Kean University Union / Wenzhou accommodates the demand for learning flexibility in the Remote Class situation in 2020. The University provides the "Pass / Fail Grade Option"  (This is for Spring 2020 Grade). 

The Pass (P) /Fail (U) option application procedures are here. :




For 2020 Fall Semester Grade 


Please use this "Pass/Fail Grading Application Form" to apply the option. (Dec. 18, 2020, updated form)





Many CBPM courses are not eligible for the PASS/Fail option. 



Process of Pass / Fail Application in WKU

In order to receive a P/U as opposed to a letter grade during the Fall 2020 semester, a student must do the following:


1)   Complete this form with a maximum of two courses to be changed to P/U;

2)   Discuss with an academic advisor and receive signed approval;

3)   Email completed form (from the student’s official school email address), copying the academic advisor, to the registrar's office at for processing.

(WKU Student must do these processes). 



Academic Advisors need to double-check...

1. Is the applied course eligible?

2. Is the application form manipulated or not?  

3. Must be informed of the application to Registra from the student. 



Updated "Not Eligible Pass/Fail Courses".  (2020. Jan. 08) ? 


Clarification of Pass / Fail application (by Registra Office) .



Updated Process of Pass / Fail application (Jan. 10, 2021)


1. Check the eligibility of Pass/Fail option of the applicant

2. Sign and return the application to the applicant if the application is qualified. 

3. Get and archive the copy from the applicant. 


*The Pass / Fail application form is available here.


表格与细则 - Wenzhou-Kean University



For 2021 Spring Semester Grade 


Please use this "Pass/Fail Grading Application Form" to apply the option. (May 13, 2021, updated form)




"Not Elligible Courses for P/F option"

• College of Business and Public Management students:  
 ACCT 2210  ECO 1020    FIN 3310    GE 2021     MGS 2150    MGS 4998     MGS 4999

• College of Science and Technology students: 
Natural Sciences Program students:
• BIO 2910 • BIO 3614 • BIO 3709 • BIO 4316 • BIO 4316L • CHEM 4909
Computer Science Program students:   All CPS courses at level 3000/4000

Mathematical Sciences Program students:   All MATH courses except for MATH 1000, MATH 1010, MATH 1016, MATH 2110

• College of Liberal Arts students:  ENG 1430   ENG2101   ENG 3029   ENG 3080   ENG 4817  PSY 4940  PSY 4950

• Architecture and Design students:   none



Undergraduate Seniors ONLY - The Office of the Registrar must receive the approved application by June 10, 2021.

All other students – The Office of the Registrar must receive the approved application by July 1, 2021.





May 13, 2021: Updated WKU Pass/Fail options


Jan. 10, 2021: Updated WKU  CBPM process considering the clarification from Dianne's clarification. 

Jan. 05, 2021: Updated WKU processes to avoid cheating. 

Dec. 18, 2020: Updated with Fall 2020. 

June 11, 2020: Posted by Dr. Jerry Choi



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