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AmericanBizEdu@China/1. Guides & Policy


by Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi 2020. 6. 30.




1. Returning to Campus Protocol 


International faculty need to step these processes

  • Visa application: Applying for new Chinese commercial (Z) visa with an invitation letter and work permit
  • Ticketing and Covid-19 test negative: Secure air ticket and Covid-19 test negative results within five days before travel making
  • Quarantine: 14 days (2 weeks) quarantine according to Chinese government rule at arriving city 
  • Classes with campus protocol: Four types of class forms are available according to situation


2. Class Protocol Under Covid-19


Faculty and students can perform classes with these class protocol under Covid-19. 

  • Before entering the campus building, Faculty and students need to check up symptoms and preventive actions (mask, wash hand, disinfection, attendance listing etc.) 
  • Faculty and students can perform classes in the CBPM building. 
  • After classes, faculty and students are highly recommended using online informal communication via Email, WeChat, Blackboard rather than direct face to face contact.  
  • In case of infection or symptom, faculty and student should isolate oneself immediately. They can continue learning via remote or online format.  
  • Suggesting Installing Preventive Transparent Screen (2020. 08. 30). 




Please join the WeChat group for WKU Returning Faculty 


WKU HR Staffs:


Rainie (Huang Jiaru): Overall Returning Process

Bessie: (Hu Luhong): Invitation, Work permit, Visa application

Emerald (Yu Miao Miao): Air Ticket & Quarantine

Chelsea (Hu Chunchun): Faculty housing 

Sherry: One-stop service




Returning to campus protocol: WKU CBPM International Faculty cases: 


This is the rough returning to campus protocol for Wenzhou-Kean University College of Business International Faculty members. 









You can easily make Chinese Visa Photo at Cheecle Photo https://cheecle.kr/



상호: 치클포토 | 사업자등록번호 215-19-48480 | 통신판매업 신고 제2008-서울송파-0443호 | 대표 최지용 TEL : 070-7687-1111 | FAX : 0504-470-2318 | E-mail : root@cheecle.com 주소: 서울시 송파구 위례성대로 22길 14 ��


(Only Microsoft Explorer browser works).



In Three Days (3 days), New Visa is issued successfully. 

The visa should be used within three months, and it should be renewed within a month when the user arrives in China. 


Quarantine Practice






Cisco VPN for PC (Windows and MAC) - WKU - IT Help Desk

Cisco VPN for PC (Windows and MAC) 陈奕余 • Created at:Oct 06, 2018 08:46:09 • Updated at:Nov 05, 2018 19:30:48 You can learn how to install Cisco VPN from the video as below                                   http://video.wku.e








For Windows: 



For Mac: (Ask it to WKU IT)




Cisco anyconnect for MAC - WKU - IT Help Desk

Please download this software from attachment.



Probably Macbook users encounter this error message. This is occurring because of the 64 bit only policy of recent Mac Operating System (since Catalina). 

Tentatively, Macbook / Mac users (OSX, Catalina or higher) can try to use several alternative VPN services. 


1. LETS VPN (Recommended by Xavier - a WKU student)

2. SETUP VPN (Free Chrome Web Extensions) 



COVID-19 Test to Take an International Flight


Before Boarding to a Flight to China, many non-Chinese citizens are required to bring "COVID-19 Test Negative Certificate" 

In several countries, Health Declaration Form with Chinese Embassy approval is required (Offline)


Several countries require "Online" Health Declaration Form with COVID-19 test negative. 




When we need VPN, we can use WKU CISCO AnyConnect VPN with free outside of Campus and Inside of China. 


Here is how to setup WKU CISCO AnyConnect. 



When CISCO AnyConnect does not work on your Mac system in Wenzhou-Kean University!

CISCO Anyconnect is necessary when you want to use Kean Email, G-suite, Youtube, and mandatory software for Kean Learning. However, Mac system's recent MacOS (specially afterh Catalina, Ver. 10.15)..




COVID -19 Test Sites (South Korea case). 


Jerry & Jongmin Choose this hospital to get COVID-19 test (Passport & US $180)




Quarantine Process


1. When you get off from the Airplane, You will be guided to an assigned Quarantine place. 

2. You cannot choose the place, but the Chinese Health Authority will guide you. 

Example of Flying to Quarantine.


3. Once you get into the quarantine place, you cannot get out of the place for 14 days. You must stay in a hotel room.

4. There will be very little accessibility of outdoor activities such as shopping or communication because you're a potential "Virus". :) 


8AM and 2PM, You must measure your body temperature and report it to a WeChat group that controls your quarantine. 



5. Quarantine expenses will be fully reimbursed by WKU. Please take the Fapioa (official receipt) from Quarantine place. Please show this to Quarantine authority to get Fapiao for WKU. 

6. You need to complete many documents and app requirements such as Zhejiang customs. Please be patient and please comply with the authority. Fortunately, Chinese authorities will be kind and gentle to guide you. 

8. Meals will be served by Authority (there will be limited alternatives if you can order external foods via app under the authority's permission). :)



Quarantine Tips from Laura Schlic 







2020. 09. 07: In Aug. 27, Dr. Eric Yang communicated with a few WKU leaders of "Mandatory 7 days off-campus" of returning faculty members.   




2020. 09. 10: Creating the Google Slides for Sharing Returning Advice and Tips




Google 프레젠테이션 - 프레젠테이션을 작성하고 수정할 수 있으며 무료입니다.

하나의 계정으로 모든 Google 서비스를 프레젠테이션으로 이동하려면 로그인하세요.



How to Get Green Health Code? 


Go to Alipay Health, and follow the instruction of this manual: 











2020.09.14: Medical Check-up


A Guide from WKU HR


This is Lina from HR department and I will help with your residence permit application.

As you are holding a Z visa, you are required to apply for residence permit within 30 days after the date of entry. For this special year, the period is even shorter as you have to get 14-day quarantine.  We will need to apply for it at your earliest convenience.



1) By using TAXI, Go to the New Medical Center:  浙江省温州市鹿城区航标路87弄51号 (No.51, Lane 87, Hangbiao Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City)

2) Taking Photo at APM (self-service) at the first floor

3) Go to the second floor (You need the Wenzhou Green Code at Alipay app),  and please go to Number 3 Desk. Then, say "I come from Wenzhou-Kean University). 


4) You are expected to completing five examinations: 

2nd floor: ECG; Ultrasonic; Internal Medicine, and Surgery & ENT

3rd floor: Chest X-ray. 



5) Once you completed all five exams, please submit the completed document at the second floor. 

Done (It will takes around one hour) 



Residence Permit Application


Residence permit, here is the guidance:

  1. Please go to medical center for body check next week (Jerry is also doing the check, I think it would be much easier if you can do it together with Jerry.) We were just informed the center only opened on Monday and Tuesday this week.  However, the opening time of the center keeps changing every week during this special period. We need to confirm with the center every Monday. We will keep you updated of the opening time for next week. 
  2. The center will be opening from 8:30am to 10:30am.  Following this the address of the medical center: 浙江省温州市鹿城区航标路87弄51号 (No.51, Lane 87, Hangbiao Road, Lucheng District, Wenzhou City)
  3. I have attached the photo of the building. You can take a taxi to the center and ask for reimburement from our university. Please remember to keep the receipt.
  4. The center is at the second floor of the building and you are required to take photo at the first floor through a bilingual self-service machine.
  5. You may need to pay 30 rmb for the photo and get Fapiao from the reception desk for reimbursment (you can pay it thourgh wechat or alipay, and please keep the spare photos as we will need it for residence permit).
  6. Tell them you are from WKU and you dont have to pay for the medical check.
  7. Things to bring: original passport, green code, face mask, WKU ID card (no worries for the card if you are going with Jerry). NO breakfast. 
  8. After you finish body check, we will arrange and take you to the bureau for residence permit. We will keep you updated then.


Four things are necessary to apply for Resident Permits. 


1. Passport

2. Photos (you may have extra photos from Medical Check). 

3. Mask

4. Health Green Code 


WKU HR will invite and bring you to Civic Center.

Morning 8:45AM at the WKU Main Gate.  

All things will be guided by HR, and you need to appear! 

It takes about 1 hours. 


*** You can apply Reimbursement of the TAXI (Transportation) expense for Residence Permit to HR Department (Lina) with taxi receipts. 



Returning Expense Reimbursement

When you successfully get back to campus, You can claim the 'returning expenses'. 


Generally, those expenses are 

- Hotel Quarantine expenese

- Covid 19 Test expense 

- Visa application expense

Please get ready to show your "Evidences" such as Fapiao (official receipt), Receipts, or any supporting materials for your expenses. 


Then, please summarize them with this cover and evidences.

Please Bring them to Zoe (Ms. Teng Yuwen, tengyuwen@wku.edu.cn) at WKU Finance (Training Building A-209). 


Please be nice to her, she is the WKU Alumnus of CBPM Finance graduate (She was my student). ^^ 


Please bring your all pieces of evidence to Claim your reimbursement When you come to WKU FINANCE. 

Don't forget to submit the What is your exchange rate in use (Date, Time, Exchange Rate with Evidence)! 


Then, Zoe can help you to apply for reimbursement. 


Oct. 13, 2020: Appreciation Ceremony for WKU Human Resource Team: All returned, returning, and will return faculty members appreciate the extraordinary efforts and endeavors of WKU HR staff members. We delivered our gratitude. 


Nov. 06, 2020: Enforcing "Returning to Campusing by Feb. 01, 2021" from VCAA Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Office of WKU" 





2021. 06. 11 : Going out from China to Home: 


Required document: PCR + Antibody Test Negative Results within 48 hours!

Go to Number 1 Hospital (DiYi) or Pan Health Hospital







2021. 07. 26: Returning from Korea to China: 



1. You need to do both antibody test and PCR (within 48 hours): Test in Korea within 2 days before boarding. After you receive the result, you need to submit online for the health code. Green health code is a must when you board the flight to China.




12월 1일부터 한국발 중국행 항공편 탑승객 코로나-19핵산 검사(PCR) 및 혈청 IgM항체검사 2 가지 음

12월 1일부터 한국발 중국행 항공편 탑승객 코로나-19핵산 검사(PCR) 및 혈청 IgM항체검사 2 가지 음성 증명서 지참 탑승에 관한 통지 2020/11/26     국가간 전염병 확산을 차단하기 위하여, 한국현지




Assigned Test Hospital! 







Two Test Results are Necessary:

1. Detection of COVID-19 Gene Using Real-time RT PCR

2. Detection of COVID-19 Antibody (IgM only) 


1. HS QR Code



2. Green Health Code from Chinese embassy (Necessary): 탑승 최소 3시간 전 Green Code 



건강QR코드 신청 매뉴얼

건강QR코드 신청 매뉴얼 2021/04/20     한국발 중국행 탑승객들이 정확하고 효율적으로 건강QR코드를 신청하할 수 있게 하기 위하여 최근 주한 중국대사관은"건강QR코드 신청 매뉴얼"홍보물을 제


 Health Declaration Certificate (As soon as you get Test Negative Results; at least 3 hours before departure) 




Chinese New Entry Policy (5 weeks quarantine): 2021. Aug. 02: 



Official Notification of 35 days Quarantine Policy (Aug. 03, 2021) from WKU One-Stop Service.  


2 weeks Hotel Quarantine + One week (Entry or Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine) + One week (Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine) + One-week Housing Quarantine = Total Five Weeks quarantine.


Aug. 11, 2021: Message from WKU Provost Dr. Eric Yang



Aug. 12, Reported Remote Class plan to School for Extensive quarantine requirements from Zhejiang province.  

e.g. WKU CBPM MGM department



Pan Health! 


The name should be capital and put your family name in the front. They input the information according to your passport name.



2021.08.13: Negotiating the Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine!  (2 weeks -> 1 week), and Home Quarantine? 

Negotiation BATNA: 2 week mandate entry city quarantine + 1 week Wenzhou Hotel quarantine + 2 week Home Quarantine! 

Negotiation made: 2 weeks Entry City Hotel Quarantine  + 1 week (Wenzhou Hotel Quarantine) = 3 Weeks (21 days) Hotel Quarantine + 2 weeks (14 days) Home Quarantine. 




2021.08.14: How to Sign Up for WeChat? 



How to sign up for WeChat (Ultimate Guide in 2021)

Hey! Do you want to register a WeChat account? Please check this full guide and get your own private WeChat account quickly and succefully.



2021. 08. 1: A Travel Case (Health Declaration Issue in Europe) : Frankfurt (Germany) to Shanghai 


Letter of Commitment on COVI-19 Vaccination


Document Template: 



2021. 08. 19. Announcement of Lucheng (Wenzhou) COVID-19 Prevention and Control ! 



鹿城区新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情防控工作领导小组通告(第14号)English Version




To enter public areas such as schools, Supermarket, Hospitals, Hotels, Libraries, Coffee shops, Gyms, Transportations, these are mandated: 

1. Body Temperature Check

2. Green Health Code

3. Vaccination Code

4. Mask





2021. 08. 24: Moving to Wenzhou Quarantine


After completing the two weeks Quarantine at an entry city, we moved to Wenzhou for an extra one week more quarantine at a Wenzhou Hotel. 


We took an Ambulance to move to Hotel within Wenzhou.  

Four Ouhai District Residents, Bienna Hotel (浙江省温州市瓯海区福州路666, Ouhai, Wenzhou) is the option. 

Bienna Hotel (Ouhai, Wenzhou) 





2021. 08. 25: WKU VACC suddenly notified "Urgent Work" for Fall semester preparation on the due date (Aug. 25, 2021). 




2021. Aug. 29, Class Protocol under Pandemic from WKU Hospital


Simply summarized: 

1. No mask mandate within Campus (But social distancing is highly recommendable). 

2. Vaccine is necessary (But not mandatory)

3. In case of Symptoms, please call 5557-8120 (WKU hospital). 



2021. Aug. 31: No "One live remoted class" for multiple sections



2021. Sept. 02: Flash Flood at Kean USA, and All System downed! (By Hurricane Ida)



Kean USA announced the "Cancellation of all Classes" at Kean campuses because of System down (Blackboard, Zoom, Kean Wise, Email) 

This Kean USA announcement arrived 10AM (China Time), Sept. 02, 2021.


Alternative Remote Classes are discussed among Foreign Faculty Members 


Zoom, Google Meets, Voov app, MS Teams (no VPN necessary), Video recording and uploading the file when system back. 


*No reponse or guide from WKU admin sides (until the next day). 



2021. Sept. 03: 2:10 AM

A simple and non-message Email come from WKU VCAA Office and WKU IT




2021. 09.03: New Quarantine Policy (2 + 1 + 1)



Confirmation of Quarantine Policy Change (Sept. 03, 2021):


2 weeks Hotel Quarantine at Entry City (14 days)

1 week Home Quarantine (Wenzhou, 7 days)

1 week Self-Monitoring (Wenzhou, 7 days, No campus access)

= total 28 days. 




Announced the coming back to Face to Face class. 


2021.09.07: Step on Campus. 

To come inside of campus after long quarantine, we need three documents.  

1. PCR test negative within 48 hours, 

2. Green health code , 



3. Green Big data




2021. Nov. 26: Notice of Returning to Campus by Jan .16, 2022 for Spring 2022 



WKU Academic Leaders (ERIC Yang and CJ) did not complay the suggestion. They left the campus to the American home though the 'official discouragement' of the school policy. And, they did not return to the campus by Jan. 16, 2022. School leaders abandoned 'faculty members' for their self-interest during the winter (2021-22). 


2021. Dec. 21: Notice of Updating Wenzhou Health code 









2022. May 31, : Notice of Travel Policy (No Travel outside of Zhejiang Province without School approval; Two mandated PCR negaitive results and 48 hours quanratine required).


WKU again resrict the travel for pandemic situation. 



Out of WZ Application and Returning Policy.pdf


Travel / Returning Protocol (School Approval is required for Travel). 







2022. May 31, : Notice of Travel Policy 


2021. Dec. 21: Notice of Updating Wenzhou Health code 

 2021. Nov. 26: Notice of Returning to Campus by Jan .16, 2022 for Spring 2022 

2021. Sept. 03: Local Quarantine Policy Change (Wenzhou, 2+1+1) 

2021. Sept. 03: WKU VCAA and WKU IT's simple and non-message Email. 

2021. Sept. 02: Flash flood shut-downed the Kean IT System. 

2021. Aug. 25: WKU VCAA's message for Fall semester preparation (on the due date). 

2021. Aug. 24: Moving into Wenzhou city (for extra quarantine). 

2021. Aug. 19: Case of "Frankfurt to Shanghai" Travel Case added.

2021. Aug. 12, Report, REMOTE Class Preparation (according to WKU AA's request on Aug. 11). 


2021. Aug. 02, Updated Chinese Quarantine Policy (Total 5 weeks: 2 weeks enforced + 2 weeks local + 1 week (self-monitoring). 

2021. July 26, Updated Korea case (48 hours test negative). 

2021. June 11, Going home (PCR + Antiboy test in Wenzhou) 

2021. Feb. 26, Joseph Andrew's summary of "From Detroit to Shanghai". 

Flying from Detroit to Shanghai during Covid.docx


2020.10.13: HR appreciation ceremony added. 

2020. 10. 06: Reimbursement information added

2020.09.27: Medical Check updated

2020.09.10: Created "Google Slides" for sharing tips and advice for returning. 

2020.08.28: Updated Quarantine process

2020. 07.30: Updated the 'returning to campus protocol

2020.07.05: New Chinese Visa Issued. 

2020. 06.30: New Chinese Visa Application