Class Recording by Using a Camcoder (CBPM MGM)


1. Using a Video Camcoder from CBPM Social Media Lab (Director, Dr. Jerry Choi) 

Simply, message or Email the director to get 24 hours before using. 



2. For CBPM C323 or C423, please contact CBPM Office



3. Using the OA System of WKU 

  1. You have to log into OA system with your WKU account and password.
  2. There are 5 recording rooms in GEH, 2 in GHKH and 2 in CBPM Building. Please follow the PDF for the 7 outside CBPM. To book C323 and C423 in CBPM, room schedule are attached on the doors for your reference, please send me emails if you find C323 and C423 available at the time you want to reserve.
  3. Please disregard the comments in Chinese of “only for Design major” for GEH B407, it is open to all departments now as the same as other rooms, the comments will be deleted later soon.
  4. Once your booking application is approved in Resource Booking, there will be confirmation email to your WKU email box, meanwhile you could check the notifications in RB for status update





Full guide of the OA system application for Media Site

recording classroom booking.pdf





2021. 10.26: First archived by Dr. Jerry Choi


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