What we, Human Resource Development professionals and adult educators, assume for establishing the best workplace for learning and development. 

The ten principles for ethic labor & good work.

(1) Self-direction (Good work is a labor of risk),
(2) The job is a place of learning (Work as a research laboratory),
(3) Work variety (Freedom from repetitive burden),
(4) Workmate cooperation (Overcoming the fractured social relations of the workplace),
(5) Individual work is a contribution to social welfare (Serving the public good),
(6) Work is an expression of self (Workers are more than a sum of their behaviors),
(7) Work is a democratic expression (Freedom from the tyranny of authoritarian power),
(8) Workers are participants in the operation of an enterprise (Until workers are participants, talk of workplace cooperation rings hollow),
(9) Play is a virtue that must be incorporated into work (Play is a path to freedom and fairness), and (10) Better pay for workers (There is growing disparity between managers and workers)

Kincheloe, J. How Do We Tell the Workers? The Socioeconomic Foundations of Work and Vocational Education. Boulder, Colorado.: Westview Press, 1999. (pp. 65–69).

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