Kean University starts using a new Course Evaluation system ( from 2019 Fall. 

And WKU CBPM faculty members need to use the brand new course evaluation system. 

This is a short guide for our faculty members. 

Please Log-in with your Kean ID without   

If you input, you will get this error message. Please input your kean ID without 


If you log-in you can see your courses. 


Please get the Direct Link(s) and Copy. 


Send an encouragement Email to students who enrolled each course! 


The school recommends us to exercise this strategy to ensure students' participation. 

  1. Set a date to allow students to take the online course evaluation survey in class

  2. Notify your students of the date in advance and ask them to bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone to class to take the survey electronically

  3. Email them the link to your course evaluation (you can get it from your Course Evaluations site)


Then, we can get course evaluations from students.


Reporting methods :


School sends a notification email of the Course Evaluation Report. 



Click the campuslab's evaluation with Kean ID/PWD


You can see the course evaluation summary report! 


Please Keep "PDF" results as soon as you get the summary report because the results will disappear from the system a few weeks later.  


Please keep the record and summarize your Teaching Evaluation for 'Archiving' or 'Reassignment' in another excel file. 


Qualitative Feedback is not mandatory to keep records, but we can learn something from it. :) 




by Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, 

Program coordinator, MGM/MKT/GBUS Department

College of Business & Public Management

Kean University (Wenzhou)

Posted by Jeonghwan Choi

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