Simple Syllabus Initiative (Kean / Wenzhou, since 2022 spring)



Simple Syllabus | Kean University 




Simple Syllabus Getting Started


Simple Syllabus Getting Started | Kean University

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1. Come to the & Click the Dashboard. Then, you can see your 'courses' 



2. Fill in necessary components:


Instructor Information



Instruction Technique; Required Textbooks and Materials; (Optional Textbooks, OER)



Topics and Assignments 






*Remarks: Many sections are already defined by the school. 



3. Submit! Then, you will get these information: 



For example: 


Simple Syllabus 


Simple Syllabus


* Remarks1: If a course has multiple sections, Simple Syllabus imports the previous syllabus to a new section automatically. You can simply change a few different things if necessary. 


*Remarks2: If you get this message, please input your Instructor information including Office Number & Office Hours! 


*Pending Issue: WKU CBPM MGM Department Coordinator cannot approve the department's simple syllabus yet. (Jan. 18, 2022).




2021. Jan. 18: Archived the Simple Syllabus Input Methods: 

2021. Dec. 20: Simple Syllabus Announcement


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