The purpose of WKU CBPM Project Based Learning (PBL) Initiative is to provide the experiential learning opportunities for WKU CBPM students through addressing the real business problems and cases from Wenzhou businesses. 


Aligning with the purpose of PBL Initiative, WKU CBPM initiated the "Wenzhou OHT-Kean.Town (O-K) Innovation Center" project in Nov. 05, 2020. 




Wenzhou OneHRT (Wian Da) came to the WKU Campus, and presented their initiative of "CEO" - aiming to develop future Business Leaders. At the 





2020. 11. 06

Budget Estimation was reported to WKU CBPM Dean for further consideration of O-K Innovation Center project. 



2020. Dec. 28: Adding Cultural Innovation Module under the New Media Strategy


OHT wants to boost cultural innovation along with the new media strategy.  WKU suggests the Yongji (Core Wenzhou Cultural DNA) as the foundation of Wenzhou culture. And O-K innovation center will organize, develop, and disseminate the core cultural DNA of Yonjia as the Yonjia Cultural Innovation. 


Philosophy: Synergizing Justice - Practicality to Make a Sustainability

Culture: Wenzhou Arts, Artifacts, History, Tradition

Application: Wenzhou Entreprepreneurship, and Wenzhou People




Shortly, we would like to revitalize the Yongjia as the core cultural DNA that synergizes Justice-Practicality to make sustainability. 

And we want to introduce, create, and disseminate the new Cultural DNA throughout the International Yongjia Cultural Expo in the O-K Innovation Center.


For CEO program (the O-K Business Talent Development), WKU CBPM will exercise the Learning by Doing (Project Based Learning) practice in Spring 2021 - MGS4999 - Integrative Strategic Management classes.  

Students will be educated on how to perform a consulting project, and they will address the O-K Innovation Center project.





Jan. 18, 2021. Application of Entrusted Project of Development and Reform Commission of Ouhai District, Wenzhou.  


(in Chinese) Application_Entrusted_Cultural_WKU_CBPM_附件1_Ver2.docx

Feb. 25, 2021: Entrusted Project was not chosen. 

Mar. 21, 2021: Celebrating Opening the O-K Innovation Center


Mar. 21, 2021: Outline of the O-K Innovation Center

12 rooms x 24 persons

1 x 24 persons (Bottom)


2 x 56 person (large room in the bottom)


Extra space for the cultural event



April 14, 2021: Opening Ceremony of O-K Innovation Center! 



June 03, Business Consulting Project (MGS4999, Strategic Management Course) of WKU CBPM.


Final Presentation of O-K Innovation Center Project (2021 Spring)

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How to vitalize the O-K Innovation Center?

OHT-Kean.Town Innovation Center Consulting Project: 20210603 MGS4999 Final PT MGS4999 Integrative Strategic Management; June 03, 2021 (Instructor: WKU CBPM, Management, Dr. Jerry Choi)


Final Presenation Video (Youtube):

How to vitalize the O-K Innovation Center (June 03, 2021) by WKU CBPM Students (Strategic Management Class Project)




Final Presenation Video: 


All Team's Strategic Suggestions for O-K Innovation Center


Team A: Wenzhou Personalized Internship Agency 


Team B: Practical Skills Training Service: 


Team C: Ou Su Culture Experience Center 


Team D: Chinese Culture Summer Camp: 


Team E: Driving School Booking Platform & Wenzhou Speciality and Food: 


Team F: Electrical Equipment Repair Station 


Tean G: College Student Activity Center 


Team H: Children Caring Center 


Team I: Personalized Customized Agency 


Team J: Training and Service For Chinese Enterprise Transformation 







2021. 06.08: O-K Innovation Center Strategic Solution Videos were uploaded.


2021. 06.03: Strategic Management Consulting Final Presenation (by Dr. Jerry Choi and his MGS4999 students) 

2021. 04.12: Opening Ceremony of O-K Center.

2021. 01.17: Application of Entrusted Project Fund. 

2020. 12. 28: Added the Yongjia Cultural Innovation Initiative under the New Media Strategy. 

2020. 11. 10: Added the O-K Business Talent Development Program

2020. 11. 06: Initially documented the archives of OK Innovation Center Project



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