Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing, College of Business, Kean University (Wenzhou) 




I would like to share this information about "Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application Process at Management & Marketing Department at College of Business and Public Management (CBPM) at Kean University (Wenzhou campus). 


Different from another major, We, management and marketing faculty members and students, conduct field research to mine data from people. In this case, we need to comply "Human Subject Protection" rule because Kean University (Wenzhou) is subjected to the American education policy. 


In order to apply and get an IRB approval, You can take these processes. 




1. Please read and understand the IRB policy of Kean University


Kean IRB & Research Compliance



Shortly speaking, you need to prepare "Required IRB Application Documents"


*Signed Paper Copy of the application (PI, CO PI and Faculty Advisor, if a student is the PI)

*CITI Certificate (PI, CO-PI and Faculty Advisor)

*Consent Form

*Debriefing Form


If applicable, these items must also be submitted with the application for it to be complete:


Assent Form (For participants under 18)

Site Permission

*Copies of all survey instruments, including interview questions

*Copies of recruitment letters, emails, flyers or advertisements


2. You need to take an online course and you must get a Certificate of Tutorial Completion at here. 


Overview of Training:


CITI Training:


WKU IRB applicants are required to completing the Human Subject Research HSR) Series: Social, Behavioral, Educational Module. 


Even though you already have a certificate from another institution, you are required to complete and show the certificate again for Kean University. It takes around 4~5 hours to complete the tutorial. You may prepare it in your free time before applying IRB. 

If you pass the Training Sessions, you will get two certificates: 

1. RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research) - Humanities, Social Sciences, Educations, and Arts. 

2. HSR (Human Subject Research) - Social Behavioral Educational Researchers.  





3. Prepare the IRB application form. 

By using an official application form, you can complete your IRB application form.


You can download the IRB application forms in here.


The IRB application level is totally dependent on your "subject". And please consult with me (Dr. Jerry Choi,  IRB coordinator at WKU) to declare your level of IRB application. If your IRB level is "Exempt" with minimal risk, it is automatically defined as an expedited application. And it will be much easier and faster. :) 


4. Apply for IRB to Kean ORSP (Office of Research & Sponsored Program). 


Once you complete 1) IRB application form and 2) Online course certificate, you can apply your IRB to . 




Office of Research & Sponsored Programs

Townsend Hall, 130

T: 908.737.3461

F: 908.737.3369


You can communicate with IRB office manager at Kean is Susan Gannon ( or Person in Charge (Reenat Hasan, 



5. Then, Be patient. 


Unfortunately, WKU cannot control the IRB process at Union campus. WKU is trying to take over the authority of "Exemption" level of IRB, but it is not positive because IRB authority cannot be delegated outside of the US territory. Anyway, I personally made a basic "understanding" with the IRB Office at Kean last winter. So, WKU management faculty will get a special support from the office. 


You can refer the IRB Application Deadlines at Kean Union in here.





Commonly, the IRB process requires "2 ~ 3 months" in general when it is "Exempt" level study because the IRB board meeting opens monthly for the 'Exempt" level. However, if you apply for level 1 or higher, it takes 4~6 months for review. But the time can vary depends on your research subject. 



These are the rough guideline for your IRB application in WKU CBPM. 




Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, PhD, MBA, ME 



IRB Coordinator at Management & Marketing, CBPM, Kean University (Wenzhou campus)



Document Information



Nov. 28, 2017: Updated according to Reenat Hasan's suggestion of


Nov. 27, 2017: Published



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Guiding to Career Development for the Millenial. 

In this workshop, I am talking about the changing of career development paradigm from linear to protean (non-linear) career development in recent years. In addition, I am introducing the purpose-driven career development for the Millenial. 

Wenzhou-Kean University 

(Sat. 2:30PM ~ 4:30PM @ Dining Hall 2)

Sponsored by:   WKU Career Center, Career Development Student Organization

Traditionally, the vocational career follows a linear way of change. But recent career development is highly dynamic and non-linear. We call this recent career change as "Protean career development". 

Especially, the Millenial has a unique desire for career development. The Millenials are looking for 'contingent but equifinal purpose' achievement through their professional career. 

The Young expect that they will have multiple jobs (in average > 7 jobs) throughout life-span. However, the profession does not necessarily change over vocation. For example, a business major student can define their profession as "a business problem solver who addresses managing money (Capital) and managing people (Labor)". Defining a profession, rather than a job, thus, important for the young to develop their own protean career. 

I personally propose the young to think about "What actions are you taking now to achieve the purpose?" because only the current actions build the future career. 

To manage the current action, I suggest the young to use the "Energy planner" that may help organize and align their current actions to achieve the purpose (mission). 

File Download: 



Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi  

Assistant Professor, College of Business and Public Management, Kean University (Wenzhou)

PhDUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

MBA, HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management

ME, INHA Graduate College of Engineering 

Photos of the Workshop



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Guiding to Graduate Schools Workshop 

The Purpose: 

The purpose of sharing this information is to enhance the understanding about Graduate studies in foreign countries. Four international faculty members at College of Business and Public Management (CBPM), Kean University (Wenzhou campus) share their experiences of Graduate school application, admission, and completion. 



Dr. Jahidur Rahman (PhD, City University of Hong-Kong)

Dr. Candy Lim Chiu (PhD, Kyoto University, Japan)

Dr. Mohammad Mousavi  (PhD, University of Edinburgh, UK)

Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi (PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)



Organizers:  From Left to Right

Helen (Hou Yiwen), Zagan (Chen Juefan), Afra (Man Quitong), Ariana (Xu Yunxin), Fredericka (Ge Yunuo). 




Workshop Materials: 




PPT file for the workshop: 
Speakers details: 

Dr. Jahidur Rahman (PhD, City University of Hong-Kong) talks about the importance of "Evaluation Metrics liks standard scores, GPA, and experiences from extracurricular activities". 

Dr. Rahman's Video: 

(In China, Bilibili Video) 


Dr. Candy Lim Chiu  (PhD, Kyoto University, Japan) talks about "Prepare a complete application package including SOP, required qualifications, portfoloio". 

Dr. Chiu's Video: 

(In China, Bilibili Video) 


Dr. Mohammad Mousavi  (PhD, University of Edinburgh, UK) talks about the unique characteristics of UK graduate programs and importance of "purpose of graduate study". 

Dr. Mousavi's Video: 

(In China, Bilibili Video) 


Dr. Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi (PhDUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) talks about American graduate programs and suggests a "Template" that can help applicants organizing and preparing graduate school applications.". 

Dr. Choi's Video: 

(In China, Bilibili Video) 


Question & Answers:  


(In China, Bilibili Video)


Workshop Pictures:  









What Graduate Schools You can choose?  

1. Ranking Approach

50-50 Initiative (More than 50% graduates; Go to top 50 Graduate Schools) 



For Business Students, 

Best Business Schools (Bloomberg Ranking)


2. Purpose Based Approach

According to the purpose of your study, you can choose the "Most Appropriate Graduate Program". 

  • Area or Region? (UK, USA, NYC?)

  • Field of study? (Data Analytics, HR Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Technology Management)

  • Network? (Your personal network in a specific field or region)

  • Terminal Career Goal? (PhD, Hotel Manager, Social Entrepreneur?)


How to get a strong recommendation letter for Graduate school application? 

please refer to

Recommendation Request Form


Request for Recommendation Form_General.pptx



A Samples Recommendation Letter Instruction (Evaluation letter for an applicant)

Please evaluate the candidate and comment on the following:

1. What do you consider to be the applicant's primary talents or strengths?

2. Discuss the applicant's weaknesses and the efforts, if any, the applicant has made to improve in these areas.

3. Comment on the applicant's ability and willingness to work in a team environment.

4. Describe your observations concerning the applicant's leadership.

5. How will a graduate business degree contribute to new employment, or the candidate's managerial advancement in his/her current organization?


6. Provide any further comments that you believe would aid the committee in the evaluation of the applicant.

A Samples Recommendation Letter


A Samples Statement of Purpose (SOP) 







A Samples Statement of Purpose (SOP): Wenzhou Kean Student (500 words)


I, _______ , am writing this essay to apply for the MS in Finance program at the University of _____________.  

First and foremost, my main purpose of applying for the program is to grow myself as a global financial problem-solver in the field of social entrepreneurial finance, particularly in community economic development through building innovation cluster in developing countries like China, Vietnam, and Sub-Saharan Africa in the global economy. 

From my previous research of the Development Trend of Industrial Cluster in Wenzhou, the economy in China now developed in an imbalanced way. That is a few leading cities are economically growing quickly while many underdeveloped cities are declining because of unequal financial resource distribution issue. The problem of unequal financing for community economy development is one of the most critical problems that need to be addressed in development country’s economy. I want to learn about advanced knowledge about the financial problem-solving skills from your institution – the best graduate program for social entrepreneurial finance to address the issue in developing countries.

Second and specifically, I want to learn from the case of St. Louis city’s transition to Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) friendly local community economy development model in the perspective of entrepreneurial financing. I was acknowledged that St. Louis was an example of declining community economy, which is similar to Wenzhou – a second tier industrial city in China. From my personal communication with Dr. Choi – a founder of UC Smiles (a local currency social enterprise) at Urbana-Champaign, IL, I get to know that WUSTL have been successfully addressing the community economy problem in terms of Entrepreneurial Finance. I get a keen interest in the St. Louis community economy development model speculated in developing SMEs through entrepreneurial financing strategies and policies. 

At the Wenzhou community economy development project, I observed that financing to a few number of Championing companies did not work well in developing the community economy. For example, those leading companies, who took most entrepreneurial financial resources from central and local government, encountered economic crisis when their big global customers (e.g. Samsung) faced a problem in 2016 (Galaxy Note 7 – burning battery issue). Consequently, many SMEs at Wenzhou bankrupted and the local economy quickly declined. I would like to learn what will be better entrepreneurial financing strategies and policies in developing SME friendly local community economy from the living case of _____ city. 

Third and finally, I would like to elaborate my inquiry of social entrepreneurial financing as a global initiative at _______. I know that _________ has a strong tradition of multidisciplinary and diversified global initiatives for public value creation. I want to be a part of it and I am eager to contributing the legacy. I strongly believe that my inquiry of social entrepreneurial financing for developing countries is well aligned with the mission of the __________ graduate program.  

Shortly, I will be growing as a financial problem-solver who would address the financing issues in developing innovative local community economy at developing countries. 



TOEFL Waiver Example 

As a four-year fully English speaking American college, WKU students can get TOEFL waiver from many English speaking graduate schools. 

This is an example of applying for the TOEFL waiver. WKU student can get this certificate from the "Registration Office" and provide it with the application package. Please check out the availability of the TOEFL waiver at target graduate programs. 




How to Prepare CV or Resume 


Please see the following article of Dr. Gaeon Seo at Princeton University.









About this document: 

June 30, 2020: Added Dr. Gaeon Seo's "Transforming CV to Resume". 

June 11, 2019: Add "How to choose graduate program"

Oct. 01, 2018: Added TOEFL waiver example

Nov. 27, 2017: Added Sample 2 SOP

Nov. 02, 2017: Added Youtube Videos. 

Nov. 01, 2017: Added Bilibili QR Code

Oct. 24, 2017: Sample SOP was uploaded

Oct. 22, 2017: Sample recommendation letter was uploaded

Oct. 19, 2017: Presentation materials and photos were uploaded

Oct. 18, 2017: Workshop completed

Oct. 11, 2017: Originally written by Dr. Jeonghwan Choi 


End of Document


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How to get a strong recommendation letter for Graduate school application? 

Faculty members want to give a more practical guide and support for graduate school applicants

Photo: Kean University (Wenzhou campus) Faculty members at 2017 Graduation Ceremony. 

However, faculty members have difficulties in writing a strong recommendation letter for two reasons: 1) Lack of applicant's information and 2) Time pressure. 

Solution 1: Use the Recommendation Letter Request Form

A faculty recommender needs necessary information and sufficient communication with an applicant to write a strong recommendation letter. The necessary information are 1) Personal information, 2) Purpose and Goal for graduate study, and 3) Capabilities and Characters of graduate study.   

The best way to provide recommender an applicant information is making sufficient and continual interactions. If an applicant works for a recommender and makes continual communications, there will be no problem for a recommender to know about an applicant to write a reference letter. 

But this case is not many in reality.  So, proving a recommender the sufficient information is highly desirable. 

The following template helps an applicant providing necessary information to a faculty recommender. 

Download file. 

Request for Recommendation Form_General2.pptx

(Rev. Oct. 10, 2017)

QR Code

The template is composed with 1) Applicant's personal information 2) Relationship with a recommender, 3) Necessary documents, 4) Applying schools, 5) Recommendation form, 6) Purpose of graduate study, 7) supportive capability, skills, and knowledge, and 8) Decision.  

It is noteworthy that an applicant can use the "" to fill in the "Any sample sentences do you want to include in the recommendation letter". 

Recommenders want to provide specific sentences that can highlight an applicant's strength and capability. And, an applicant can help the recommender to paraphrase the sample sentences.  

Click here to go to

Solution 2: Make a Continual Communication

If an applicant completes the Recommendation Request Form, the individual should try making continual communications. Face-to-face interaction is the best form of making communication with a recommender. However, if it does not work, please never hesitate to make a phone call, Email, or message to refresh an applicant's request. 

Unfortunately, recommenders have limited time resource to write recommendation letters. For example, if a faculty get 10 requests for recommendation letter writing, the faculty may write more than 100 letters because an applicant commonly applied more than 10 different graduate schools. 

Frequently, a recommender misses or forgets to submit a recommendation letter for an applicant because of the reason. 

So, please do not assume that you will be a strong recommendation letter from a recommender simply because you 'requested'. But, please try to make a continual communication with the recommender. 

In short, use the recommendation letter request form for graduate school application and make a continual communication by using the form. It will help an applicant getting a strong recommendation letter. 

For more information, refer to this article. 

How to get into Graduate program?

This article is written by Jeonghwan (Jerry) Choi, PhD, MBA, ME

PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA)
MBA, HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management (Germany)
MBA, KDI School of Public Policy and Management (Korea)
ME, INHA Graduate School of Engineering (Korea)


This article was formulated at the Professional Developments Days in 2017 at Kean University (Wenzhou) with collaborating from Dr. Mouhammad Mousavi and Dr. Gaurav Gupta

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To my lovely graduating seniors (from Dr. Choi)

Congratulations on your graduation! You have achieved the certificate with your hard working. And you've totally deserved it. Now, you're going to start a new journey, and I would like to let you have my final advice. 

1. Just go to unknown. 

The World is totally unknown. And I know you are afraid of going to unknown. But the original meaning of "Romance / Romantic"  is "Going to Unknown". Don't be afraid of becoming Romantic, my beloved student! 

2. Do not expect high but humbly do what you believe it is right. 

The magic portion of happiness is "Expect Less, Act More". You may expect many things, and it is totally OK. However, unrealistic optimism is the main source of depression. Be positive, Yes definitely you need this. And please act more with little expectation. Here is my chant for you "Carpe Diem; Carpe Diem; Carpe Diem". You live now, not in the past nor in the future.

3. Learn from everyone, everywhere, and every moment to build your good character. 

Learning is the terminal goal of life according to the Epistemological perspective.  Studying is not learning, please know the difference. You will gain a bunch of new knowledge from textbook, teacher, friends, or google. But that is not learning. You can achieve learning with your heart. Listen to your inner voice when you meet somebody; when you are situated in a place or moment. Your heart and spirit can help you formulate a good habit, and the habit will build your good characters. I wish you can be a gentle, nice, listening, healing and kind individual who serves for the others. 

4. Search for the challenge, not the comfort, as an educated person.

No learning occurs when you stay in your comfort zone. But I know you maybe scared of breaking and going out your comfort zone. Yes, it is not easy. You may know this word "Pecking at the same time from inside and outside (啐啄同時, 줄탁동시)". When an egg is broken outside, it becomes an egg fry. But when an egg is broken from inside, it becomes a chick. A new life can start with breaking your limits though it will be discomforting. 

5. Life is full of blessings, and you will realize it from broken heart, sorrowful tears, and hurting senses.

You may not accept that the world is full of 'Paradox'. But you will get to know there is no bright without shade; no darkness without a hope. I wish you do not fall down for your contingent hard times. It comes and it goes like Yin and Yang. Please be wise enough to see a bright side in the darkness, and please be knowledgeable to know there is a shade on the bright side. However, please be hopeful because you will know your life is full of blessings.  

6. You will rise and shine, I am confident in it. !! "

If there is only one mission for one's life, it is simply "One should unleash full potential that is given by the initial cause". You're smart and you're hard working. And I am totally confident that you will rise and shine as you are becoming. 

My lovely advisee, please go out and learn many things. Then, I will listen to your stories carefully.  

From Dr. Choi

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