WKU CBPM  & O-K Center Sustainability Consulting Project 


20180405: Initial Stage for Project Management Certificate Program in WKU 






2019. July : Initiating the New Course Development at Kean USA


Course Proposal 2019 07 11 jnb.docx
Project Management_WKU_20191114.pdf
D.3Course Transmittal Form Disciplinary and Multidisciplinary Courses May 2017_PMP@WKU_Ver1.pptx





2021.09.28: Resuming the Project Management Certificate Program at O-K Center! 



2021.10.27: Team Structure of PMC Program at O-K Center



The PMI Certificate Program development idea can be traced back to April  2018. 


The purpose of the PMP (PMI Certificate) program was WKU CBPM wanted to engage in "Wenzhou Business community" more to serve Community Economy Development. 


A PMI expert - Dr. Sarmann Kennedyd proposed the PMI & PMP development both in WKU and Kean USA in order to meet the high demand of the Project Management certificate not only from the student side but also from the Wenzhou business community. 


We had the following draft of planning. And you can see the attached PMP idea draft in the attached file. 




2021.10.27: WKU CBPM & O-K Center Project Management Certificate Program Meeting




Meeting Minutes (Oct. 27, 2021)

Executive Summary: 
- OK Center and WKU CBPM MGM had a business meeting (Oct. 27, 7pm - 9pm @ CBPM B-208). 

- OK Center was interested in working with WKU CBPM to address "Real Business Problem Solving" with professional business consulting projects. 

- Due to the scarcity of Faculty resources, WKU CBPM MGM offered 1) PBL initiative, 2) WBCG group, and (potential) Outreach program for O-K center. 

- Next move will be continually discussed. 

O-K Center (OneHRT) came to WKU CBPM MGM to discuss the "Project Management Certificate (PMC) program". 

Lisa (CEO of O-K Center), Florence (O-K Center), Dr. Jacob Chang (Economics), and a student translator came to the virtual conference room (CBPM B-208) at 7PM ~ 9PM (Oct. 27, 2021).

Dr. Jerry Choi introduced the current situation of PMC program in WKU CBPM. 

A. Current Situation of PMC Program in WKU CBPM
1. April 2018, the PMC program was initiated 
2. KU / WKU developed a Project Management course (MGS3xxx). 
3. Unfortunately, key talent left and the program was stopped in 2019. 
4. WKU CBPM Dean encouraged MGM to collaborate with O-K center for the PMC program (Sept. 28, CBPM meeting). 
5. MGM re-structured potential 'instructors' of the PMC program. 


For detail, you can see below Website. 

B. O-K Center's New Idea (Business Consulting Project Business?) 

Lisa (O-K Center CEO) proposed "Professional Consulting Project" enterprise to WKU CBPM.

Faculty members can take several professional consulting projects and perform them to create revenue. However, Jerry raised a concern of 'faculty resource scarcity' for those professional business consulting projects outside of class. 

Jerry proposed PBL initiative model that invites "real projects" to CBPM classes during the semester. 

Also, he suggested using the Wenzhou Business Consultancy Group (WBCG, Director - Dr. Rob Marjerison) for potential collaboration.  

Another idea is to create an "Outreach" program that interlinks with O-K center and WKU CBPM. While O- Center people work for professional consulting project, WKU faculty members can help them as "Advisory Business Partner". 

KU and WKU are aligning with our important mission of "Engaging and Helping our Community". And WKU CBPM MGM will continually discuss and elaborate the "Collaboration" with the Wenzhou business. 




2021. Nov. 09: Dr. Tony Zheng's Initiation of Village Revitalization Project

Dr. Cao Jiang's full support for the Business Consulting Project at the Faculty Meeting (Nov. 09, 2021)

OHT CEO Lisa's Sharing Project Photo 



2021. 11.10: Explored the "Zi.Shang" Village Revitalization Project (Site Visit)









2021. 11.10: Explored the "Zi.Shang" Village Revitalization Project  


2021. 10.27: Agreed with the Working together for Building Sustainability Society for Wenzhou.

2021. 9.28: Resumed by WKU CBPM Dean of the PM Certificate Program 

2018.04.05. 1st Idea documented



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