Aligning with WKU/KU Mission, Vision, Value, and Strategic Goals, CBPM Management, Global Business, and Marketing (MGM) faculty members are actively engaging in standing committees, research centers, student group affairs, event participation, taking initiatives, and others. 

This is the summary of the Faculty Service engagement of WKU CBPM MGM faculty members (As of May 2021).

















WKU CBPM MGM Faculty Publication Record (Jan. ~ Dec., 2021)





2022. Jan. 10: Summary of 2021 (Jan. ~ Dec.) Faculty Publication Record.


2021. May 17: Updated Research Seminar Committee (MGM Coordinator: Dr. Liu; ACCT/FIN coordinator: Dr. Suefert)



2021. April 07: Updated Faculty Mentoring Committee & Branding Research Institute (Project team added)


2021. March 30: Updated Research Seminar Committee and added faculty profiles (updated after faculty meeting). 


2020. Nov. 16: Updated Library Scholarship Endowment Award Committee & Grade Grievance Committee


2020. Nov. 03: Updated for Grade Grievance Committee

2020. Nov. 02: First release by Dr. Jerry Choi




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