy. CBPM Social Media Lab operates as a self-organizing entity under the CBPM and Media Center’s guide.  










Youtube channel of CBPM Social Media Lab


Introduction of WKU CBPM Video at the Social Media Lab Youtube Channel. 


Grand Opening Ceremony (Nov. 08, 2019)



Introduction of CBPM Social Media Lab


In Dec. 13, 2019, CBPM Social Media Lab invite membership to structure Producing team; Contents creation team, and Marketing/PR team. 

Nine applicants showed keen interests in operating the CBPM social media lab, and the lab invited their creative ideas to produce quality 'contents'. 


2020. May 03. Proposing Upgrading CBPM Social Media Lab 

Example of Yale Media Lab


Example of Seoul Digital University (May 14, 2020 @ Seoul) 

Three studios

Multimedia Learning Management system:




함께해서 재미있는 공부! 구루미캠스터디






 2020. 05 .14: School Leaders are Positive to the Upgrading


2020. 09. 18, Investigation and Improvement Plan: 




How to Use the WKU CBPM Social Media Lab? (Nov. 19, 2020) : Manual for SML






[Video Manual] How to Use WKU CBPM Social Media Lab Facilities._哔哩哔哩_bilibili

搞副业?想转行?学会剪辑后期养活自己! 影视后期训练营




WKU CBPM Virtual Conference Room (B-208) 


Transforming the 2nd-floor Faculty Meeting Room (CBPM B-207) to a Virtual Conference Room  (Nov. ~ Dec. 2020)




Jan ~ Feb. 2021: Installed Video Camera and Camcoder with moving furniture for Virtual Conference making.



Video of Virtual Conference Room Making (Nov. 2020 ~ Feb. 2021). 




Full Green Virtual Conference Room (CBPM B-208, Feb. 26, 2021). 


2021. Mar. 05 ~ Mar. 15:  Zhejiang The First-Rate Course Application Video Making. 



More than 7 (out of total 15) WKU CBPM faculty took introductory videos to apply to the First-Rate Course of Zhejiang.  




Items to Buy


Atem Mini Pro: (4750 RMB)

ATEM Mini Pro 切换台 四路HDMI输入 高清视频 USB编码推流直播



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Video Microphone: (473 RMB) x 2 



罗德rode videomicro单反机顶指向性麦克风有线外接相机手机vlog微单采访直播话筒录音设备OSMO收音麦

产品参数: 产品名称:魅即 RODE VideoMicro 品牌: 魅即 型号: RODE VideoMicro 声道: 2 颜色分类: 标配+赠品 标配+L支架 标配+三脚架 标配+伟峰三脚架 标配+伟峰三脚架+提词器 标配+热靴手机夹(角




TV Stand (32-65 inch) x 2: 310 RMB x 2 (32 inch ~ 5 inch)







55 inch TV x 2 : 2199 RMB x 2 (Redmin A55) 



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MacBook Pro 15 inch (2015) : 4999 RMB x 2 



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Macbook Pro 2015 LT2 (6035 RMB), 16G / 512G




【二手95新】Apple MacBook Pro苹果笔记本电脑 二手笔记本 15款15寸LQ2 i7/16G/256固态【图片 价格 品牌

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Gain Adjustment for Background Threshold. 




2021. 02.26: Updated Virtual Conference Room with Full Green walls. 

2021. 02. 17: Added Virtual Conference Room's Video. 

2021.01.25: Added the Virtual Conference Room Project history. 

2020. 11. 19: Added How to Use Social Media Lab. 

2020. 05. 14: Upgrading Proposal

2019. 12. 13: Invitation of founding Membership. 

2019. 11. 08: Grand Opening Ceremony

2019. 10. 21: Added Youtube Channel Information

2019. 08.02: Updated Executive Summary & Studio Pictures

2019. 06.08: Updated strategies of contents creation according to the new Kean policy and strategy

2019. 04. 25: Published initially. 



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